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F O R T Y - F I V E


I wanted to throw up

I was going to throw up.

Except I couldn’t

Why you ask?

Because I was tied up and gagged in the trunk of an effing car going God knows where.

My limbs were stiff, my vision was hazy and I’m pretty sure I was shot with Aconite


After that guy busted into the old man’s place chaos erupted.

Before I could even blink, I was pierced in the neck with a needle and being whisked away from my brother and Grandfather, who were busy fighting off a group of hunters.

The car came to an abrupt halt and my head hit the metal trunk door.

“You’d think for a bunch of highly trained assassins they’d have someone who wasn’t such a sucky driver” I muttered

The trunk opened and bright light assaulted my eyes.

I was picked up and hauled over a shoulder

A couple minutes later I was thrown onto the floor of a musky smelling room. From it’s rancid smell my guess would be that it wasn’t clean in a very long time.

Another prick to my neck and I blinked away the dizziness and blurred vision.

I looked around the blurry room and my eyes settled on a smirking figure in the corner.

“It’s you” I spat in disdain

He came closer and bent down to my level before caressing my chin.

I flinched away and bared my teeth at him

He grabbed my chin harder “Ah? What happened? No roundhouse greeting again?”

“I would if I could” I snarled “Release me from these chains and I’ll give you the greeting you deserve Princess”

He chuckled but quickly sobered up when a reprimanding voice chided him

“Now David” the voice tsked “Is that anyway to treat our guest of honor”

David bowed

“No father” he apologized “Please forgive my actions. They will never happen again”

The man waved his hand “Go find your brother”

“Oh Great” I muttered “There’s more psychos in this family”

The man, who I was pretty sure was the tyrant Julian, laughed

“Sassy, like your mother” he bent down and grabbed my chin

I glared at him

He ignored me, his eyes scanning my entire face as he took in every detail.

“Amazing” he said in awe “You looked exactly like your mother”

He stood “Except you have his eyes”

I tried to sit up but the chains bunched up tighter

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Julian said before walking to the small window of the rancid room “Those chains are spelled to constrict a captive the more they move. Move too much and they’ll squeeze you to death”

“Charming” I snarled “Care to tell me what I’m doing in this hellhole?”

Surprise flashed in his eyes “You mean your mutt of a father never told you?”

“What did you call him?!” I snarled, fighting against the chains as the became tighter

“A mutt” Julian smiled “That is what he is, isn’t he?”

“And you’re a crazy sociopath” I spat “But you don’t hear me saying it”

I smiled cruelly “Oops, did I just say that?”

Julian’s eyes flashed in anger and he grabbed my chin “I would watch my words if I were you girl”

“Or what?” I spat “You’ll hurt my family? Too late crazy, you’ve already done that”

He smirked before releasing me and standing “Are you sure about that?”

“What in the hell do you mean” I yelled

“See you soon Wolf” He waved me off and walked to the door “Enjoy your stay!”

“Ugh!!” I yelled “You bastard!”

Chuckles echoed off the walls as well as footsteps ascending up a set of stairs


I think an hour later, a set of footsteps sounded on the stairs

I would have moved to see who it was but I’m pretty sure I was one wiggle away from killing myself.

My whole body was numb, my lungs hurt, and it was getting harder and harder to breathe.

The door was opened to my cell and soft footsteps shuffled in

"Abduceo Abeo Abscido" a soft voice muttered and my chains immediately fell off

“Finally” I stretched my limbs

I looked up and found a pair of silver metallic eyes staring at me

I jumped up, ready to fight

There was a breeze and suddenly I was thrown against a grimy wall

“I mean you no harm” the voice said as the metallic eyes came closer

I snorted, struggling against the invisible force “Sure, and that’s why I was thrown against the wall”

The dim lighting above shone lightly in her face, just enough so I could make out some features.

She was a pretty Hispanic girl, who, if I had to guess was about fourteen years old.

Her metallic eyes shone brighter and I saw her wave a fist

I was immediately dropped to the floor

“Omph” I grumbled “Why is everybody in the damn house so rough”

“Sorry” she said with an accent I didn’t notice before “Here. Eat”

She thrust a plate into my hands before standing up and leaving.

She muttered a few words softly and the doors clamped shut

Before she made it to the first stair, she paused

“I wouldn’t touch the bars if I were you. They’re enchanted to set fire on who ever touches them. The fire won’t go out until the caster reverses the spell and I won’t be here”

“Great” I muttered “And the chains?”

“No more chains for you” she nodded towards the bars “That’s why the spell’s in place”

She climbed the first stair and I called out to her again

“Why are you doing this” I asked “Why work for them? Why work for someone that probably despises you”

“Why does anyone work for a company they do not like?” she asked “To provide for the ones they love”

“But there’s alternative ways to take care of your family ” I said, pleading with the young girl “Safe ways”

“There’s no alternatives for me” she whispered “There’s no alternatives for any of my people”

“You don’t know that...” I started but she cut me off

“You know nothing about my alternatives” she whispered “You’ve been in our world for all of a week and think you know all that there is to know about it. I’m sorry to say Princess but there’s no alternatives for my people”

She started walking up the stairs and I began to panic, wanting her to understand but also trying to pry more information from her.

