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Today has been the weirdest first day of school in my whole entire life.

And I've had a lot of first day's of school in my life.

First it started with that Greek God saving me from some serious back problems, Then I ran away from that same Greek God like a chicken with its head cut off, and Now, when I walked into my English class, the Greek God hottie and his posse of beautiful people are staring at me like I was an Alien with two heads.

I silently watched as they murmured among themselves.

I saw a blonde guy whisper in a pretty Dark haired girl's ear before she giggled. The Greek God Hottie was talking with a guy with reddish brown hair while a girl with a long blonde bob was filing her nails.

Can this group get anymore gorgeous?

I mean, yeah at my old school there was bound to be a handful of beautiful people but there was never this many in one school before.

Suddenly, My savior looked at me and so did the rest of his group.

I blushed and turned my attention to my notebook.

I heard a chair scrape against the floor and then there was a shadow blocking my light. When I looked up, I saw the pretty dark haired girl standing in front of me, giving me a warm smile.

She was even more beautiful than I thought.

Her jet black hair was long with natural waves, her eyes were a warm greenish hazel, she was tall. Way taller than me. She had the same uniform as I did but some how, she made me feel frumpy.

"Hi" she greeted, taking a seat next to me.

I nervously looked at the gorgeous group she came from and saw that they were all watching her, the blonde guy she was giggling with earlier was especially watchful of her.

"Hello" I said quietly

"My name's Mia. What's yours?"

"Kassi" I smiled gently at her. She made me feel welcomed and less nervous about my first day of school.

"Pretty name" she said "Is it short for anything?"

I grimaced "Yeah"

She waited for me to say more but I keep my lips closed tightly. There was no way I was telling her my full name.

Been there, done that. And guess what, the last time I told someone my full name, I was humiliated until Mom moved us to a new town.

"Well" she gave me another friendly smile and changed the subject "I hope you like reading novels because that's all Mr. Street gives us. FYI, I suggest that you read because he gives us questions that we can't use spark notes"

She laughed, a light twinkly sound. I couldn't help but join her.

"Mia..." a deep voice asked quietly "Class is about to start"

I looked up to see the blonde guy standing in front of us, his was at least 6'3 ft tall with a lean, muscular body, and the pretty ice blue eyes.

Mia gave him a look "So..."

"Your seat is over there" he pointed to her previous seat, the one she was sitting with him before.

She laughed and stood before patting his cheek softly "I know that Matty, but I'm sitting here today" she paused "With my new best friend"

His eyes softened "But..."

She laughed softly and kissed his cheek "Stop whining Pretty boy"

She turned to me "Kassi, this is my boyfriend Matt. Matt this is Kassi"

He smiled at me "Hello" he said politely

"Matt" a deep voice said from behind both Mia and Matt. I shivered and my eyes immediately locked with gray eyes.

"What?" Matt turned, his arms wrapped tightly around Mia

"Mr. Street is waiting for you to sit down"

He turned and saw Mr. Street tapping his foot impatiently while giving him a pointed look

Matt grinned sheepishly before releasing Mia, but not before giving her a quick kiss.

Mia shook her head and sat down, grinning.

"You could have sat with your boyfriend Mia" I said politely, not offended in the slightest.

She gave me a smile "Don't worry about it. He needs to learn to spend some time away from me" she came closer "He tends to have separation anxiety"

We laughed and I heard a growl coming from where Mia's group was sitting. I watched as my gorgeous savior was grinning, the boy with the reddish brown hair was laughing, the girl with the blonde bob was smirking, and finally, Matt looked annoyed and grumpy.

A few minutes after Mr. Street started class, Mia started whispering to me.

"Would you like to have lunch with us?"

"Uh..." I raised an eyebrow "I don't think..."

"Come on, we don't bite" she pointed to her group "You've already met Matty, the guy behind him is Shawn and the girl next to him is Everly, his girlfriend" Mia winked at me "And the loner in the back is Rhys"

"Rhys..." I whispered and his head snapped to the side, looking at me.

I blushed, feeling awkward that he caught me staring at him.

