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T H I R T Y - S E V E N


I walked out to the backyard and saw both Ares and Orion sitting on the grass

In their Wolf forms.

Orion must have smelled me because his head whipped up and his big head nudged Ares.

Ares looked all around, like a puppy, until he spotted me.

I slowed my pace and locked eyes with Orion

“What is going on here?”

There was snapping, crackling, and popping much like a rice Krispy commercial before I came face-to-face with my older brother.

“Oh come on Dude!” I covered my eyes quickly “I did not want to see all that!”

“What are you talking about?” he sounded confused

“Your naked body” I said in disgust

“Oh” he sounded sheepish “Sorry. I’m just so used to shifting that I didn’t think anyone minded. Besides, I’ve shifted in front of you before and thought you got used to it”

“In one day?” I snorted “Plus, I’m pretty sure I passed out after that because of shock”

“Okay” he said “I’m decent”

I uncovered my hands slowly, first by fanning my hands over my face before completely removing them when I realized that he was indeed, fully dressed.

“So...Once again, What’s going on here?” I looked at him

“Has anyone ever told you that patience is not your strong suit?”

“All the time” I replied bluntly “It was written on every report card I ever got. From Preschool to Elementary, Middle, Junior High, and High School, all my teachers agreed that I had absolutely no patience”

He raised an eyebrow but said nothing and nodded towards Ares.

“I believe he finished Phase Two of the Shifting Process”

I snapped my head towards Ares and noticed that he was guarding a journal with his paws.

My mouth dropped open in shock

No Freaking Way

It was Impossible

“What is it?” Orion asked

I heard his voice and was about to reply but suddenly I felt my pulse in my ears and a nauseous feeling overcame me.

“Congratulations Ares Dimitriou of the Dimitriou Pack. You have passed two of the three tests needed in order to inherit the gift of the Goddess Selene. As Alpha of the Dimitriou Pack, I will now bestow upon you an opponent for the final test”

Ares bowed his head and although my voice was relaying the message, I had no control over my words. It felt as if I was watching from a distance and couldn’t do a single thing about it.

“Third Protector” My voice said loudly into the forest “Awaken and begin your duty”

I felt my body being violently shook and fell to my knees, gasping for air.

“Kassi!!” A body hugged me tightly “It’s okay, you’re okay”

Rhys voice whispered calmly in my ear

I gripped his shirt, my body still shaking “What was that?!”

“Shh...” he rubbed my hair “It’s okay, you’re okay” he repeated

“What happened to me?” I cried and gripped his shirt tighter

“Kassi, look at me” he said softly before grabbing my cheeks gently in his hands “I don’t know what that was but I promise we’ll figure it out”

I stared into his Grey eyes, noting nothing but sincerity shining in them.

“What is a Protector?” I asked desperately “And why did I ask one to fight Ares?”

His eyes widened “What?”

“I asked a Protector to fight Ares”

He snapped his head to Orion, who was looking at me in concern “What did she say?”

“Something about a third Protector” he frowned “What does that mean?”

Rhys cursed and his eyes got darker.

A minute later, all his friends and mine were out here with us

He started counting, beginning with the twins and then jumping from Mia to Matt, Everly and then Shawn.

“What’s going on?” Mia asked

“Do any of you feel funny?”

Everyone shook their heads

“We feel fine”

Suddenly there were two loud growls behind me and my heart literally jumped to my throat before dropping down to my pinky toe.

What did I do?

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