“Can you tell my why I’m here?” I asked, more like pleaded “Why they took me?”

She paused, coming back down a couple of steps

Her eyes glowed as she stared right through me

For one’s true nature to be shown death must be known” she said in an eerie tone “For death creates life and life ascends the Throne”

With that, she ran up the rest of the stairs.

An hour after the witch left, I was sitting on the least dirty spot in the whole entire room.

Which happened to be in the middle of the damn room

I looked at the now cold food in contemplation

“I wouldn’t eat too much of that food” a raspy and gravelly voice whispered

I snapped my neck to the right, where I heard the voice come from “Who in the hell is there?”

Snapping sounded and I got up to see what it was.

When I got close to the wall, something grabbed my ankle

I screeched and jumped back, ultimately falling on my butt.

“Son of a...” I cursed

The hand let go of my ankle

“Sorry,” the raspy voice said “I just wanted you to know where I was”

“How’d you do that?” I asked “And why shouldn’t I eat the food”

“A bricks missing between your cell and mine” the voice said “And the food is mixed with Aconite, Wolf’s bane. The Witches mix it into all of the prisoner’s foods to keep our Wolves at bay. Too much Aconite can permanently damage your connection to your Wolf”

There was a moment of silence

“And you know that from experience?” I asked, before sitting back on the ground, a few feet away from grab hands in case he goes crazy and ends up chopping my foot off

A hoarse chuckle sounded and I winced at the harsh sound

“I’ve taken in a lot of Aconite” he said “But not from the food”

“Then from what?”

“The Hunters keep me injected 24/7 with a Aconite water based solution. They give me just enough to keep my Wolf away and not kill me”

I looked at the dark, dingy wall in surprise

“Do they do that with everyone? Will they do that to me?

“No, just me”

“Why?” I wondered

“Because my Wolf and I are very special” he said cryptically “They need me alive”

“How long has it been since you’ve last seen or heard from your Wolf?”

“I haven’t felt him in 3 years”

“And how long have you been here?”

“9 years” he whispered “The last time I heard from him was when he told me to stay strong for our pup”

“You have a child?”

“Yes” he whispered “She was nine when I was taken away from her”

So if she was nine when he was kidnapped and he’s been in here for nine years than he would have a daughter around my age.

“I’m sorry” I said sincerely “I know what it’s like to be missing a parent. If she’s anything like you, she’ll keep fighting to find you”

“She’s not looking for me” he said dejectedly “The Hunters made sure of that. They made sure that my Mate and daughter knew that I was dead”

I changed the subject “Do you have any other children?”

“No, my son died of some complications prior to my daughter being born”

I winced,

Great Kassi.

Keep bringing up painful memories for this guy.

“I have a younger brother” I said “And recently found out that I had an older brother too”

“That’s nice” he said “What are they like?”

“My baby brother is the best thing that has ever happened to me” I said “My mom found out that she was pregnant a couple of weeks after my dad died. Without him, I don’t think I would be the person I am today”

“It’s funny how sibling can shape you” The man laughed softly “I had an older sister and younger sister and without them to keep me in line, I probably would have been a dog”

He laughed “No pun intended”

I laughed too

A sense of deja vu wrapped around me, trying to get me to understand something

“If you don’t mind me asking” he started, breaking me out of my weird moment “Why are you here?”

“I don’t know” I confessed “One minute my grandpa was explaining some things to me and the next I was here being interrogated by Julian the Sociopath”

There were footsteps on the stairs

“Quiet” the man said “If they catch us talking, they’ll have a Witch seal our mouths shut”

“Great” I muttered

I turned toward the bars just as a guard passed by

When he saw me, his lip snarled

I made a look but an idea popped into my head

I ran to the bars and stopped a few inches away from them.

“Hey!” I called out to the guard

He paused and backtracked

“What do you want?” he growled

I knew it!

I knew that this guy had to be a Wolf.

His snarl gave it away

“What do I want?” I grinned wolfish, feeling my anger rise and my eyes change “I want you to open this door and take me to your boss. Now”

The guards eyes widened and his body complied against his will after a couple of minutes.

The Aconite must have affected me more than I thought because although he complied with my wishes, he was able to fight against my compulsion a lot longer than when I was at my full strength.

“Follow me” he said through gritted teeth

I smiled

Before I left the basement, I called out

“I’ll come back for you” I said “I’ll come back for all of you”

“You can’t save them all” the guard hissed, a sweat breaking out on his forehead “They’ll die, just like you”

“Shut up” I decked him “I’ll save them if it’s the last thing I do”

We got to the top of the stairs and I looked at him

“No funny business” I snapped “One slip up or cry for help and I’ll make you walk off the roof”

“Fine” he snapped and opened the door

I followed

Game on Julian.

Game on

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