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When I arrived in my English class, I was greeted with the empty seats of my new friends. With all 5 of them gone, the classroom was much more spacious and quieter than it was yesterday.

The bell rang and I scurried to my seat quickly as my English teacher started his lesson.

'Please God' I thought "I hope I didn't scare them off"

By the time that the end of the day rolled around, I was exhausted physically and mentally.

Mainly because of two reasons

Those reason being: A) Marcy, the girl that was all over Rhys yesterday was a total witch and B) Because I was lost in all my classes today.

Every single class felt like the teacher was speaking a different language and every chance she got, Marcy kept throwing snide remarks at me. First it started with passing comments in the hallway but as the day continued, her and her group of friends would always mutter things under their breaths or whisper to each other as soon as I walked by.

Now if I was back home in New York and people were talking about me behind my back, I wouldn't have minded asking them what their problem was but here, for some reason, the little voice in my head was telling me not to start problems with them just yet.

Its not because I was a coward, far from it.

I think it was because if I did have a fight with those girls, my warden ( aka Grandfather) would have a coronary and probably kick us out.

I knew I could handle myself, years of getting in trouble at my old school proved that, but I was smart enough to know that if my grandfather kicked us, Ares would have an unstable life.

And that COULD NOT happen

I even tried to call my Mom at lunch to update her about my situation and how we're adjusting but my call just kept going to voicemail.

"Dammit Ma," I huffed "Pick up your phone"

As soon as that final bell rang, I jumped in my car, picked up Ares from school, grabbed some dinner and headed home.

When we got home I noticed that my Grandfather's truck was here but he was no where to be found in the house.

"Sissy" Ares said after he ate "Can I watch some cartoons?"

"Sure" I said "If you're finished with all your homework"

He beamed "I finished it at school. Mrs. Torres checked it too!!"

I laughed and ruffled his hair "Okay buddy, go ahead and watch some T.V. If you need me, I'll be in my room"

He ran excitedly to his room and I heard his t.v. turn on.

I quickly cleaned up, grabbed my bag, and then hightailed my lazy butt to my room to get started on the mountain I call homework.

Halfway through my Economics Homework, I heard a creak from the upstairs attic.

An attic that happened to be right above my room.

A empty attic

I paused and waited to see if there was another creak and this time, a thump sounded from above me.

Being the Moron that I am, I decided to investigate.

I quietly tipped toed to the door that connected Ares room to mine to see if he was being nosy and sticking his nose where it shouldn't be.

When I found that he was passed out on his bed with cookie crumbs on his face and snoring, I ruled him out as a suspect.

Now beside from being a professional moron, I am also a detective.

I also checked to see if my grandfathers car was here.

It wasn't

I gulped "If Ares is sleeping and our Grandfather is gone then that leaves..."

"Hell no" I grumbled "I don't deal with ghosts"

Normally, I wasn't a believer in all that supernatural mumbo jumbo but after living in this house filled with dead and stuffed things, every little sound makes me jump.

Wouldn't you freak out if you felt the dead eyes of an animal followed your every move every time you stepped into the house?

I went into the hallway and the thumping continued but this time, it was coming from the door at the end of the hall that lead up into the attic.

Now I usually laughed at those stupid girls in movies that run towards the creepy sound but now I've become one of those girls.

Ironic Huh,

I walked towards the door slowly, willing the thumping to stop.

It didn't

In fact, I think the thumping increased

"Okay Ghost and or Demon" I said once I grasped the door handle "I'll make you a deal. I won't bother you if you won't bother my brother and me. You can haunt the old man, his workshop, or anything else of his but please don't haunt us" I took a deep breathe "Remember, he was the one who killed and stuffed you"

Great, I'm losing it

I counted a quick 1...2...3 in my head before turning the handle and yanking the door open.

I screamed when a black blur knocked me down.

My entire body shut down and all I could do was tremble in fear as a hot breath washed over my face and a growl sounded in my ears.

"I thought we had a deal!!" I screeched out in fear and started cursing in Greek

The growling stopped and suddenly the hot breath disappeared. When I dared to sneak a peak, I opened one eye and saw a giant black dog was sitting 5 ft away from me, wagging its tail.

I sat up but the shaking continued no matter how much I willed it to stop.

The dog lowered its head as a sign of peace and I hesitantly back up.

I'd seen Cujo before and I'll be damned if I get attacked by a rabid dog.

Nope, Not happening.

The dog whined when I started moving.

I paused and It came closer.

"Stay" I stuttered, cursing myself for the tremble that accompanied after I spoke

The dog tilted his head in confusion before coming closer.

I held my breath

When it was less than a foot away from me, I was struck with shock as I looked at its eye color.

The same eye color I had

"Holy..." I stared at the dog

It stared right back at me and we were locked in a staring contest until a loud voice interrupted.

"Girl, whatcha doing with there mutt?" My grandfather's voice said in annoyance.

I turned my head and saw as he came toward us with a frown on his face.

I stood up slowly, being careful not to spook the dog "You know, you could have warned me about your dog"

His frown deepened and he grabbed the dog by it's collar, a collar I didn't realize he wore.

The collar was strange looking, metal chain links and a weird symbol carved onto the metal front tag of the collar.

"I didn't warn you because he usually stays away from strangers" he pulled the dog by the collar toward the attic.

The dog whined and resisted, clawing at the wooden floorboards as he was dragged to the attic.

"Wait!!" I said "Why are you putting that poor dog up there by himself? That's animal abuse!! He should be roaming free!"

He ignored me and continue to drag the dog.

I ran up to him and caught his wrist, my anger rising.

This time, he did stop and was about to say something when his eyes widened.

I knew he must have seen my eyes change color, and for once in my life, I was glad that they did. I liked surprising this old man. I liked knowing that he should never underestimate me.

"Let the dog go" I said through gritted teeth

The dog growled and I looked down to find him growling not at me, but my grandfather.

A warning

The old man huffed before letting the dog go.

I glared at him before hesitantly petting the dogs big head "What's his name?"

"Orion" he said

I continued to pet the dogs head "And is he dangerous? Will he hurt us?"

"I highly doubt he would hurt either of you" the old man said quietly "You're not his usual prey"

I looked up "What's his usual prey?"

He grimaced before turning around and walking down the stairs"Something, you'll never be"

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