He just winked at me

"So what do you say?" she stared at me hopefully

"Ms. Maci, Ms. Dimitriou is there anything either of you two would like to share with the class?"

"I was just sharing with Kassi how I think the 7 deadly sins present themselves in Dorian Grey" Mia said innocently.

Mr. First huffed before turning back to his lecture

As soon as he starting talking, Mia poked my side "You owe me for saving your butt"

I stared at her "You were talking to me"

"Well, you responded" she stuck her tongue at me and I chuckled quietly

"Come on..." she whined, reminding me of Ares "Just for today and if you don't like us, than we'll leave you alone"

I sighed "Okay.." she cut me off with a loud squeal

Mr. Street gave her a withering look "Ms. Maci..." he warned

"I saw a cockroach"

A few of the other girls in the class started to freak out and scream

Mr. Street started to calm everyone down but when no one listened to him, he gave up and dismissed the class, letting us leave 15 minutes early.

I packed up my bag quickly and was about to leave when Mia grabbed my arm and rushed me toward her group.

I tried to pry my arm away from her but she was just too strong

"Guys!! Guess what" She exclaimed before finally letting me go and running in Matt's awaiting arms.

He kissed her temple and wrapped an arm around her waist "What is it baby?"

"Kassi agreed to have lunch with us. I promised her we're not heathens, so guys, be on your best behavior"

"Hey..." The guy named Shawn whined "When are we never not on our best behavior?"

"Darling..." Everly said, her thick Texan accent notable "Last year you almost got suspended for starting a food fight"

Shawn frowned and they started bickering as we exited the classroom. From first impression, I couldn't imagine them being a couple. They were complete opposites. Shawn was tall and lanky with brown eyes and glasses. A total nerd. On the other hand, Everly was also tall but curvy, with light green eyes. She seemed like she belonged with someone more popular, someone like Rhys.

Speaking of Rhys, he was currently at the back of our little group with his hands in his pockets, following us as we made our way to the cafeteria.

I walked slowly enough so that the I could fall in step with him as the group walked ahead of us.

We walked in silence until I couldn't take it anymore "Thank you" I said softly

He looked at me with a curious expression "For what?"

"For saving me this morning"

He smiled "No thanks needed. I was just doing my gentlemanly duty of helping a damsel in distress"

I chuckled and then winced "And I'm sorry if I rushed off. I know that was rude but you see, I was already 15 minutes late to Homeroom and couldn't..." I immediately shut my mouth when I realized I was babbling.

I gave Rhys a sheepish smile, expecting him to be looking at me like a weirdo. Instead, I found him looking at me in amusement.

My neck began to burn and I could feel my cheeks reddening. I loosened the tie around my neck before staring ahead at the others.

At the front of our group, Mia was talking animatedly with Matt, discussing something that made her use her hands a lot. Behind them, Shawn and Everly were still bickering but this time, Everly was whining about some new superhero movie Shawn wanted to see and Shawn kept repeating how he will will not be forced to sit through another live action Disney movie again. They were thoroughly entertaining and I wished I had popcorn, because I could watch them try to out bicker each other all day.

"They're a handful, aren't they?" a amused voice said from beside me.

"They aren't that bad" I giggled "Kind of reminds me of my two best friends whenever we would try to decide on doing something"

"Were your best friends dating too?"

I snorted, thinking of Taylor's appalled face if she heard his question "God, No. They're siblings, Twins actually. I guess when you spend so much time together, you end up bickering more than you get along"

Rhys laughed for some unknown reason.

I looked at him quizzically "What's so funny"

"Its just funny that you said that" When I gave him a look, he continued "Shawn and Everly used to be inseparable, like two peas in a pod. They were best friends that never bickered until one day, when they announced they were ma...dating" he coughed and cleared his throat before speaking again "When they announced they were dating, that was the beginning to their non-stop bickering"

I giggled and Rhys smiled

"So, where'd you transfer from Kassi?" he raised an eyebrow "It is Kassi, isn't it?"

I mimicked him and arched my eyebrow "Yes it is Rhys"

He smiled and gestured for me to start walking again.

