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T H I R T Y - S I X


I was reading some documents when the boys busted through my office door

“Come quick!” Matt hissed at me

“What’s wrong?” I jumped up and put my glasses on the desk before following them.

“Hurry up Alpha!” Matt snapped before grabbing my arms and rushing me in the direction of the gym.

“What’s wrong Matthew?” he cringed at my use of is full name “Is Kassi okay?”

“She’s fine” Ethan smirked

I growled and looked at my friends “What is going on!”

“Just wait” Matt grumbled

We turned the corner and I immediately heard the girls voices “Are you sure we are supposed to be listening to this?” I whispered

“Even if Shawn wasn’t in my life, I still wouldn’t like Rhys” Ever’s voice sounded

“Why?” Kassi asked curiously and my heart sped up at the sound of her melodious voice.

“Because he’s too much of a pretty boy for me” Ever replied “I like my men ruggedly handsome with a dash of nerdy”

Shawn blushed and Matt snickered “You’re more than a dash of Nerdy”

“Shut up”

“What about you Mia?” Alpha Kaden’s sister asked

“I Love Matty” Mia’s voice sounded

Matt smirked and looked as us confidently

“Oh...” Taylor’s voice sounded clear “You like the Tall and Brooding type”

Matt’s smiled dropped and Shawn snickered

"He’s not brooding all the time” Mia defended

There was a pause “Okay, he’s brooding 90% of the time”

I, along with the rest of the boys, laughed at Matt’s expression

“I am not Brooding!” Matt whisper-yelled

“Yeah, you are Dude” Shawn laughed

“How?” Matt asked

“You’re quiet and have a ugly expression on your face most of the time” Ethan said bluntly

“That’s not an expression” I snickered “That’s just his face”

Matt shot me a dirty look “If you weren’t my Alpha, I would have punched you”

“And if you would have done that, I would have killed you” I replied

“Just listen” he muttered

“And how about you Little Miss Chatterbox” Everly asked someone “What’s your type?”

“Sadly, I don’t have a type” Taylor answered

“I don’t think I want to hear this” Ethan said in disgust “I’ll see you guys later. I’m going to go before I puke”

We waved him away and continued to listen to the girls

“Oh come on” Ever persisted “Everyone has a type”

“Not me” Taylor’s muffled reply came

“What are they saying?” Shawn asked “Things got quiet”

“I don’t know” I replied, straining my ears to hear

“And how about you Luna?” Everly said loudly, making it known that she knew we were listening “Does your type happen to have grey eyes with pretty boy looks?”

My heart sped up and I looked at my friends

They looked at me encouragingly but I sensed underneath their encouragement, that they were just as nervous as me to hear Kassi’s answer.

“I KNEW IT!!” Taylor exclaimed excitedly “Ever since we were kids she’s always had a thing for guys with grey eyes”

“Wait! What did she say!!” I asked frantically “Did I miss something?”

They shook their heads “We didn’t hear her answer either”

I groaned

“Oh my God” Kassi’s reply came “I can’t believe you told them that!”

“What!” she laughed “It’s true!!”

“So....” I whispered to them “Does that mean she likes me?”

They shrugged “I honestly don’t know” Matt admitted

I groaned again

“It’s okay Alpha” Shawn reassured me “Girls are confusing. If she likes you, she’ll tell you. Just like Eve did to me”

“Yeah...I don’t think that we be the case here” Matt said before turning to me “Just do what I did”

I snorted “I don’t think Kassi would like it very much if I hauled her over my shoulder, took her out to the courtyard, and bit her in front of all the training Males”

Matt smiled proudly “Mia liked it”

“Mia had a crush on you since middle school” Shawn pointed out “You could have did a cartwheel, rode in on a Unicorn, and turned into a frog, and Mia still would have liked it”

I laughed

“There’s no need to be embarrassed Luna” Mia’s voice sounded “Apparently, I like Tall and Brooding moody guys”

“And I like red-headed Nerds” Ever’s snort sounded

“I just like guys” Taylor announced “I’m not picky”

The girls laughed

“The guard at the Eastern border said that Ares showed up”

“Let him in” I said “And tell the guards to not interfere. He poses no threat”

“Yes Alpha” Matt replied

I walked to the gym door and knocked

The boys pushed me in and poked their heads in

I grunted and shrugged them off

“Uh...I...Uh” I began, purposely not looking at my Mate “I just wanted to let you know that Ares came back”

She jumped up, her scent engulfing me “Really?”

I glanced at her briefly before looking away and nodding, feeling my cheeks tinting red.

The girls giggled and I shot them a small glare.

Kassi rushed out of the room and I breathe a sigh of relief

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