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T W E N T Y - T W O


Approximately one hour later, a loud knock sounded on my office door.

"Come in" I yelled before standing up and greeting the Alpha pair.

"Nice to see you again Alpha and Luna Matthews" I motioned toward the seats in front of my desk "I hope your cabin accommodates all your needs"

"You call that a cabin?" Luna Matthews snorted "Its the size of our house and trust me, our house is huge"

I laughed "I see, do your children enjoy it?"

She nodded "By the way, your mother is a wonderful woman. I can't believe how nice she is"

"Or how quickly she found us" Alpha Matthews chimed in "You weren't kidding when you said she really loves babies"

"I hope she didn't give you any trouble" I winced "She has the nose of a bloodhound and I'm convinced she uses that nose to sniff out babies"

The Alpha pair laughed

"No trouble at all" Luna Matthews smiled "In fact, she was a big help. I would have had to stay with the kids if she didn't volunteer to babysit them for me so I could attend this meeting"

I groaned "Good luck trying to pry her hands away from them. She's probably on her way to the adoption agency right now to legally adopt them. By the time we're done with this meeting, I'll have a pair of new siblings"

They laughed again before turning serious

"I suppose we should get down to business" I sighed "Firstly, tell me the information you have and then I'll tell you what I have. We can go from there. I just want everyone to be on the same page and have no miscommunications"

Alpha Matthews nodded "We were just visiting my parents for a while. Usually, whenever my sister hears my car pulling up on the gravel road, she races down the stairs to be the first one to greet us. When my mother opened the door to greet us, I became immediately suspicious"

"I told him there was nothing to worry about, maybe she just didn't hear us this time or was busy at the moment" Luna Matthews grimaced.

"I agreed and decided to give it a while, after all, my siblings are teenagers" Alpha Matthews said with a chuckle "Anyways, after an hour of not seeing my siblings anywhere, I decided to ask my mother where they were. When she said they were in their rooms, I became worried. It's not like they couldn't hear us. We were talking loudly and Serenity was crying non-stop. There's no way their ears didn't here us"

"So, I decided to check on them" Luna Matthews said "I was walking upstairs when I saw they both slumped on the top stairs"

"And here we are" Alpha Matthews said "They've been out of it for 5 days"

He pierced me with those dark green eyes and I sighed before standing up.

"I think it'll be best if I show you" I motioned for them to follow me as I made my way down to the infirmary.

I began to talk about what I knew so far as we exited my office.

"Two days ago, at approximately 6:30 pm, A Pack member found four of my closest friends slumped outside of the Pack house. I was called into the infirmary where I found them all passed out with bandages on their arms. When I inspected their arms closer, I found that they had deep gashes which I presume are claw marks on their skin along with severe burns"

As I was speaking, I felt the Alphas grow tenser and tenser.

I opened the infirmary door and nearly groaned when I saw the ruckus that was going on in there.

Mia was yelling and repeatedly poking the scared Doctor with her I.V stand. Matt tried to get closer to her but every time he moved,even if it was just a little step, she would whack him with the metal stand.

He whimpered and backed away before she turned her full attention to the Doctor.

"Have you fixed my friends yet" Poke "Hm..."

"N...No...Ma'am" he stuttered


"When are you going to fix them then?"

"I...don't know" he whimpered when she poked harder "It's...out of my...control"

I had enough

"Mia..." I growled, releasing a little bit of my Alpha Power through the Pack Bond "Get back in bed"

I not only heard multiple Gasps in the infirmary but I also heard multiple gasps around the Pack house.

Mia gritted her teeth, trying to resist.

"Mia" I released more power "I won't ask again"

Every wolf in my Pack doubled over in pain.

From behind, I heard Luna Matthews ask a question to Alpha Matthews "Why can I feel his power? I'm not a Wolf so why can I feel like something's weighing me down and making me feel heavy?"

"You can feel it because you're Mated to a Wolf" Alpha Matthews gritted his teeth, no doubt feeling my power too "However we shouldn't be able to feel it at all, not unless he's mated to a very powerful Wolf"


Usually whenever I had to use my Alpha Power while another Alpha visited, they wouldn't be effected at all. But now it seems that since I found my Mate, the daughter of a Royal, my power must have grew as well, even though we haven't fully Mated yet.

Seems like our situation just got a whole lot more complicated.

Mia relented with a frustrated sigh and bared neck.

I reigned in the power and everyone began to relax.

As soon as Mia was back in her bed, Alpha Matthews started firing off questions.

"What the Hell was that? Who the Hell is your Mate? And why the Hell were we effected?"

"I honestly don't know what just happened" I admitted "Never has another Alpha Pair been effected like you two have whenever I used my Alpha power"

He didn't seem to accept my answer "Who the Hell is your Mate?"

"I can't tell you"

His green eyes darkened "What..."

"Kaden..." Luna Matthews said softly "It's okay, he doesn't have to tell us if he doesn't want too"

"He almost hurt you Skylar!" he roared "He almost hurt my Wife and the Mother of my Children!"

Everyone in the room flinched except for Luna Matthews.

She stood calmly in front of her Husband, giving him a stern look.

"I didn't die! Look at me!! I'm alright"

"That's not the point!" Alpha Matthews growled "And you know it"

Luna Matthews rolled her eyes "I know what you meant but we can't change what already happened. And we definitely can't force an Alpha to talk about his Mate" she gave him a pointed look "You, of all people, should know that"

Alpha Matthews grumbled under his breath.

