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T H I R T Y - T W O


My head was throbbing, the sun was too bright, and everything was spinning.

I felt horrible, even worse than when I do on my periods.

And trust me, those days are the most miserable days of my whole entire life.

I threw the blankets off me and was about to make my way to the bathroom when my feet came in contact with something squishy.

"Ugh" a muffled grunt came from underneath me

I pulled back and looked over the end of the bed to see what I came in contact with.

When I saw who it was, I flushed "Rhys? What are you doing in here?"

He grunted and flipped over on his back "I wanted to make sure you were alright"

"I'm fine" I said before pausing "Uh... Did you sleep here? And did I pass out last night or was that just a dream?"

"I slept here" he blushed "And You passed out"

"That's why I feel like a semi-truck ran over me" I groaned

"I suppose so" his amused voice floated up to me and I rolled my eyes

"And I'm guessing that my former dog did, indeed, turn into a human?"

"Yes" Rhys whispered, his presence right next to me.

I turned and raised my eyebrows at him and his closeness.

He just smiled and leaned forward to push back a flyaway stand of my hair.

I felt my blush creep up my neck

"Where is he?" I asked

"With the others, sharing some much needed information"

"You mean they're interrogating him?"

Rhys smiled "It's not interrogating if he volunteered the information willingly"

"And why aren't you will them?" I raised an eyebrow before sitting up "Aren't you the Alpha? I would think you would be the one asking questions?"

"And leave my Mate while she's hurt?"

"I'm not hurt"

He threaded a hand in my hair before giving it a gentle tug.

I winced and pushed him away

"You are hurt" he said "You have a small concussion. That's why you have that horrible headache. Ethan didn't catch you in enough time which resulted in you hitting your head hard against the gravel"

"I'm fine" I waved off his concern "Nothing Coffee and Tylenol can't help with"

"Kassi..." he sighed

"How's Ares?" I changed the subject "How many times has he shifted since I've been out of order?"

"He's shifted twice so far"

"Is that good?" I asked and Rhys nodded

"It tells us that he trying to get back to normal" he bumped my shoulder with his "Which is good. It gives us hope"

I stood and started pacing "So how long until we can test my theory?"

"Well, I've given a lot of consideration into what we discussed last night" he ran a hand through his hair "And you were right. I'm sorry for acting like a overprotective jerk"

I smirked "So I can participate in Ares' Shifting Process? I don't have to lock you in your office or sneak behind your back?"

He glared at me before breaking out in a smile "It depends"

"On What!" I threw my hands up in the air "I thought you came to your senses!"

"I did!" he said quickly "I'm just saying it depends on the information your brother provided us"

I winced at the word "Brother"

It's not because I wasn't used too it. It's just I normally didn't associate the word with anyone else than my baby brother.

"Well, where is he?"

Rhys eyes turned Gray and I watched in curiosity as he had a one-sided conversation with himself.

When he finished his conversation, he blinked and smiled at me "He's in the Dining room with Matt and Mia"

I looked at him in awe "So it is true"

"What is?" he gave me a confused look

"That Werewolves can communicate with each other in human form"

He laughed "Let me guess? Those Books you read?"

I nodded "So is all of it true?"


"Everything about Werewolves" I grabbed his arm and nodded to the door "Let's talk on the way to the kitchen. I'm starving and need some medicine"

He smiled and tucked my hand in the crook of his elbow "What do you want to eat?"

"Anything" I said "But is there a way I could take the food downstairs to watch Ares?"

"Of course" he answered before guiding me to the right.

"How can you navigate through this huge house?" I laughed

"When you live here your whole life, you learn a few tricks" he pulled us to a stop and touched the edge of a door frame "You see this?"

I came closer and nodded at the sideways T-shaped indention

"My Grandfather carved symbols like these into each door frame after he kept getting lost" he laughed at the memory "Look at the hallway and then look back at the carving"

I did what he said and noticed that the symbol matched the hallway exactly.

"It matches"

Rhys nodded "And do you see this little star on the left hand side on the T"

I nodded again

"That star tells us which direction to go. Left or Right"

"That's so cool!" I said in glee

He nodded his head and pulled me away from the door frame as we continued our trek to the kitchen.

"So is there anything you want to ask me about Wolves?"

"So much" I glanced at him "I want to know everything about it I just can't help myself"

He laughed "Well, you sure are chipper today"

My smiled dimmed "I have to make the best out of the situation I was given"

His smiled faded too "Kassi...I'm sorry"

"It's okay" I gave him a small smile and unlatched our arms "Have we arrived?"

He nodded and I went through the Kitchen, leaving him behind.

However, as soon as I did that, I wish I hadn't.

Because standing there, next to the kitchen sink drinking what looked like Coffee, was my brother.

The same man who I met at the hospital a couple of days ago.


Just Great.

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