I complied and followed his lead "I came from a public school in New York. Nothing as fancy as this" I waved my hands around the pristine hallways.

He looked around, like it was his first time really seeing the hallways. Back at my old school, we were lucky just to get a decent locker that didn't smell like a dirty garbage can or have crude graffiti on it.

"I suppose it is fancy" he concluded

"Suppose?" I barked out a laugh "You're funny"

He opened his mouth to say something but Mia hollered for me.

I gave Rhys an apologetic smile "This conversation isn't over rich boy"

He smirked, those gray eyes up lighting up to a molten silver color.

I stood next to Mia and she swung the cafeteria door open.

My mouth dropped in surprise.

"You look surprise sugar?" a amused voice drifted in my ear. I turned and was met with a smirking Everly. The rest of the group were giving me amused looks and I couldn't help the blush that took over my face "Haven't you seen a cafeteria before?"

"I have, many actually" I cringed when I realized I let that personal tidbit go "But the one's I've been in, there's usually a "Kill or be Killed" vibe. People are animals when they're hungry"

The boys started laughing and both Mia and Everly weaved their arms through mine "I like you" Everly stated

Mia laughed "Ooh, that's it. Once Everly likes you, you're a goner. If you had any plans of ditching us after today, than I hate to tell you that you can't now. She won't let you. Sorry, You're stuck with us"

Everly glared at Mia "You make me sound like some creepy stalker"

Mia shrugged "If the shoe fits..."

Everly growled and looked at Matt "Control your woman"

Mia scoffed and Matt grimaced "You know I can't do that"

Everly snickered "Yeah, I momentarily forgot who wore the pants in the relationship"

Matt turned to Shawn "Control your woman"

Shaun shared Matt's grimace "You know I can't do that" he sighed "She'd put me down in two seconds flat"

Rhys rolled his pretty eyes and pushed through the group "All right Pansies. Move aside. Watch and learn how a real man acts"

"He won't be saying that when she has him wrapped around her pinky finger" Matt muttered quietly. So quiet that I almost didn't hear him.


"I hope she makes him her lap dog" Shawn grumbled "Calling me a pansie I swear if he wasn't the..."

Everly pinched him "Come on Darling, let's go get some food"

He winced but then nodded his head in agreement. I watched as they walked toward the buffet line of delicious smelling food. My stomach rumbled in response and I was about to follow them when Mia plopped down in a seat and motioned for me to do the same.

I sat across from her and Rhys sat to my right. He gave me a bright smile before talking to Matt about sports.

"So Kassandra, How do you like it here?" She asked, her posture straightening up.

I smirked at her not so subtly way of trying me to tell her my full name "Nope, not happening" She deflated "It's fine here, I guess. Haven't been here long enough to really give you my opinion though"

"How long have you been here?" a deep voice asked from my right.

I looked at Rhys and considered his question "2... No, 3 days"

Everyone's eyes widened

"You really haven't been here long" Mia commented

I shook my head "Not really"

"We're back" Shawn announced before slamming two big trays on the table. Everly did the same and then started passing food to everyone.

"We didn't know what you liked Kassi, so we got a little bit of everything"

"Thank you" I took out my wallet "How much do I owe you?"

She waved me off "My treat. Think of it as a welcome gift"

"You mean my treat" Shawn said sarcastically

"What's mine is yours" Everly retorted

"Hey" Matt snapped "Some of us are hungry. If you two are gonna bicker all day than pass down the food"

"Someone's hangry" Mia teased.

He shrugged and when he reached for a slice of pizza, she slapped his hand away. He gave her an annoyed look "What the Hell Mimi?"

She gave him a glare "Let Kassi pick first you brute"

He gave me a sheepish grin and motion for me to chose something. I decided on the grilled chicken Caesar salad.

Everyone picked something and then the whole table went quiet as we ate.

About half way through lunch, a shadow fell across the table and a shrill voice screeched "Guess who" from my right.

The whole table groaned and the girls shot the stranger a nasty look.