A knock sounded on the door and my mother peaked in giving me a small smile.

"Can we come in?" she asked "Please?"

I looked at the Alphas and they nodded.

"What's wrong Mom?" I asked

"Nothing much but when we were getting snacks, this precious one started crying"

She walked in holding a beautiful little girl sniffing and rubbing her eyes. Trailing behind my Mom and the little girl, was the little boy from earlier eating some Animal crackers.

When the little boy saw his parents, his face lit up and he ran to his Dad.

"Daddy guess what!" he exclaimed holding up the bag of animal crackers "Luna Emmie gave me my favorite cookies!"

Alpha Matthews grinned and picked up his son "Oh yeah? That was very nice of her. Did you thank her properly?"

He nodded vehemently

I heard cooing behind me and I found, Luna Matthews rocking her baby girl while chatting with my mother.

The baby seemed to stop sniffling but now she was staring at me like she could see inside my soul.

I started to get nervous and fidgety with her stare and was about to excuse myself right when Alpha Matthews and his son walked up to Luna Matthews and the baby before kissing the little girl's head.

She looked at him and smiled before putting her hands up to him in a grasping motion.

He beamed and took her out of her mother's arms.

"Rhys" Matt called from his bed

"Yeah?" I said, walking to where he sat, staring wearily at the Alpha Family "Who are they?"

"An Alpha family from California that is having the same problem we're having "

"The children..." he trailed off

"I know"

Mia groaned from her bed "Why are they so bright?"

"Quiet" I hissed "You've caused enough trouble today. I don't want you fighting with two Alphas in front of their children. Especially about something stupid"

She grumbled a little but otherwise, stayed relatively quiet

"Alpha Matthews" I spoke loudly before gesturing for them to join be at my Beta's bedside "If you would kindly join me, I want to make sure that these markings are the same as the ones your siblings have?"

I motioned for the Doctor to unravel both bandages.

The Alphas joined me and when they saw both Mia and Matt's wrists, they sucked in a breath.

"Yes.." Luna Matthews sobbed "Taylor and Ethan have those exact Markings"

"I was afraid of this" I started pacing back and forth in the infirmary.

"What is it? What are you afraid of!" demanded Alpha Matthews

Everyone in my Pack began to growl at the intimidating Alpha but I silenced them with one look.

I met the Alpha's stare head on and we were quiet for a minute before I began speaking.

"My Mate..." I began softly "The one you're inquiring about so much, is a very special Wolf. You weren't wrong when you said I was Mated to a powerful Wolf. She is very powerful, in fact, I am pretty sure she is more Powerful than all the Alpha's put together"

"Impossible" Alpha Matthews barked "No one is that Powerful"

"Believe what you want Alpha" I said curtly "But just because you don't choose to believe in the truth doesn't mean that it stops being true"

"Go on" Luna Matthews urged "Kaden won't interrupt any more. I promise"

I smiled slightly and continued "My Mate and her brother are part of the last remaining members of the Royal Family"

Everyone gasped

"No way" Mia whispered from behind me

Luna Matthews looked toward her husband in confusion "What? There's a Royal Family of Wolves? Why haven't you told me about this before?"

"Because I never thought any of them still existed, they were myths"

"Apparently not" Luna Matthews replied sarcastically before looking at me "And you know this for sure? That your Mate is from the Royal line"

I nodded and began to tell them everything I've learned from my parents or pieced together over the last couple of days.

When I was finished, their mouths were hanging open.

"Where is she?" Alpha Matthews asked

I rubbed my neck awkwardly "That's the thing. I don't think she really knows what she is"

"What do you mean?"

"She smells different" Mia added "She doesn't smell like how a Wolf should smell"

"And what do you guys smell like?" Luna Matthews asked "I always wondered"

"It depends on the Pack" I said "Usually, which State or Country you live in gives wolves from other Packs a general idea of where you come from. That scent, your Pack scent, in mixed in with the standard Wolf scent"

"If we didn't belong to any Pack, we would basically smell like a wet dog" Matt chimed in.

I nodded "Your husband and children smell like Poppies, a earthy and smoky smell"

"And they smell like the air after it rains"

"So...Your Mate smells like a wet dog?" Luna Matthews scrunched up her face

"No, the problem is she doesn't smell like anything at all. Nothing at all. She doesn't even smell like a regular Human"

"Well, if she doesn't smell like a Wolf or a Human than maybe it's because of her status. You all say she's powerful and I'm guessing since she doesn't know what she is because, maybe, someone didn't want her to know"

"What are you saying" I asked the Luna

"Don't you think its kind of coincidental how the mother of you Mate is coming to you now? She had all these years to come to you for help but yet, she didn't. Why?"

"Because they're being Hunted" Alpha Matthews stared at me hard "That's why her mother never came to you before. She didn't want to involve you and your Pack before but now she has no choice. She must have run out of options and the people that were hunting them were probably close on their tails"

My Wolf started snarling and pacing restlessly in my head, urging me to find my Mate and protect her with everything we have.

"You need find her and bring her here before the people who are searching for her do"

"How do you want me to do that?!" I growled "She doesn't even know what she is let alone what I am to her. How do you expect me to bring her here and keep her?"

"You have to think of something and fast, or else you won't have a Mate and we won't have a ruling Royal family"

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