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T W E N T Y - F I V E


"What the Hell is a Wolf Moon?" I asked the couple

"I don't know" Everly sniffled "But just as I was waking up, a voice kept whispering that over and over to me"

"Me too" Shawn nodded at me "I was thinking, maybe you knew what this Wolf Moon was"

I heard the door open behind me and turned to see Alpha Matthews on the phone.

"Yes Mom" He said "No, I don't know"

"He's talking to his mother" Luna Sky caught my eye "Actually, he's trying to convince her to fly the twins out here. She's freaking out that he would suggest such a thing after what they've been through"

"Mom," Alpha Kaden said in frustration "I need the twins to fly out here the moment they feel better. I'll explain later, please just trust me"

He paused

"Taylor? Yeah, Like I was telling Mom, I need you two here as soon as possible. I'll explain everything when you get here" He shook his head "Wolf Moon? What's that?"

I tensed

"She said something about a Wolf Moon" he looked at me "Do you know what that is?"

"No" I replied "But Everly and Shawn just informed me about what's going to happen during the Wolf Moon"

"Well? What is it? What's going to happen?"

I gritted my teeth

"I don't know what it is specifically but from what Shawn and Everly just told me, My mate is going to... going to..."

Luna Matthews gasped before tears started filling her eyes

"Going to what?" Kaden asked in confusion, looking back and forth between me and his wife "What is going to happen?"

"Leave it alone Kaden" she said with tears in her eyes "Just leave it alone"

"But..." he said more, but I stalked out of the room, too upset to talk about the subject

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Everly asked as she tied my tie

"Yes" I looked at her "I haven't been to school in 3 days and since you guys are still recovering, I figured I might as well explain our precarious situation to Principal Roberts"

"You could call him and explain what happened over the phone" she suggested "He is, after all, in your Pack"

"I don't think this conversation should be held over the phone"

"But..." she searched for words

"Ever," I gave her a soft smile "What's wrong? You're not normally this worrisome over me"

She looked away

"Ever" I prompted "We've been friends since we were in diapers. I know when something's bothering you"

"I just don't want you to go to school today" her eyes teared up as she looked at me "After what you heard yesterday, I'm afraid your Wolf won't be able to handle it and you'll snap"

"Ever..." I started to say something but she cut me off

"It took you so long to find her and when you finally do this happens! How freaking cruel is that! And on top of that, that girl is really sweet and funny, and just the right girl for you. She doesn't deserve this and you definitely don't deserve this!"


"And what the Hell is this Wolf Moon? What does it involve? What does it include? Is it like a cult thing? What..."

"EVERLY MAY!" I laughed as I shook her "Slow down, you're having another one of your rants"

She punched me

"Ow! What the Heck!" I rubbed my arm "What was that for?"

"You know I hate my Middle name! Why the Hell would you bring it up?" she punched me again

"That's the only way we can get you to stop ranting" I snickered

"Don't do that" she said softly

"What?" I laughed harder

"Don't pretend everything's going to be alright" she punched me for the third time "I hate it when you do that"

My laughter died immediately

"I'm not trying to do that" I said softly "I'm just trying to deal with the hand I was dealt with"

"You don't have to deal with it alone Rhys" she hugged me "Shawn, Matt, Mia, and I are always here for you. We'll always be here for you"

"I know"

"No, you don't Rhys" She leaned back and grabbed my tie, making me look into her eyes "We're not here for you because you're our Alpha. We're here for you because you're our Best-Friend. We all love you and will do everything in our power to protect both you and our Luna"

I smiled slightly and was about to say something when a knock sounded on the door frame

We turned and saw Shawn standing there with an encouraging look on his face, telling me that he heard our entire conversation.

"Hey Alpha, Sorry to bother but I need to borrow Ever"

"Of course" I said before pushing Everly toward him "She is your Mate after all"

She glared at me before hooking her arm through Shawn's and leaving me behind.