I turned toward the voice and saw a pretty girl with dirty blonde hair covering Rhys eyes while giggling in his ear. She was short, shorter than me but somehow she oozed confidence. You could tell by the way she wore 4 inch heels, a short uniform skirt, and an low buttoned blouse.

"Marcy" Rhys sighed before pulling her hands away from his eyes and looking at her.

She giggled and pouted before sliding in his lap "How did you know?"

I clenched my hands and my nails bit into the skin of my palm

I never hated anyone in my life but I can honestly say that I hated this chick.


For whatever reason, I just did.

"Stalker" Everly growled under her breath

The girl must of heard her because she shot Everly a nasty look. Everly started to stand up but both Mia and Shawn grabbed her arms. Shawn whispered something in her ear and she shot him a furious look.

The girl looked at me and narrowed her eyes "Who is she?"

Rhys picked up the girl and deposited her in her own chair

Thank God!!!

If I had to watch her sit on his lap for the rest of the Lunch period I would throw up my food...Jesus, I just met the guy and am already possessive over him.

Not a good look Kass, he'll think you're a nutcase.

Everly smirked wickedly "Oh this is going to be good"

Matt shushed her and watched the interaction between Rhys and the Mystery girl

"Rhys Baby, who is she?" the girl purred and wrapped her arms around his neck



Rhys stiffened and withdrew her arms "This is Kassi, my new friend"

She frowned and stood up "Are you kidding me?"

This time, he frowned and looked confused "Ah No?" He looked at Matt "Did I tell a joke? What does she think I'm kidding about"

Matt laughed

"No, but it takes stupid people longer to comprehend something" Everly piped in "I'll bet it'll take her at least a year before she understands what you said"

Shawn barked out a laugh

The girl was turning red "Are you cheating on me with her" she said quite loudly and gave me a disgusted look.

The whole cafeteria quieted down and stared at the scene playing out.

My cheeks warmed in embarrassment at being the center of attention.

Rhys stood quickly and growled at the girl, she flinched "How many times do I have to tell you. WE ARE NOT DATING"

"Slower" Everly snickered "Enunciate and talk slow. She'll comprehend eventually"

Matt snickered and Mia hit his shoulder

"But Ry Ry!!" the girl whined "We are meant to be together"

He growled louder, something that was unusual but at the same time, natural for me to hear.

It's official, I'm a weirdo

"Marcy... Just leave us. You're embarrassing yourself" She growled and went to slap him but before she even got close to his handsome face, Everly had the girl's arm twisted around at an painful angle.

The girl cried out in pain

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" Everly taunted and pushed the girl away from Rhys and our table

The girl growled and I swear her eyes glowed a bright hazel "If you weren't the damn third, you would so be..."

"Be what?" Everly got up in her face "Please enlighten me. What would you really do?"

Shawn and Matt stepped in. Matt whisked the girl away while Shawn was currently whispering in Everly's ear. She was tense and he kept rubbing her arms up and down, in a soothing motion.

"Well... that went well" Mia murmured after everyone was sitting in their seats. She looked at me and gave me an apologetic smile "I'm sorry, you probably think were heartless people with the way we acted"

Shawn apologized too, his arms wrapped tightly around Everly's shoulders. She gave me an apologetic look but didn't say anything. Instead she closed her eyes and snuggled into Shawn's chest.

"It had to happen sooner or later" Matt said before eating his third slice of pizza "Too bad it happened when Kass was here"

I smiled at the nickname. These people barely knew me but were already including me into their unique friendship. This was the first time I didn't feel like an outsider. It was the first time I felt like I belonged somewhere.

I felt someone staring at me and turned my head.

My eyes met pretty concerned gray ones "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to drag you into this"

I laughed "It's ironic"

"What is?"

"Just this morning, I was apologizing to you and here we are, you apologizing to me now"

He gave me a faint smile and I squeezed his hand. Tiny static shocks danced on my skin and I quickly pulled my hand away before giving him, what I hoped was, a pretty smile.

"We're friends now, right?"

He gave me a hesitant nod "So, as my friend, you don't have to apologize for things you have no control of"

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