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I ran to the infirmary as fast as I could

When I saw Matt and Mia talking to the Doctor, I nearly sagged in relief.

When Mia saw me, she shut her eyes tightly "Geez Rhys, why are you so bright?"

I looked at her in confusion before looking at my clothes. I was wearing a black shirt, pants, and boots.

Her definition of bright must have been totally different than mine because my outfit was was dark as night.

"Uh... Mimi, are you on some medication I don't know about"

I looked at the Doctor "Is she on something? Is this a side effect?"

He shook his head "No, she's not on medication right now but she's been complaining about head pains since she woke up. I'm going to have her transferred to a hospital in order to run some tests"

"I'm not having head pains" Mia gritted out through her teeth "I'm seeing colors on everyone"

Matt leaned his head back against the head board of the hospital bed. While Mia and the Doctor were fighting, I quietly walked over to Matt and waited for him to speak.

I didn't have to wait long

"What happened?" he asked quietly

"That's what I'm trying to figure out" I murmured, not ready to tell them everything my parents told me "What do you remember?"

"Shawn and I were walking with the girls to come get you for dinner but suddenly Mia collapsed. I caught her but then Everly came down next. Shawn caught her but then he went down. I was about to call out for help but then my body started to feel heavy and I couldn't move let alone speak. Next thing I knew, I'm waking up to Mia complaining about seeing colors"

"And are you seeing colors too?"

"No, I'm just super tired" he turned his head and saw Ever and Shawn still asleep "They're not up yet?"

I shook my head "No"

I turned my attention to the Doctor "Doc, how's Everly and Shawn"

"Ms. Daye is stable at the moment" he grimaced "Mr. Montez on the other hand...well, he's stabilized at the moment"

"What does that mean?" Matt asked

"His temperature keeps increasing to very dangerous levels. If it doesn't break soon, I'm afraid that he might suffer some serious brain damage"

"What?" Mia exclaimed

"What can we do to make his temperature drop"

"We're doing all the necessary things to get his temperature under control but right now, everything we've tried has been unsuccessful"

"Well, make it successful" Mia snapped.

My mouth opened in shock and Matt's head snapped to her.

It was so unlike her to be this hostile and impatient, she was usually calm, cool, and collected.

"Calm down Baby" he soothed

"Don't tell me to calm down" she started crying "I am not losing one of my best friends because of this...whatever this is. Now fix them and make it quick. The longer they're like this, the harder it will be to cure them. I don't care what it takes. Fix them!"

I felt my wolf growl at the power of her command but I had to remind him that she wasn't directing the command at us.

The Doctor's hands shook at her power before he bared his neck and walked to the office "I'll make some calls, see if I'm missing something"

"You do that" Mia muttered before closing her eyes again

"Mia..." I started but then my phone rang, cutting off what I wanted to say.

I sighed in irritation before accepting the call "What is it" I snapped "This better be good"


"Hello?" I looked at my phone and recognized that the number was unknown

"Alpha Rhys Scott?"

"Yes" I stood straighter "Who am I speaking with?"

"This is Alpha Kaden Matthews" the voice said "I am the the Alpha of the Matthews Pack in Los Angeles"

I heard of that Pack

Alpha Matthews Pack has the biggest Pack in Southern California and his cousin, Alpha Green has the biggest Pack in Northern California.

I was in shock that the Alpha of the biggest Pack in California was calling me, right now, at this moment.

"Alpha Matthews, to what do I owe the pleasure" I replied smoothly before walking to the corner of the room and sitting down in the hospital chair.

Mia and Matt quieted, no doubt listening to my conversation.

"I am sorry to call on such short notice Alpha Rhys but I have reason to believe that your Pack may have some information that I need"

"Oh? And What information would that be?" I tensed, having a hunch regarding what he might say.

"There has been recent sightings of Rouges and Hunters around my Pack boarder. Now normally, this wouldn't have been an issue since it is hunting season and hunters tend to take care of the rouge problem for us but, when I checked with other Alphas around the area, it seems like the Hunters and Rouges are working together" he paused "To find something"

"And do you know what that something is?" I tensed even more

"I might" he said quietly "But I'm not particularly concerned with that at the moment"

"And what are you concerned about?" I asked defensively "Surely, you have something more to ask me besides a hunch you had about some information you think I have"

He was quiet for a second "Very perceptive Alpha"

I smirked and he continued "I called you because I wanted to know if there was anything peculiar going on in your area. If there is any Witches or Wolves attacking your Pack and leaving behind distinct markings on their victims"

My smirked dropped and I knew Mia and Matt heard what he said because they leaned forward and looked at their bandaged wrists.

"Alpha Matthews" I said seriously "What do these markings look like and who was attacked?"

He hesitated

"Please" I growled in frustration "I need to know. Whatever you tell me will be strictly confidential. Alpha between Alpha"

Ruffling of papers was heard on his end of the line before he started talking again "A couple days ago, my younger siblings were injured. They were found passed out in the their rooms with 3 deep gashes and burnt marks on their wrists. I locked the whole compound down and had wolves around the clock searching for trespassers but no one was able to find anything. After a few days, my family was starting to worry because their gashes should have healed already. Its been almost 4 days since they were awake"

I was stunned

4 days

4 freaking days

My friends were barely out for a full day and they looked like they visited hell.

"Alpha Matthews, I think we might have to meet in person. If my assumptions are correct, and I think they are, My Pack may have the information you've been looking for"


"I'll be there tomorrow"

I nodded my head even though he couldn't see me "I'll arrange your transportation"

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