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T W E N T Y - S E V E N


Kaden said his goodbyes to Kassi and Ares and soon, we were walking out of the hospital and towards my car.

I noticed that the whole way, Kaden had an amused smirk on his face.

"Don't start" I grunted before opening my door

"What?" he grinned "We accomplished what we came here to accomplish regardless of your epic fail"

"I didn't fail that bad" I grumbled

"Oh no?" he raised an eyebrow before clearing his throat "Oh Kassi, please come home with me. I'll do anything if you come home with me. Please, oh Please, come home with me so we can spend the night cuddling and going through my Yu-Gi-Oh collection together" he mimicked

I glared "What's Yu-Gi-Oh?"

"Kids these days" he muttered

"Anyways, You might as well asked her to jump into bed with you" he snickered

I blushed and looked away "Shut up"

"Still, I can't believe she's a Wolf. Let alone the Princess of Wolves"

"So you didn't notice anything either" I asked "How is it possible that you didn't notice anything when she was younger too?"

"I don't know" he answered honestly "I mean, yeah she was always around and we did hang out but back then she smelled completely like a human. It could be because I was young and really didn't notice the difference but somehow, my gut is telling me that that's not the case here"

"I was afraid of that" I answered grimly

The car was silent until Kaden's phone beeped with a incoming text.

"Who is it?"

"My sister" he answered before texting something back "They're here"

"Already?" I asked in surprise "Shouldn't they be resting?"

I mean, they were out a week longer than my friends and even if it's been a couple of days, my friends are still walking around like zombies.

"Yeah, they should" he answered "But they're stubborn and must have ignored me when I said to rest first before they flew out here"

He looked at me "You mind if we pick them up?"

I shook my head "No, which Airport at they at?"

"The one where you picked me up at"

I nodded and made my way to the airport.

"So...what are your siblings like?"

"Two pains in my butt if you ask me" Kaden shrugged "But other than the fact that they're Wolves, I guess they're like every other teenager"

"Do they have Mates too?"

"No" he hesitated

"What?" I asked after his brief moment of hesitation

"Okay, I wasn't going to say anything but if I don't, I know there will be disaster somewhere down the road" he exhaled "Don't get mad"

"Why would I get mad?" I looked at him in confusion "What can you possibly say that will get me mad?"

He snorted "I can think of a lot of things"

"Just say what you have to say" I said in annoyance

"When we were younger, my brother had a crush on Kassi" he said slowly "I don't know about now because he's a huge time player but I do know that after she left, he was never the same. A couple of years later, when he reached puberty, he started uh...messing around with girls"

I felt my temperature rise and I took calming breaths.

"But I wouldn't worry about anything" Kaden reassured me "They haven't seen each other in person since they were fifteen"

"Easy for you to say" I grumbled

10 minutes later and we were at the airport

"Do you see them?" I asked

"Yeah" he pointed "They're right there"

I looked to see where he was point and saw a boy and girl arguing with each other. They were wearing similar clothing, both in sweatshirts, sweatpants, and beanies. From what I could tell, they both had the same brown hair and the only real difference was that the boy was wearing glasses.

I was brought out of my analysis of them when Alpha Kaden reached over and honk the horn.

The two continued to bicker

"I'll be right back" Kaden muttered before unbuckling his seat belt and exiting his car.

I watched in amusement as he stomped over to his sibling before grabbing them by their ears and dragging them back to the car.

He opened the backseat door and threw them in before climbing back in the front.

"Drive" he commanded in a gruff voice

"How rude" The girl muttered "You could have asked us to come to the car like a civilized person"

"I think he yanked my ear off" the boy whined "Driver, go back. I think I see it on the pavement"

Kaden rolled his eyes "He's not a driver Moron. He's the Alpha of this Area"

The two in the backseat sat straighter

"Him? I was expecting someone like you Kade" the girl said "A moody buzzkill that sucks the life out of everyone"

The boy snickered

Kaden flicked the boy in the forehead, twice.

