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T H I R T Y - N I N E


“Her journal?” he scrunched up his nose “Why would you think her journal would help us?”

“Because” I shook it “I read a little bit of it and something tells me that she isn’t what she seems either”

Rhys said nothing but stared at me.

Something clicked

“But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

He sighed “Has anyone ever told you that your too damn smart for your own good?”

I shrugged “No, not really. I usually just sit back and observe, silently putting together the pieces in my head”

“Come on” he nudged me again “Let’s talk inside”

“Are you finally ready to share with me every piece of information you have?”

“I wasn’t not going to share information with you” he put his hand to my lower back, guiding me through the confusing house “It’s just the timing was never right”

“Sure...” I drawled out

He paused, causing me to halt “I was going to tell you Kassi”

I just stared into his pretty eyes, getting lost in the grey depths

I turned away “Do you have any idea who Ares fought with?”

He nodded

“And did you know he was a Protector?”

“No,” he shook his head “I had no idea he was a Protector”

“I thought that all the Protectors were accounted for?” I cocked my head to the side “How did he manage to slip through your grasp?”

He opened his office door and gestured for me to sit

Instead, I remained standing.

He rolled his eyes and rounded the desk to sit in the chair “I have no idea how he managed to hide his status from us”

He started clicking something on his computer before dialing a number on his desk phone

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Hello?” he said, ignoring my question “Yes, am I speaking to Marie?

“Would you be so kind as to meet me in my office, I need to discuss something with you regarding your son”

He said his goodbyes and then hung up the phone

“What was that about?”

“That was the boy’s mother” he leaned back in his chair

“Okay...” I drawled out in confusion “What does she have to do with anything?”

“Well, when your Protectors were chosen, they were immediately brought here because they were found passed out and unresponsive. If the boy is one of your Protectors, I want to know why he wasn’t brought here immediately”

“They all just passed out?” I asked in shock, not knowing what else to say

He nodded “Yeah, and they were unresponsive for days”

“So every single one of my friends were passed out for days? Not knowing what was going on?”

He nodded “The Matthew twins were passed out longer than my friends. About four days longer”

My eyes widened

Four days

“And how long were your friends passed out?”

“A week”

My eyes widened even more

Eleven days

My best friends in the whole wide world were passed out for eleven days

That must have been hell, for both them and their families.

I would have died if something that long happened to Ares, hell I nearly had a mental breakdown after 3 days of something wrong with him. I couldn’t imagine myself surviving eleven days of that torture.

There was a knock at the door, breaking me out of my internal freaking out

“Stand up” Rhys murmured as he stood himself “And join me on this side”

I gave him a questioning look and he clarified his request

“If we stand as a united force, she will be less inclined to disrespect you and more forthcoming to a woman” he paused and then smiled shyly “Plus, I feel more comfortable if I have you by my side when I start asking her questions”

I nodded and looked away while walking to his side when I felt the heat rising from my neck to my face.

When I was firmly planted to the side of him, Rhys allowed the visitor to enter his office.

A woman, a little older than my own mother, appeared. The hair at her temples were slightly graying and her clothes were wrinkled.

Her head was pointed to the ground but as soon as she stopped in front of Rhys desk, she bared her neck to the both of us.

I was confused at this but didn’t voice my questions out loud.

“Mrs. Keen” Rhys said “Please take a seat”

“If you don’t mind Alpha” the woman said meekly “It’s Campbell now. I changed it after...”

“Ah,” Rhys said with a softer tone “How rude and inconsiderate of me. Please accept my apology”

“No apology needed Alpha” she said in a soft tone “But if you don’t mind me asking, what is this about?”

“It’s about your son Alexander” Rhys said and the woman immediately froze

“Yes, and what about him?” her voice shook as she addressed Rhys’ question.

“Where is he right now?”

“He’s...at home” the woman stuttered on the last part of her sentence.

Rhys looked at me and I couldn’t help but step forward to comfort the woman

“Ms. Campbell” I said softly “It’s okay to trust us”

She glanced at me for a second before returning her stare to the floor.

“Marie” Rhys leaned forward in his chair “Tell me what happened”

“They wouldn’t help him” Tears started pooling in her eyes “As much as I begged and pleaded, they just wouldn’t help him. She wouldn’t even help her own nephew”

Rhys sat straighter “Who didn’t help?”

“Anne” she sniffled “Alex collapsed one morning before school. My daughter found him and since we couldn’t go to a human hospital, we went to the Pack Doctor. Since Anne is his head nurse, and the only nurse working at the time, she wouldn’t even allow me to talk with the Doctor. She thinks I should suffer just like her brother suffered”

A murderous look overcame Rhys face before he picked up the phone and dialed out

“Bring me the Pack Doctor and Head Nurse” he barked into the phone “NOW!”

The woman continued to cry in her chair

I grabbed a couple of tissues from Rhys desk and handed them to her

She thanked me

“Thank you Luna”

“I...uh...” I glanced at Rhys but he was to busy yelling at someone on the phone “I don’t think...”

