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T W E N T Y - S I X


I hate hospitals

I really do

Not only are they depressing and a little scary, but it takes FOREVER to discharge a patient.

I should know.

We've been her for an hour after the Doctor cleared Ares.

"Excuse me" I asked a Nurse "Can you tell me what is taking so long to discharge my brother? The Doctor cleared us about an hour ago and when our Nurse went to get the discharge papers, she suddenly vanished"

The Nurse looked at me before glancing at my brother and walking to the computer.

She typed a few things before looking at me again.

"I'm sorry Miss but the Doctor just ordered another blood test"

"What!" I exclaimed "But he said we could go home!"

"Then something must have just came up regarding his levels" she glanced at my brother "The Doctor wouldn't have ordered this test if he didn't see something unusual"

"Fine" I grumbled "But can you please find both my Doctor and Nurse. I would really like to know why he ordered this test"

She nodded before leaving the room

"Sissy" Ares grumbled before crossing his arms and wincing at the IV "I want to go home"

"You and me both" I muttered under my breath before pulling my chair closer to his bed

"I'll make you a promise buddy" I whispered

"What?" he leaned in with a conspiratorial grin

"If they don't finish the test in an hour, I'm busting you out of this place like I did with Taylor and Ethan's Nanny"

Ares giggled and I smiled at the memory

When I was fifteen, my Mom surprised me with a round trip ticket to California to see my two best friends. It was the best weekend of my life because not only did I get to hang out with my friends, but we also broke their grandmother out of her retirement home.

Nanny Matthews was a wild woman with a sailor's mouth and on more than one occasion, we almost got arrested because of her mouth.

A knock sounded on the door, bringing me out of my memories.

When I turned, I was surprised to see who was standing at the door.


He smiled at me "May I come in?"

"Sure" I nodded "Ares, this is Rhys. He goes to my school. Rhys, this is my baby brother Ares"

Ares raised an eyebrow "I'm not a baby Sissy"

I rolled my eyes "Okay, buddy. I'm sorry"

Ares looked satisfied with my answer before he turned to Rhys with raised eyebrows "You like my sister" he stated nonchalantly.

I choked on air "ARES!!!"

"What?" Ares pouted "He looks at you like I look at Chocolate Cake. I love Chocolate Cake and he Loves you" he said simply.

I cleared my throat and ignored my baby brother

"What are you doing here Rhys?"

"My Mom works here and I was just dropping her off some lunch"

"How sweet" I cooed

He blushed and looked at my brother "Ares, right?"

Ares nodded

"Named after the God of War?" Rhys grinned and looked at me "Cool"

Ares beamed and I rolled my eyes

"Of course you would think it's cool. They aren't your names"

"No, I really think they are cool" he smiled "Unique, actually"

"Sure..." I drawled out "Anyways, I don't think you really want to talk about names with me. Why did you really come here?"

"I told you..." he started but I cut him off

"Your mother may work here but there's no reason how you knew we were here, so that leads me to believe that you have some ulterior motive here"

"Uh...." he stammered "Would it be alright if we talked outside?"

I raised a brow and walked to the door.

"Ares, I'll be right outside. Yell if you need me"

I opened the door and ran into a brick wall.


I ran into a person built like a brick wall

"Ow!! What the Hell!"

The person turned and I'm pretty sure we both had a look of surprise on our faces.


"Little Kass?" he asked in shock

I squealed and jumped in his arms "IT IS YOU!!!"

"Oomph" he took a step back and laughed before wrapping his arms around me and swinging me side to side.

After a couple of minutes, he let go and I started jumping up and down like the girly girl I wasn't.

"What are you doing here?" we both asked at the same time

We laughed

"My Mom moved us here to live with my Grandfather" I answered first "What about you?"

His eyes flickered for a second behind me before returning to my own "My family's vacationing here and we decided to stay with mutual friends, Rhys family."

"Taylor and Ethan are here too!" I said in glee "And your wife and kids?"

He nodded slowly

"How do you two know each other exactly?" Rhys voice floated to us

I spun and smiled at him "His siblings are my best friends. I used to spend every waking moment at their house when we were little"

"She was like my second brother" Kaden laughed "She used to pick fights with me all the time. Quite the little tomboy, might I add. Never wanted to play Barbies or Waitress with Taylor. Always wanted to wrestle or shoot Nerf guns with Ethan or Me"

"Barbies were boring" I whined "Giving you black eyes were so much better"

Kaden and Rhys laughed

"So what are you doing at the hospital? In front of my brother's room?"

"Ares is here?" Kaden beamed "I haven't seen the little guy in person yet"

And with that, Kaden Matthews entered my brother's room, leaving me alone with Rhys.

I looked at Rhys "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"I just wanted to know if Ares was okay?" he shuffled his feet awkwardly

"He's fine" I answered "We don't know what's wrong yet but he's better than when we first came here"

Awkward Silence

"So..." I said "If there's nothing else..."

"Wait!" he grabbed my arm and a little shock zinged through my body "I think I may know what's wrong"

"What?" I exclaimed

"Uh..." he stuttered "Forget I said anything"

"I can't just forget something" I glared "Tell me what you were about to say"

"Well...Um...You see"

"Yes?" I prompted

"Come home with me"

"WHAT!!" I screeched, my eyes widening

His eyes widened too as he realized what he said "NO!!! NO!!! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEAN!"

"Hey Kass!" Kaden poked his head out of my giggling brother's room "Why don't you and Ares come have dinner with Sky and Me?"

"Sure" I smiled "When?"


"Sure, I'll be there"

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