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I hated that word

Especially when it comes out of my mate's mouth. She wants to be my friend and even though I've only know her for a couple of hours, I feel like we should skip the friend stage and go straight into the couple stage.

That's my opinion (but I may be biased)

My inner thoughts were interrupted when the bell rang, signaling it was the end of the day. I sighed and unknotted my tie before leaving the classroom and walking toward my car. I suddenly stopped and hid behind a pillar.

I watched as Kassi climb into an old Land Rover and drive out of the parking lot quickly. I stayed there until a voice spooked me.

"Ain't that a little creepy Alpha? Stalking...I meaning watching an innocent girl?" Everly smirked at me.

"Shut up" I mumbled before turning around.

The whole gang was standing there, giving me amused looks.

I scowled and starting walking to my car "I'm leaving with or without you"

I heard a few chuckles before I felt them following. I jumped in the drivers seat and started the car. Matt jumped into the passenger's seat while Mia, Everly, and Shawn sat in the back.

I reversed the car and drove out of the school parking lot, careful to avoid hitting all the lingering students.

"What an interesting day" Matt yawned and stretched "Can't believe Marcy"

I heard a growl and instantly knew Everly was not happy "Really that's who you want to talk about? That crazy psycho bit.."

Mia covered her mouth before she could finish cursing like a sailor "Really Matt? You had to bring up the one person that makes Ever's blood boil"

Everly ripped Mia's hand away from her mouth and started cussing at Matt. Her eyes were glowing a bright blue and his were starting to glow too.

I pulled over to the side of the road and put my hazard signal on.

"Enough" My wolf and I growled. Everyone in the car flinched, their eyes immediately returning to their normal hues.

With bowed heads, they murmured an apology.

"You" I said pointing at Everly "Are my damn third, Show some respect to your Beta. I will not allow you disrespecting anyone in the Pack. What happened today in the Cafe and car will not be repeated again. Do you understand?"

"Yes Alpha"

"And you" I pointed at Matt "Need to control yourself better. You're the Beta and if you can't handle disrespect from one Pack member than I really shouldn't have picked you as Beta. Best-friend or not"

He fliched but said nothing.

There was silence for a long time. Since we lived about 45 minutes outside of town the silence made the drive excruciatingly long.

I opted to move the pack closer to town but my father and grandfather thought it would be best to remain outside of the bustling city. Being farther away from town meant more privacy against prying eyes.

They were even trying to convince the man who own an acre of land 15 minutes away to the right of us to sell his land so that we could buy it. Too bad the old hermit is adamant about keep all that land to himself.

"The Luna was nice" a timid voice said from the backseat.

I looked in the rearview mirror and gave Mia a small smile.

"She was wonderful" I looked at Shawn "Find out anymore info about her?"

He shook his head "No, not yet. I just know the basics, although, give me some time. I'm sure I'll find something"

I sighed, hated that I was keeping such an important fact from them.

"When you find something, tell me right away"

He nodded and there was silence again.

"How are you going to tell her about us? Specifically how are you going to tell her about you being a Wolf?. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know anything about our world" Mia stated

I gripped the wheel "Jesus Mimi, I've only know her for what...3 hours?"

"The bond will get stronger the more time you spend with her" Matt spoke quietly "Soon, you won't even go a day without yearning to be near her"

"I'll just have to figure something out and fast. If you haven't noticed, I really don't have a choice"

"There's something about her" Everly whispered "She's not entirely human"

Everyone looked at Ever in shock

"What do you mean Eve? You think she's a supernatural?"

"If she's not human than what is she?" Mia questioned

"A vamp?" Shawn suggested "I know there's only a few left but maybe..."

"That we know of" Mia said

"She's not a vamp" I said immediately

"Witch?" Matt added

Everly shook her head "No, we would have got a nauseated feeling as soon as she stepped into our English room"

"What about a Wolf?" Mia sat up in her seat "Think about it? Ever feels something strange about Kassi. What if she's an unturned Wolf? It may explain her eye color and why she clicked with us so quickly."

I gulped

Mia hit it on the nail.

Always the smartest person in the group, she never missed anything.


"Would we be able to feel that though?" Matt rubbed his neck "Only the Alpha of the pack that person belongs too would feel it and when that particular person turns. Last time I checked, Ever was not the Alpha nor was Kassi apart of our Pack"

Mia slumped in her seat, deflated "Yeah, you're right Matty"

"What if she's a special type of Wolf" Ever added "Like the ones our parents used to tell us about when we were kids?"

"I highly doubt she's a spirit wolf" Shawn said sarcastically

Ever glared at him "Not those one's dummy. What if she's like a Royal Wolf or something?"

Everyone was quiet.

"Last I heard, there were no Royals left" Mia said softly "Dad said that the last Prince died years ago"

"Maybe they went into hiding or... maybe he had a child?"

"What about the legend" Matt said quietly

Ever snapped her fingers before repeating the old fairy tale we all knew by heart "A Royal and Hunter will forever be bound, for they will produce a child that will wear the crown. Once the child meets their Mate, will their destined fate await"

Shawn snorted "A Royal and a Hunter? That's like oil and water. They just don't mix"

A dread of doubt started pooling in my stomach. There was a reason why Kassi's mother asked for protection only for her children. I didn't understand then why she never stayed at our Pack House, under our protection, when the Hunters were chasing her family.

Now I know why.

She didn't stay will us because she didn't need protection.

She was a Hunter

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