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I remained pacing in the hallways even after everyone entered their classrooms. I couldn't stop thinking about my Mate.

I cursed, fully believing that Fate was trying to keep us apart.

She was close, so close.

I growled and started punching a random locker over and over again until I felt a hand on my shoulder

I shrugged the hand off me and ignored whoever was trying to get my attention

"Uh, Alpha?" a hesitant voice said.

I turned and found a member of my Pack staring at the floor, purposely avoiding my eyes.

"What is it?" I asked harshly.

The guy flinched "Uh..." he stammered "I...Don't.."

I growled and the Dude backed away from me "Spit it out"

He cleared his throat "Alpha, I just wanted to inform you that the Principal is coming this way. He heard a complaint from my History teacher. I wanted to warn you before he caught you"

I stared at his familiar face. He looked young, Probably about the age of a Freshman.

I know I've seen this kid before

"Are you Jack Keen's son?" The boy flinched and nodded

Jack Keen was my father's military commander who was found guilty of betraying his Pack and divulging private information about our military tactics to Hunters. He was one of my father's most trusted men and probably would have still been spilling our secrets if his Mate did not turn him in. Turns out, he betrayed her too. Divulging our secrets to his Mistress, a Hunter, who ended up killing him after he no longer had access to Wolf Intel.

Sad really.

Not only did he screw up his life, he also ended up making his family the "Black Sheeps" (Ironic huh) of the Pack. Most of the Pack steer clear of the Keens because they feel that they are just like Jack.

I say most of the Pack because I don't really believe that the Keens are evil. They shouldn't be judged based on a mistake they didn't even commit.

This kid shouldn't be defined by the mistakes of his father

I realized that I was so lost in my thoughts that the kid starting sweating and shaking, like he was waiting for some sort of punishment.

I stepped forward and the Kid flinched backward

I raised an eyebrow before clapping him on the back, my demeanor calm despite my Wolf's anxiety and desperation to find his Mate "Thanks kid. I appreciate the warning"

His posture relaxed and he released the breath he was holding

I started walking "What's your name kid?"

He ran to catch up with me "Alexander, but most people call me Alex"

"How's school so far Alex?" I asked

Yeah, I was Alpha and didn't really need to be talking to this kid but I figured he needed some guidance. High School is hard for a regular kids, being a Were makes High School especially hard.

"Good Sir" he said, falling in step with me

I chuckled "Call me Rhys, Sir is for my father" I looked at my watch "Sorry Alex, I have to get going. It was nice talking to you"

"Goodbye Alpha" he bared his neck and watched me leave.

I rubbed my hands, now that this little distraction is over, I can finally look for my mate.


I found her!!!

My Wolf nearly howled in joy as we watched her enter our classroom.

"That's her" I whispered and immediately, my friends turned to watch her talk to our teacher.

"She's so pretty!!" Mia, Matt's Mate exclaimed. Matt nodded in agreement before whispering in her ear.

"Alpha, is that really our Luna?" Everly, My third asked with excitement

"I Think so" I murmured

Now that she was closer, I could smell her sweet vanilla perfume.

Our eyes met from across the room and I swear my heart stopped.

Those violet eyes stole my breath away

"Rhys" Matt murmured "I think that she might be one of the kids of that women who came to your house seeking refugee"

I looked at my mate and watched as she thanked the teacher before walking past my pack and taking a seat in the back, her cheeks a adorable pink color.

"I think she is" I replied dismissively "The woman said she had an older daughter and younger son"

After my initial shock of having the Mate of the most powerful Alpha in the world bow down to me was over, I granted her and her children asylum in my Pack. She was relieved but declined my mother's offer to say with them. When mom started to whine, Mrs. Dimitriou Said something about wanting to keep the Hunter's and Other wolfs away from her children.

"Well..." Shawn my Third's mate, started which broke me out of my thoughts "I hacked the school's database and found 10 new Senior students starting today. "

He nodded at my Mate and the whole packed looked. She caught us staring at her and immediately looked away.

"So I narrowed it down to girls and apparently out of the 10 there was only 3 new girls"

"Did you check if any of them had siblings?" Matt asked befor tickling Mia when she started drawing girly hearts and smiley faces on his arm

Shawn smirked "I did. Broke into the DMV records. Made my job so much easier"

Everly pinched him "Get on with it Idiot"

Shawn pouted and started rubbing where she pinched "How did I get such an abusive Mate?"

She rolled her eyes "How did I get such an idiotic mate" she muttered

I sat up in my seat and growled.

Everyone immediately bowed their heads and muttered an apology.

"So which one has a brother?"

"Only 1" he looked at my girl quickly before staring at the teacher "And he goes to school with Mia's sister"

Mia perked up "Really? What grade?"

"Same grade as Madison"

"We can gather intel" Matt suggested thoughtfully.

Mia turned on him with narrowed eyes "You are not using my sister as a spy"

"I'm just saying" Matt held his hands up defensively "Isn't is coincidental that some weird women shows us during the midst of a upcoming war and seeks refuge for her and her kids?"

I winced internally.

I wanted to tell him to watch his tongue because she wasn't just any woman. She was the Alpha Female of the most powerful Alpha in the world and happened to be my new mother-in-law.

I wanted to tell all my pack who Mrs. Dimitriou was but couldn't because of the promise I made both her and my mother.

"I don't think it's coincidental" Mia said softly "I think Rhys needs her, and so do we"

Everyone became quiet.

Mia was always the wisest one in our Pack.

She was an excellent Beta Female and substitute Luna to all those who were seeking wisdom and help. Now that my Mate was finally here, I know that she'll be wise and a great leader like Mia.

I looked at my Mate from across the room, who was writing in her notebook. Her long blondish brown hair was falling into her face, those violet eyes wide and alert with a hint of nervousness in their depths.

Our eyes met and she gave me a smile before turning her attention to her notebook, her cheeks still that adorable shade of pink.

She was beautiful

"You're right" I said softly "We do need her. I need her"

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