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I leaned against my Truck, waiting for the Alpha Matthews plane to land so I could immediately take him to my Pack and discuss the details regarding this very unique situation.

Mason, my fourth, bounced on the balls of his feet eagerly awaiting the Alpha.

"You think he's a jerk?" Mason asked

"Nah" I said lazily "I think he's like every other Alpha we've encountered"

"Oh really" A amused voice sounded from our left "Your friend's right, I am a jerk"

We turned and saw a hulk of a man standing there with an eyebrow raised and arm wrapped around a pretty brunette's waist. The brunette was smiling while holding onto a small pink bundle in her arms. A mini version of the man was holding onto her leg as he observed us quietly.

I was shocked with how much power the children had for being so young. Normally inheriting the Alpha Wolf genes was a hit or miss. You either had it or you didn't. There was no in between. Usually, Elders of the Pack could determine if a kid had the gene by one of two ways: either asking them to transform into their wolf early or measuring the dominant power that radiates off them. Everyone born has some type of power that radiates them, it just that Alphas tend to have this power more strongly than others and can shift before the average age of 16.

There was no doubt in my mind, and apparently Mason's as well since he was gawking at the kids, that these children would rule the strongest packs in the world someday.

Strange, since their mother seemed to be fully human.

Usually, the gene was recessive when one parent was human. About 95% of the time, any children born of a non-wolf mother was guaranteed to be human as well.

After my initial shock was over, I straightened and held my hand out to the Powerful Alpha.

"Alpha Matthews, it is a pleasure to meet you" we shook hand "Although, I wish we met on better circumstances"

"Likewise" he said before wrapping his arm around his wife again "This is my Luna and our children. I don't mean to impose, but she insisted she came along to aid in any way she can"

He grumbled under his breath

Luna Matthews rolled her eyes "Get over it Wolf Man. Mama's here to stay" she looked at me "Call me Sky, everyone does"

Alpha Matthews rolled his eyes but a small smile graced his stoic face.

I smiled as well "My land is your land Alpha Matthews. I promise my Pack and I will protect you and your family like you were our own"

He nodded and a look of Respect passed through his eyes.

Good, we were on the same level now.

"Well, that's new" Luna Matthews exclaimed "Never heard another Alpha offer his land to us, well, besides Gabriel of course"

I motioned toward the car "If you would like, we can head back to my Pack now. I know all of you are anxious for our discussion"

They nodded and hopped into the backseat.

Mason grabbed the passenger seat and I hopped in the driver's seat.

Within ten minutes, we were on our way to my Pack.

The car was filled with silence until Luna Matthews spoke up "So...How long till we arrive at your Pack?"

I smiled in the rear-view mirror "About half an hour, Luna"

She huffed "I told you to call me Sky. Everyone does"

"Skylar..." Alpha Matthews warned

She shushed him and leaned forward "So tell me Alpha Rhys, do you have a Mate?"

"You can call me Rhys" I smiled politely "And yes, I do have a Mate"

Mason glanced at me in shock but I quickly shot him down with a glare.

"Ah" the ever so vigilant Alpha caught my look and said from behind me "You have a Mate but haven't announced her to the Pack yet"

I glanced at him in the rear view mirror "She doesn't exactly know about our Kind"

He snorted "I know how you feel brother"

Sky rolled her eyes "Word of advice Rhys, be a man when you finally tell your Mate. Don't wait like this bozo for twelve years before he had some cajones to tell me what he was"

"I gave you all the hints, it's not my fault you understand them"

She gasped "How dare you!"

She was about to say more but I cleared my throat, not wanting to get in the middle of this "If I may" I interjected "I suggest you wait until we are in the safe confines of my Pack. You never know who may be listening"

They quieted and we continued on our journey to the Pack house.

20 Minutes later, we pulled up in front of our Pack house.

"Mason, help the Matthews with their luggage to the guest cottage on the west side of the property"

I looked at the Alphas "I know you must be tired from your trip. We can arrange a meeting in my office in an hour from now. If that's alright with you?"

The baby started to cry and get fussy.

The little boy gently touched her foot.

The baby stopped squirming but continued to cry.

Luna Matthews nodded "I think that would be a good idea. I need to feed the kids and I know Kaden would like to secure our perimeter"

Alpha Matthews smirked "You know me too well"

She rolled her eyes "Yeah, yeah" she grabbed her son's hand "Come on Tristan, let's go. Daddy has something to talk about with Alpha Rhys before he joins us"

The boy nodded and followed his mother in silence

I turned toward Alpha Matthews "You shouldn't have any problems with privacy. The cottage isn't close to town and it's about 10 minutes away from the Pack house. The only neighbors you might encounter would be my Parents. My mother's a sucker for babies"

Alpha Matthews chuckled before turning serious "Whatever is happening with my siblings, will it kill them?"

"If they have what I think they have, no, this won't kill them. But it might mean they're involved with something that can effect the Wolf Community greatly"

His shoulder tensed

"One hour Alpha" I said "Tend to your family first and in One hour, your questions will be answered"

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