“It’s okay” she smiled slightly “I acted the exactly same way when I met my Mate”

I smiled “And how long have you two been together?”

Her smile dropped and I had a feeling I crossed a touchy subject with her

“We were married for sixteen years” she said bitterly “Until he decided I wasn’t pretty enough or worthy enough to be his wife”

“I’m sorry” I said in embarrassment “I didn’t mean to...”

She waved me off “Don’t worry, it was a long time ago. I’m over it”

Although she was saying one thing, her eyes held a sadness to them in which I couldn’t help but notice.

She definitely wasn’t over it and as much as she tried to hide it, she was still affected by it.

There was a knock on the door and two people entered the office

An older gentleman in a white lab coat was wringing his hands together, his body shaking a little.

The woman on the other hand, was glaring at Marie.

When she noticed that I was staring at her, the woman looked me up and down before clicking her tongue and giving me a glare.

I glared right back

“Anne” Rhys growled in a warning tone

The woman snapped her head to where Rhys was sitting and immediately bared her neck

“Do you mind telling me why you denied young Alex medical treatment?” he then looked at the Doctor “And do you mind telling me why you allowed this to happen?”

“Well...I...” the Doctor stuttered out but then shut his mouth when the Nurse glared at him

“We denied him treatment because the boy didn’t need it” the Nurse finally said

Rhys stood up and rounded his desk, standing right in front of them.

The Doctor looked at the floor but the Nurse on the other hand, looked Rhys dead in the face before avoiding his eyes.

I noticed that she did this periodically from the moment she stepped into the room but didn’t quite understand why she didn’t just look him square in the eye.

Then I remembered from my werewolf stories that it was considered disrespectful if a wolf other than the Alpha’s Mate held eye contact.

Rhys growled and Marie tensed up “A comatose boy didn’t need medical treatment? I’m not a Doctor but I’m pretty sure that is the exact situation in which someone needs medical attention”

The nurse clenched her jaw “When I checked him, he was fine”

“LIAR!” Marie cried out, shooting out of her chair to face the Nurse “You didn’t even check him! I asked for help for your nephew and you just laughed in my face saying it wasn’t your problem!”

The Doctor glanced at the Nurse in surprise before returning his stare to the floor

The Nurse looked at Marie and bared her teeth “The moment you opened your big mouth about Jack and ruined our family name was the moment your children were no longer my problem”

Marie stepped forward, yelling profanities, with a crazy look in her eyes “Are you a Moron! Those kids are Jack’s too! Despite our differences, he loved those children! How can you deny them?”

“Simple” the Nurse stepped forward and growled “The moment you turned in my brother in was the moment I stopped caring for you and your children”

Marie screamed, shifting into her wolf as she lunged for the nurse.

Rhys pushed me back toward his bookshelf on the other side of the room.

I stumbled back against the shelves, ultimately falling into a chair in the corner.

I watched as Rhys grabbed the Marie by the scruff of her thick wolf neck and held her back.

“Guards!” Rhys barked out

Two men bust through the door, took one look at the Alpha, and stepped forward to detain the Wolf.

“Grab those two and detain them to the Basement” he ordered “I’ll handle her”

He then glanced at me for a quick moment before returning his focus on her “Kassi, I want you to go find one of the others. When you do, stay with them for a while until I come to get you”

I looked at him, analyzing the situation.

Now, a normal person would see what was happening and split, taking the advice that was given to them.

However, we all know that I’m not a normal person

I never considered myself a thrill seeker but apparently I like having a death wish

“Marie...” I said calmly, ignoring Rhys request “I know what it is like to want to Protect something so precious to you”

Marie ignored me and continued to struggle with Rhys grip.

“Marie, calm down” I ordered a little more forcefully “She’ll get what she deserves”

The She-Wolf stopped struggling and just looked at me

“We promise that she will get what she deserves” I told her “Let us handle that. What you should be doing right now is caring for your son in the infirmary”

In less than a minute, the Wolf became a woman again.

Rhys handed her the decorative blanket hanging on top of his couch and she accepted it with a embarrassed smile.

“Thank you” she said before scurrying off

I sighed and collapsed back into the office chair

“Impressive” Rhys’ voice drifted from above me “Stupid, but very impressive”

I waved him off “Yeah, I know”

He rolled his eyes “So...before I go deal with the other two, what do you want to know?”

“Where’s your library?”

He raised an eyebrow “My library?”

“Yeah” I deadpanned “You know, the room with all the books that people go to read or research something”

“I know what a library is Sassypants” he glared at me “What I don’t understand is why you want to visit it when I’m finally offering you answers?”

“Because, something tells me that whatever I find in my mother’s journal will be something I don’t understand. It would be good to start in a place with lots of references. Plus, I can also research my family heritage, the Protectors, and this crazy killer Moon”

“Why don’t you just visit the library after I’m done with those two downstairs” he suggested “That way, you’ll have help”

“Oh, don’t worry” I smiled evilly at him “I’ll have help”

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