"She's right you know" a somber voice said from behind me

I turned in surprise and found my Uncle grinning at me from my desk.

"What the Hell are you doing here?"

"What? Not happy to see your Uncle?"

I looked at the door "Yeah, I am but right now I'm hosting an Alpha family from another state and I don't think they'll appreciate a Vampire so close to their children"

He put a hand to his chest "Stake right through the heart"

"Seriously Uncle Xander" I rolled my eyes "What are you doing here?"

"Well..." he looked through some papers "My ungrateful Godson forgot to mention something very important to his Godfather"

I looked at him in shock "How did you know?"

"So it is true!" He snapped at me "You've met your Mate!"

"How did you know?" I asked again

"I heard rumors floating around through school and the Vamp community" he said sheepishly.

I looked at him in shock, not only because of the fact that he knew I had a Mate but also because he was in school, something he was too old to be in.

"School? What School?" I asked "Why are you going to school? You're over 200 years old"

He looked away, and I saw his cheeks tint pink.

"I may have met someone" he mumbled before straightening up "Anyway, it's not about me. It's about you and your little Wolf Princess"

"How the hell do you know everything about my Mate" I snapped "I barely know anything about her"

"If you haven't already noticed by now Vampires are extremely nosy. They like to poke their fangs into everything"

"I know that" I said in frustration "But I barely just found her a couple of days ago. They wouldn't have had enough time to figure it out all by themselves"

He hesitated

"What?" I asked "I know that face. What aren't you telling me?"

"There is another rumor going around" he stood "And you know how rumors are"

"I sense a 'However' in that sentence somewhere" I tensed

He nodded "However, I don't think this particular rumor is false"

"What is it?" I clenched my teeth "What are you hearing?"

He hesitated again, and right there I knew whatever he was about to say was something worth listening too.

"Please Uncle Xander" I pleaded "I need to know"

"Something huge is about to happen" He whispered "I heard some whispers when I traveled through different Vampire dens. I tried to gather some information, especially when I heard your Pack's name, but every time I would ask or get close enough to finding the source of the rumor people would either stop talking or disappear completely"

"What did you find out?"

"I found out that some Wolf Pack's are taking orders from the Hunter's Association. Witches too. There's talk that some Vamp Dens are holding or going to hold onto something very important"

My mind was reeling

"Vampire, Witches, Wolves, and Hunter's are working together" My mind analyzed everything "What no Pixies or Faeries too? Damn I was really looking forward to squaring off with Tinkerbell"

He laughed

Something clicked in my head and I stood straighter

"How many Vampire dens are involved in this" I asked

"I don't know" he scratched his head "6, Maybe more. Why?"

"They have something" I paced "Something very important. That's why there's so many Vampires involved. They're constantly moving it between the dens so that no one can pinpoint where or what it is exactly"

"Okay, I get that but why the Witches? We don't exactly get along with them. You know, ever since we nearly wiped them out years ago"

I continued to pace the room, trying to piece all the information together

"Vampires and Witches don't have to get along" I said after something else clicked in my mind "I remember, about a couple years ago, my dad talking about a Coven contracted to a Vampire. You don't need more than 2 Witches to cast a powerful cloaking spell in one area"

"What if they're not in one area" My Uncle sat up straighter "A Coven consists of 13 Witches. just the right amount of Witches for 6 Vampire dens. 2 per each Den plus a back-up"

"The Witches are cloaking the Vampire Dens so they can constantly relocate whatever they are hiding"

"Question is..." My Uncle rubbed his temples "What are they hiding?"

I was about to list off some suggestion when there was a knock at my door.

Mia stuck her head in and gave me a worried look.

"What is it?"

"Dr. Simon just called from the Hospital. Apparently, a human boy is showing signs of shifting soon"

I waved her off "You know what to do. Just request a meeting from the parents and answer any questions or concerns they have"

She bit her lip "I would but this boy is...special...to you"

"Who is it?"

"Ares Dimitriou, Kassi's brother"

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