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T W E N T Y - N I N E


"Kassi" I said softly "Do you want to come upstairs and rest for a bit? I'm sure your friends would be happy to watch Ares for a bit"

"No thanks" she replied briskly while continuing to glare at door that separated her and her brother.

"Kassi" I sighed "Its been a whole day and you haven't eaten anything. It won't kill you to take a break"

She turned towards me and I was startled by her eyes once again. They were slightly glowing, a mixture of midnight blue and purple undertones.

I wasn't worried that her eyes were glowing, because it's normal for our eyes to glow right before we shifted, No, I was worried because ever since Ares her eyes have remained that color.

Not once did they dim nor did she shift, something that was really unusual.

"It might not kill me," she emphasized "But it might my kill my brother if I'm not here watching him"


"10 times" she gritted her teeth "I watched him shift 10 times already and each time he shifts back to a human, he begs and pleads for it to stop. For me to take the pain away. Do you know how much it kills me to watch him suffer and not being able to do a damn thing about it? I can't even comfort him because of these stupid rules of yours. I can only watch him through this freaking one-way mirror"

"That's normal..." I began

"NOT TO ME!" She exploded before pointing her finger towards her brother "None of this is normal. I don't think you get it Rhys. I wasn't raised like you were, I wasn't raised to believe that Werewolves were real. I wasn't raised to believe that everything I read in books or watched in movies were true. I was raised human. We were raised HUMAN. I can't handle this. I'm about one step away from having a mental breakdown"

"Kassi" I stepped closer to her "You might not have been raised like us but it's who you are. You can't deny that a little piece of you knew that this existed all along. You knew that you were different. Now you know why"

She flinched "Yeah, but I didn't expect my life to turn into the Mortal Instruments"

I raised an eyebrow "What?"

"Never mind" she grumbled

"Oh" I snapped "Is that the show where the guy from the Maze Runner's best friend becomes a Wolf?"

"Unfreaking believable" she muttered "Ironic that you know Teen Wolf but don't know the Mortal Instruments"

A whimper sounded than and I turned and watched as Ares curled up in a ball on the floor.

Kassi jumped up and pushed me out of the way, making me stumble towards the stairs.

"11" she whispered as Ares began crying and calling out for his sister.

My heart broke and I winced when she gave me a look that screamed "Get Out and Leave me Alone"

"Remember, you need to rest" I said softly "I'll be back in an hour to check up on you"


I sighed and went upstairs where both my friends and Kassi's were anxiously awaiting my return.

"So?" Taylor asked while biting her lip "How is she? How's Ares? What Happening?"

I sat on the couch, my shoulder slumped in defeat "She's having a hard time wrapping her head around us. I think, under different circumstances, she would be taking this better"

"What do you expect?" Mia said softly "Her brother just shifted into a Wolf for the first time and won't stop. Everything she's ever known has been a lie. Her whole world has shifted"

"That's what she told me and I get it" I groaned "I really do but she's making herself sick over something she has no control of"

"It's not her fault Rhys" Everly said "She's handling this the best way she can"

"I know"

"Are her eyes the same?" Matt asked

I nodded "I don't know why they haven't changed back yet but I have a feeling that it has to do with Ares' shift"

"Could she be the Alpha?" Ethan asked "The only person I know who can keep his eyes like that without shifting would be Kaden"

Everyone's eyes shifted to Kaden

"I can only control my shift if I'm concentrating solely on that. One little distract and I'm done" he sighed "Besides, the longest I was able to remain in control was a half hour"

"I highly doubt Kassi knows what she's doing, let alone concentrating on her control" Sky replied

"Than what is it?" Taylor asked in frustration

"I don't know" I replied

"What do you know?" she asked and my friends growled at her.

Taylor's brothers stood in front of her protectively, growling back at them.

Tension thickened the air

"Enough!" I said to my Pack "She didn't say it to be rude or disrespectful. She's frustrated just like us"

"I didn't mean to sound disrespectful" she apologized to me before my Pack "But, like your Alpha said, I'm frustrated. Kassi and Ares are part of my family and I worried for them. Plus, anyone has yet to tell my why we were asked to come here in the first place"

I looked at my Pack and they all gave me grimaces.

All the Matthew siblings stood straighter

"What was that look?" Taylor asked before turning to her brothers "You guys saw that too?"

They nodded and waited for me to explain.

I groaned, hating this part and stupid Wolf Moon Prophecy.

"Do you guys know what a Wolf Moon is?"

The Twins stiffened

"Not possible" Ethan said

"No way"

"What is it?" Sky asked "What is this Moon thingy?"

They both looked at him with mournful faces.

Taylor had tears in her eyes and Ethan's face was pale.

"It's the night Kassi's supposed to die" Ethan whispered and Taylor let out a sob "We saw it while we were sleeping. Blood was everywhere and she was laying on some kind of rock"

I sat up straighter at the new information and was about what they knew when a delirious cry sounded out.

Everyone turned and with wide eyes, we watched as Kassi stood at the top of the basement stairs.

"Oh this just keeps getting better and better" She laughed hysterically "First my brother turns into a dog and then I find out that we come from a long line of dogs and that my parents have been lying to my for practically my whole like. Now, as soon as I start to except the fact that this is who were are now, a bunch of people who I considered my friends are talking behind my back about my death that's going to take place during some Moon"

Kassi gripped her stomach and continued to laugh

"Kassi..." Taylor began to approach Kassi.

Kassi stopped laughing and straightened up, her eyes glowing brighter.

"Stay where you are"

Taylor paused and tried to take another step but couldn't. She looked at her siblings in panic "Why can't I move?"

"She can control us" Kaden said slowly while keeping his eyes on Kassi "She can make us do whatever she pleases"

Kassi grinned a wolfish grin and I was surprised to see how much of a Wolf she truly looked like in that moment.

"Can I?" she asked while grinning "Well in that case, everyone stay where they are"

Everyone grunted and struggled with the invisible force, except me.

"How can she do this?" Taylor asked "Why can she do this?"

"She's a Descendant from the First Wolf Pack" Kaden answered "They were blessed with gifts that no other Pack was bless with. No one knows what gifts they were blessed with but I'm pretty sure this is one of them"

Everyone continued to struggled and I've had enough of this nonsense.

I stood and Kassi continue to grin at me but surprise was reflected in her eyes.

"I take it that the same rules don't apply to you?" she asked me

I nodded and continue to stalk toward her like the predator I was.

Slow, calculating steps.

If she wanted to play this game then so would I. The only exception being that I wouldn't lose.

She might be the Descendant of the First Wolf Pack and the Princess of Wolves but I was her Mate. Her Equal. If the Moon Goddess didn't expect me to rein her back in whenever she went into Princess Mode than she wouldn't have Mated Kassi to me.

"And why is that?" Kassi asked as I stood face-to-face with her

"You already know the reason" I answered gruffly "You read those supernatural books and watch those shows. You're not stupid Kassi. You know exactly why I'm immune to your commands"

She nodded

"You're my Mate" she said simply and my heart stammered a little bit.

My wolf growled in approval "Yes I am and as your Mate, it's my job to tell you when your being a brat"

"You may be my Mate Rhys but I'm going to let you in on a little secret" She leaned closer to me "You can stand there and tell me whatever you want to tell me until you're blue in the face... the question is, if I'll actually be listening to you"

With that, she turned on her heel and went back downstairs towards her brother.

Everyone sighed in relief when she was gone.

"We need to figure out everything and anything about her Pack and this Wolf Moon as quickly as possible" Kaden grimaced "Before it's too late"

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