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F O R T Y - T H R E E


I was making myself a cup of coffee when Orion came through the back door at six in the morning.

“Good Morning” I asked as I took a sip from my mug “Early run?”

He nodded and looked away “What are you doing up this early? I thought I was the only who got up this early”

“I couldn’t sleep”

Last night was the worst sleep of my life.

My wolf was restless and every time I would close my eyes, Kassi worried face popped into my mind.

My Wolf urged me to storm into her room, haul her over my shoulder, and take her back to my room but just as I was about to go through with it, I came to my senses and left her alone.

Ever since then, I couldn’t fall asleep.

Silence fell over us

“So...” I took another sip of my coffee “Did you and Kassi find anything last night?”

“How do you know she was with me?” he questioned

I raised an eyebrow at his defensive tone “This is my Pack House. I know everything that goes on in it”

“Not everything” Orion muttered under his breath

It was so low that I almost didn’t catch it

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I put my coffee down on the counter and took a step toward him.

He side stepped me and walked to the stairs “I’m going to take a shower now”

“Hey” I followed him “What in the hell did you mean when you said I didn’t know everything that goes on in my own house?”

“I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to myself” he answered before climbing the stairs “Oh by the way, Kassi told me to tell you that she wasn’t feeling well and she probably won’t help research today”

I climbed the stairs, trying to bypass him but his broad shoulders prevented me from doing so

“What the hell man” I growled “Scoot over”

“It would be probably best if you don’t bother her right now” he said “You know how girls are”

My Wolf snarled, urging me to ignore this fool and check on her anyways.

‘I can’t ignore him’ I growled ‘He’s her brother’

My Wolf kept on snarling, going as far as to take control over my body and shift

‘Calm down’ I ordered ‘Or else you’ll scare her’


A few hours later I was in my office going over some paper work when I felt a gut wrenching pain.

I gasped and gripped the edges of my desk as the pain continued, making me want to throw up.

My door flew open and both Matt and Everly were there, grasping their stomachs

“What in the hell is that pain?”

I gritted my teeth and tried to reign in the feelings so the whole Pack wouldn’t start panicking.

“What was the Rhys?” Everly asked as she dropped her hands to her sides, letting me know that I was successful in closing the Pack bond.

“I have know idea” I said through still gritted teeth

Sweat broke out on my forehead and I was having a hard time staying conscious

“Somebody go get Kassi” I said “Something’s not right”

They hesitated

“Orion said she wasn’t feeling well” Everly started “He said she was sleeping it off”

“Find me both of them” I gasped “NOW!”

They scrambled through the door, obeying my orders, and after five minutes, they returned empty handed.

“They’re gone” They said in unison

I jumped up, immediately regretting it when the nauseous feeling returned “What do you mean they’re gone?”

“Her bed was never touched” Everly said

“And he is nowhere to be found on the premises”

“And Ares?”

“Mia’s fixing him lunch”

“Find them” My Wolf and I snarled and they both flinched “NOW!”

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