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"Knock, Knock" a feminine voice said before poking her head in my office door

I smiled at my mother's silly antics and paused my typing temporarily "Yes?"

She gave me an anxious smile "Hey sweetie pie, can we come in?"

I lost my smile as my parents, Beta, and Third-in-command walked into my office. All four of them bared their necks to me in a sign of respect before sitting down. Matt, my beta, was the only one that remained standing.

"What is this?" I asked while taking my seat "I didn't know we were scheduled for a meeting today?"

"We weren't" my dad's gruff voice said "We're here because we have some concerns"

I raised an eyebrow "What kind of concerns?"

Mom stood in front of Dad, ringing her hands together anxiously "Not concerns, Rhys, just questions"

"Alpha," Matt stepped forward "My Mate has heard chatter in the Pack regarding the new Alpha Female"

I stiffened and released a low growl

My third stepped forward "My Mate as well, Alpha"

"And what is this chatter about?" I said through clenched teeth "What are they saying?"

"They are afraid that since there is no Alpha female, that other packs will see us as weak and attack" Dad said looking straight at me "They aren't wrong to assume that"

I looked away "They can assume anything they like. I am the Alpha and have their best interests in mind. And so far, they have been well taken care of"

He sighed "Rhys, it's been almost 3 years. If you had a Mate don't you think..."

I shot him a look and roared "DON'T FINISH THAT!!!!"

Mom flinched "Honey, your father..."

I growled at her and Dad stepped forward

"Enough Rhys" Dad growled "I think it's time to start considering one of the Mateless women as your Mate. It's best for the Pack"


I looked at my Beta and Third "Get the Hell out of my office and go control that stupid gossip"

The bared their necks at me one last time before leaving my office

I sat back in my chair and pulled at my hair "I care about the Pack, I really do, but I care about my mate more. Even if I don't know who she is"

Mom came to my side of the desk and ruffled my hair "As it should be baby"

She shot dad a look "You know how your father gets when it has something to do with the Pack"

I sighed "I know the smart decision would be to Mate with someone else for the well-being of the Pack, but I just can't. Something is telling me not too"

She rubbed my back gently "I'm not questioning your decision Rhys. I'm here to tell you that whatever you do decided, I will back you up 100%" she bent down and kissed my head before whispering in my ear "Just trust your instincts, baby boy. They haven't let you down yet"

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