"Ow!!!" he cried out "I didn't say it!! Why don't you hit her!"

"Because I'm a girl doofus" said replied before sicking her hand in-between the front seats "Hi, I'm Taylor. Kaden's beautiful and Single sister."

The boy snickered and she glared at him

"And unfortunately, this idiot right here is my twin, Ethan"

I smiled "I'm Rhys and taken"

Taylor pouted "Always the good ones"

"I bet he's just saying that" Ethan snickered even more "Because he doesn't want to deal with all that ugliness"

"I wish I would have ate you in the womb" she threw back.

"Yeah, and I wished that the guy in a sketchy van would have stole you when we were eight. Guess wishes don't always come true"

"Shut up" Kaden groaned

"Why don't you?" they retorted before bickering with one another again.

"Rhys?" Kaden asked "Are you an only child?"


"Lucky" he muttered "I'm jealous and I only get jealous whenever Sky's involved"

I grinned "They're pretty entertaining"

"Not entertaining if you grew up with this all your life" He looked at his siblings and a small smile graced his face "But I rather prefer them fighting than laying in a hospital bed"

I nodded, understanding what he meant.

"So..." Taylor spoke up "Can someone tell us why we were knocked out for a week?"

"Yeah" Ethan chimed in "I had a date with a hot girl that night and had to miss it do to this freaky thing"

I grunted

Kaden rolled his eyes before asking "How long has it been since you've spoken to Little Kass?"

The twins yelled out curses before checking their phones.

"I texted her the day of" Taylor mumbled

"Last time I talk to her was the day we woke up Serenity" Ethan said "She called Taylor complaining about her new school"

Taylor paused "Yeah, which happened to be in Texas"

She looked around and started analyzing everything "Wait, why did you want to know if we talked to Kassi? What's going on?"

Kaden looked at me and I nodded

"I wanted to know because..." he tone immediately softened "Kassi's in some serious trouble"

They both sat straighter

"What trouble?"

"Where is she?"

"How did this happen?"

They fired off questions

"Slow down" Kaden demanded and they stopped "Kassi's fine for right now but we don't know for how much longer"

"Stop being cryptic Kaden" Taylor demanded "Tell me right this minute, what's going on with Kassi, my best-friend"

"How much do you know about her?"


"Tell us what you know about Kassi"

"Why?" she asked in confusion "How would that help?"

"Because we're trying to figure out a way to help her and we can't do that if we don't know where to start" I answered.

As I was saying it, I noticed that Ethan was watching me through the rear view mirror

"Why do you care?" Taylor asked "We barely know you and you don't seem like the type to get into someone else's business"

"He's her Mate" Ethan said calmly before crossing his arms "That's why he cares"

The whole car was quiet for a moment.

"How do you know?" Taylor whispered to him

"Like you said, he doesn't look like the type to get involved with other people's business but he's willing to do so for her" Ethan sighed "Plus, his eyes say it all"

Taylor leaned forward and stared at me.

I glanced at her and noticed Jade green cat like eyes staring back at me.

"You're right" she said "His eyes do say it all"

"So..." I said "Can you tell us what you know?"

"Okay" they said "But only if you tell us what kind of danger Kassi's facing?"

I grimaced

"What was that!" she exclaimed before whipping her head to her brother, essentially whacking me in the face with her hair "He grimaced. Why did he grimace? How bad is it?"

"Pretty bad" Kaden said grimly "I don't think you want to know"

"Son of a..." she cursed "What do you want to know?"

"Her family, where are they from?"

"Her dad was from Greece" Ethan Answered "But her mom's from here. Texas"

"Does she have any other family members?"

They looked at me sadly "No, not that she knows of"

"Where does her Mom's family live?"

"I got this" Taylor said before rattling off an address, one I was very familiar with.

Kaden saw the look on my face "What?"

"I know that address" I said

"Great" he exclaimed "Where is it?"

"About 10 minutes away from my house"

"Okay..." he said slowly "I don't see what the problem is"

"The problem is that I think the old man that lives there is a Hunter"

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