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T H I R T Y - F I V E


I punched the punching bag with all my might, hoping that somehow my frustration and angry could be transferred into the punching bag.

After Ares disappeared into the night, I called my Mom for the millionth time.

When she didn't answer, I decided to do something productive to take my mind off the fact that my brother is out in the wilderness


"If you keep punching like that, you'll make your knuckles raw"

"I don't care" I punched harder

"You might not care but Rhys will freak if you walk in the house with bloody knuckles" Everly said.

"What do you want me to do?" I sighed "It's either this or I pace a hole into Rhys floor"

"I really don't think he would mind a hole in his floor as long as it came from you" she smirked

"Everly," I rolled my eyes "I'm not in the mood for jokes"

"He'll be fine Kassi" Her smirk disappeared "His Wolf won't fail him"

"I just..." I sighed "Everything's just a lot to process"

She sat, criss-crossed, on the floor before patting the mat

I reluctantly followed her lead

"What's bothering you the most? The fact that you're a Wolf, have a Soulmate, or the fact that everyone you've ever known lied to you face for your entire life?"

I picked at the extra skin on my nails "Surprisingly, finding out that I'm a Wolf doesn't bother me as much as I thought"

She cocked her head to the side in confusion "You know, most people would be beyond freaked if they found out they could shift into a animal"

I laughed "We'll I'm not most people. I'm weird"

She studied me for a second "And the Mate part doesn't bother you?"

I blushed "Not as much as as the lying part bothers me"

Her eyes lit up "Ooh...Do tell"

"No" I shook my head "It's weird"

"Why is it weird?" she sounded defensive "I'm a girl and I have a Mate. I know what you're going through"

"It's weird because you're one of Rhys friends"

"So?" she rolled her eyes "Haven't you heard of the girl code?"

"It's still weird through"

"What's weird?" Mia and Taylor asked, coming into the gym with plates of fruit in their hands.

I groaned

Great, more people.

"Hey" Taylor said in awe "This is a nice gym"

"Thanks" Mia said "Luna Emmie decided to turn the Greenhouse into a Gym so we could workout in a serene environment"

"Cool" Taylor replied "Back home, my brother has our gym in the basement. I refuse to use it because I swear it's haunted. Plus, you have to go down like 100 flights of stairs just to get to entrance of the stupid gym. By the time I make it there, I'm already exhausted"

Mia laughed

"Guys!" Everly waved like a madwomen "Can we please focus?"

"Oh yeah" Mia sat next to her "What were you two talking about?"

Taylor sat next to me and offered me some fruit

I snagged a few grapes

"How Kassi is in Love with Rhys"

I choked on my grapes

Mia squealed and Taylor, who saw me struggling to catch my breath, slapped my back.

I pointed at Everly "I am not in Love with Rhys"

"Yes, you are"

"No, I'm not"

"You are too!"

"Nu uh"

"Liar Liar Pants on Fire" Everly sang

"Children" Mia interrupted "Please settle down"

Like the children we were, we stuck our tongues out at her

She rolled her eyes "Real mature guys"

I shrugged and Everly snickered

"But seriously" Everly deadpanned "Kassi likes Rhys"

"Is that true Kass?" Taylor asked as she popped another grape in her mouth "I wouldn't blame you. He's one fine specimen"

Everly and Mia scrunched their noses in disgust and I felt a flare of jealousy quickly overcome me.

I squashed it down immediately

'She's your best-friend' I thought 'Get ahold of yourself'

"What?" she defended "You have to admit he isn't ugly?"

Mia shook her head

"Meh" Everly commented "To each their own"

"You're just saying that because you already got yourself an auburn hair hottie"

Everly sighed dreamily, a faraway look plastered on her face "Even if Shawn wasn't in my life, I still wouldn't like Rhys"

"Why?" I asked curiously

"Because he's too much of a pretty boy for me" she smirked "I like my men ruggedly handsome with a dash of nerdy"

Everyone laughed

"What about you Mia?" Taylor asked

She too took on that day dreamy look "I Love Matty"

"Oh..." Taylor smiled "You like the Tall and Brooding type"

We all snickered

"He's not brooding all the time" she defended

We gave her a look and she slumped her shoulders "Okay, he's brooding 90% of the time"

We laughed again

"And how about you Little Miss Chatterbox" Everly asked "What's your type?"

"Sadly, I don't have a type" Taylor answered

"Oh come on" Everly rolled her eyes "Everyone has a type"

"Not me" Taylor smiled "As long as they're nice, genuine, funny, and can handle my overprotective brothers, then I'm cool with whichever type of guy the Moon Goddess blesses me with"

Suddenly, all eyes turned on me

I gulped

"And how about you Luna?" Everly teased "Does your type happen to have grey eyes with pretty boy looks?"

I blushed and they all squealed

"I KNEW IT!!" Taylor said before looking at the others "Ever since we were kids she's always had a thing for guys with grey eyes"

"Oh my God" I covered my blushing face "I can't believe you told them that!"

"What!" she laughed "It's true!!'

I pinched her "Yeah, but you're not supposed to say anything! You promised!"

She howled with pain and the others howled with laughter.

Soon, I too was joining in on the laughter

"There's no need to be embarrassed Luna" Mia smiled "Apparently, I like Tall and Brooding moody guys"

"And I like red-headed Nerds" Everly snorted

"I just like guys" Taylor announced "I'm not picky"

We all laughed

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and all the guys poked their heads in, sans Kaden.

From the red tint on Rhys cheeks and the smirks from the other guys, I knew without a doubt that they heard our conversation or at least snippet of it.

"Uh...I...Uh" Rhys cleared his throat, avoiding my eyes "I just wanted to let you know that Ares came back"

I jumped up "Really?"

He glanced at me before turning scarlet red and nodding

The girls giggled from behind me and the boys smirk grew

I blushed before rushing out of there to the sound of giggling.

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