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F O R T Y - S I X


“Alpha” Matt came running in “Orion just called us. They’re in trouble”

I ran to the door

“Where are they?”

“At Kassi’s Grandfather’s house” he replied, following me down the stairs “Ten minutes away”

“EVERLY!” I yelled “WE HAVE TO GO! NOW!”

Everly, Mia, and the Matthews twins ran down the stairs

“What happened?” she asked

“Orion called” Matt replied “He said Kassi was there”

“Was?” I asked “You mean she’s not there anymore?”

Matt grimaced “I don’t know. He just told us to come quickly before hanging up”

Everly followed us out the door

“Hold up!” a voice yelled “We’re coming too!”

I looked at them “I think it would be best if...”

Taylor cut me off “She may be your mate but she was our best friend first. She needs us”

I growled “Fine, just don’t get in my way”

She nodded

I headed toward my truck and jumped in, motioning to the other to hurry up.

The hurried into the car and before Matt could even shut his door, I took off.

“Jeez” Taylor muttered “Don’t kill us before we get a chance to save her”

I ignored her and pressed harder on the gas

“Please Selene” I thought “I just found her after all these years. Please let her be safe”

In less than six minutes, we pulled up to my grumpy old neighbors house.

“Wow” Ethan whistled “Nice place”

I glared at him as I opened the door “Are you going to help or not?”

Ethan glared

As soon as we stepped through the door, the first thing that hit us was the pungent smell of blood.

“Alpha...” Matt started

“I know” I tensed when I heard a loud wail coming from upstairs.

Everyone’s eyes widened and I was half way up the stairs by the time the wail ended.

I heard footsteps follow behind me as I heard toward the attic door at the end of the hall.

I slammed the door open and stopped when I saw the scene in front of me.

Orion looked up at me, his eyes red rimmed and tears streaming down his face.

He was kneeling besides his grandfather who was staring at the ceiling with a glazed look in his eyes.

The man’s blue shirt was drenched in blood, so much so that the blood was seeping out onto the hardwood floor.

I stepped closer and notices that there were knives strategically sticking out of three places in his body.

The first being in his right auxiliary artery, right where his armpit was.

The second being where his left lung was located

The third knife, which I’m guessing was the final blow, was the knife right in the middle of his chest.

Whoever attacked them made sure that the biggest threat was eliminated first.

“What happened?” I said, scanning the room and noting both the extensive amount of blood and 4 dead bodies sprawled out around us.

“Spread out” I heard Matt call out orders to the others “See if you find Kassi or anyone else lurking around here”

Footsteps sounded and I tuned all my attention on Orion

“They have her” he whispered, clutching his grandfather to his chest “They took her away from us”

I clenched my jaw “Who has her?”

“This wasn’t suppose to happen” he rambled “I was supposed to protect her”

I stayed quiet and he kept on rambling

“Then you never should have kidnapped her!” I snapped when he started rambling the same phrases again “This would have never happened if you didn’t take her away from me!”

He looked at me then, his eyes filled with regret and remorse

“I had to take her” he whispered “Or else they would have attacked your Pack”

I knelt down next to him “Then you should have let them come”

He shook his head “This isn’t your fight. You nor your people should have to be brought into the middle of this”

“She’s my Mate!” I exploded, sick and tired of people trying to make decisions for me like I was some child and not the Alpha of a whole damn Pack “Of course this is my fight! This has been my fight since the minute we were destined for one another!”

“That may be true” he said calmly “But think about how she would have felt if your Pack got attacked because of her?”

I growled “She would have been protected at least”

“Physically, yes” Orion looked at me “But mentally? She would have been blaming herself”

I stood tall “Well, thanks to you and your little kidnapping antics, she’s neither protected physically or mentally”

He looked away “It wasn’t supposed to be this way”

“Do tell on how your little kidnapping was supposed to go” I said sarcastically “Because if you planned for this to happen then congratulations. Your plan succeeded”

Orion gently lowered his grandfather back to the grounded before standing up and getting in my face.

“Are you upset with the fact that I kidnapped her to protect her or are you upset with the fact that she got kidnapped right under nose? Right under your own roof?”

I growled, seeing red, and decked him straight in the face.

He stumbled back, seemingly caught off guard with my punch

“I’m upset with the fact that you didn’t even give her a choice!” I yelled “Like everyone else, including me, you took her choice away without even asking her”

I laughed humorlessly

“In seconds her life has been turned upside down without her having a choice in the matter. Everything she’s ever known and grew up on has been a lie. This girl has went from being sure of her whole life to knowing nothing about in the matter of a blink of the eye. The people she loved and trusted so much lied to her because they selfishly decided that it was in her best interest”

I looked at him “So... no, I couldn’t care less about my silly pride or the fact that you royally screwed up. I’m upset with the fact that her brother, one of the people sworn to protect and be honest with her has failed to do his job by giving her the one thing she needed the most. A choice”

Orion flinched at the brutal truth in my words

“Alpha!” Everly interrupted

“What?” I snapped at her and she flinched back

“We found someone” she muttered, baring her neck

“Who is it?” I questioned following her downstairs

“A Hunter” she said “A badly injured one too. We need to hurry. He won’t last long”

I followed her and in less than a minute, we arrived where Matt was, interrogating the injured Hunter.

“Where is she?” Matt asked before sticking his finger into one of the Hunter’s stab wounds “I won’t ask again”

The Hunter cried out in pain

“Help me” He pleaded, tears in his eyes “I’ll tell you what you want to know, just don’t let me die”

“Tell me where the girl is” Matt said “And then I’ll help you”

“I don’t know” The Hunter gritted out “They took her to a different location than our Meeting place”

“And how do you know that?”

“Because the Association President’s son brought his own car. He only does that when he has specific orders from his father”

“And you don’t know what his orders were or where he took my Mate?” I snarled

Matt stabbed another wounded area and the man screamed


“Where is your meeting place?”

The man hesitated and Ethan growled before kicking the guy in the face and stepping on the side of his head with his shoe.

The Hunter grunted

“Ethan” Taylor said worriedly “Let them handle...”

“No” he snapped “We need answers and fast”

“Where is your meeting place?” I asked again

“Creeksville Cemetery” the Hunter whispered before his eyes glazed over and he stopped squirming.

Matt leaned forward “He’s dead”

“Dammit!!” I growled and kicked a tree stump.

It shook and a couple of leaves fell from its branches

“What are we waiting for?” Ethan growled “Let’s go check out this cemetery”

“We can’t” Everly said

“Why not?” the Twins frowned

“Because there’s a Coven of Witches that reside on the premise” I said, pinching the bridge of my nose “And on top of that, they work for a Vampire that is helping the Hunters”

The Twins frowns deepened

Taylor was about to say something when someone obnoxiously loud cleared their throat from behind us.

We turned and my eyes widened when I saw who was standing there

“Correction” my Uncle said before holding up a bloody head “There was a Vampire helping the Hunters”

“Fabulous” Ethan said “Now that the problem has solved, let’s go rescue Kass”

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