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F O R T Y - S E V E N


As soon as my captive and I stepped outside, my eyes blinked, trying to accommodate the harsh light.

“Where the Hell are we?” I demanded as soon as my eyes adjusted to the light and I saw what laid before me.

Miles and Miles of Tombstones

The Wolf glared at me and opened his mouth to answer when suddenly, there was a loud ‘Pop’ sound and he crumpled to the ground, blood oozing out of his mouth.

My eyes widened in shock and I did a complete 360° turn.

“You escaped faster than we anticipated” a familiar voice said, coming out from behind a particularly tall tombstone “Quite impressive”

I glared at David, my fist aching for me to punch that stupid smirk off his face

“How could you do that?” I spat at him “He was one of your men-”

He cut me off with a laugh “No mutt is worthy enough to be considered one of my men”

“Still” I glared, feeling my anger rise “He was still a human being. A living breathing being”

David shrugged, leaning against the tombstone, with his rifle still in hand.

“Details” he said “Small, insignificant details”

I took a step forward, ready to pound his face in with my bare knuckles when he motioned for me to stop.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” he grinned, his evil eyes lighting up

“And why the hell not?” I snarled

“Because if you do, then they’ll be forced to act and our playtime will be over” he pouted before motioning to someone.

Or should I say Someones.

Four figures emerged from numerous tombstones around me, caging me in like a animal.

I took in three unfamiliar faces before moving onto the fourth, a familiar face in which I definitely recognized.

“Macy?” I asked in feign shock, knowing that my gut feeling about her the first day we met at the cafeteria was spot on.

“It’s Marcy” she snarled, taking a step forward

I readied myself “Details, details”

“Stand down Mutt” David ordered, grasping the rifle tighter in his hands “That’s an order!”

She glared at him, obeyed, but still glared

I looked at all my opponents, calculating my next move and chance of survival.

I was confident in my fighting skills, pretty sure I could take at least three of them out before David had a chance of actually hitting me with that gun, but with that being said, I wasn’t an idiot.

I couldn’t outrun from a Wolf, Bullets, or highly trained Assassins without getting injured or expending major amounts of energy.

Energy that was still running low from the damn Aconite

“You knew I would escape” I asked, directing my question at David but keeping my eyes on the four others “How?”

“I didn’t think you would be stupid enough to escape after the Witch’s warning” he rolled his eyes “However, my father on the other hand thought differently. He said that if you were anything like your mother or that mutt of a father you wouldn’t have any trouble escaping”

“Can’t we just kill her already?” Marcy growled

My eyes snapped to her

“Awe, is someone still hurt over Rhys’ rejection?” I tsked “Jeez, I heard of girls getting butthurt when a guy rejects them but I never really thought one would kill to be with him”

“Rhys was an idiot for choosing you over me” she snapped, her eyes shifting colors “But I’m not doing this because of him”

“Then why are you doing this?” I narrowed my eyes “What could you possibly gain by going against your Alpha and your Pack?”

She smiled at me, a real genuine smile that lit up her entire face


“Enough chit chat” David barked out “Capture her and bring her to the Site”

The four of them stepped forward but I put my hands out

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” I said, tying my hair up in a quick ponytail

They paused and one man spoke “And why not?”

“Because” I said “By the time this is all over I’ll have all of you face down on the floor”

The man laughed and I pointed at him first “I’m going to break both your wrists and right ankle”

I pointed to the man next to him “His foot will be shoved up someplace so far that you won’t be able to walk anywhere without him joining you”

I nodded to the third man “I’m going to knock those teeth so straight for you, you’ll be thanking me for my services”

I looked at Marcy “And lastly, I’m going to rearrange that face of yours because I’m sick of looking at it, and quite frankly, I think I’d be doing the world a huge favor”

She screamed at me before charging forward.

“Okay cool,” I said, indicating to her that she should give me her best shot “It really doesn’t matter to me which order we go in”

She stretched her arms out in front of her, claws extended and aiming for my chest.

I jumped back before nailing her left rib cage with a hard punch.

She cried out, her eyes widening in shock, before tumbling to the ground.

I felt a presence behind me and twirled around in enough time to see the first guy aiming for the back of my head with his fist.

I grabbed his fist, used his own momentum against him and snapped his wrist in the opposite direction of where his body was landing.

He cried out, gripping the now broken wrist tightly.

The third man caught me off guard and managed to land a punch to my jaw.

It hurt like hell but I got smacked harder in fights with girls at my old school.

I spit some blood out from my teeth accidentally snagging my cheek when the punch hit

The man smirked

“You punch like a girl” I grinned, antagonizing him “Is that all you got?”

He yelled profanities at me and I yelled them right back at him.

I enjoyed this, especially when he charged at me after a particular nasty comment of mind regarding his Mamma.

When he was close enough, I ducked, tucked my shoulder into his stomach and once again used momentum against him.

He grunted and I flipped him on his back, knocking the wind out of him, before punching him continuously.

From the corner of my eye, I saw something silver glint in the sun and I jumped back just in enough time to watch as the broken wrist guy stab his buddy in the stomach with a knife.

I used the momentary shock of the guy stabbing his buddy as a distraction and snap the guys only good.

Someone grabbed me from behind

“Gotcha Mutt” he hissed in my ear

I looked back at the guy and smiled “You think so?”

He gave me a confused look and I knocked my head back in his face, grinning when I heard the satisfying crunch of a broken nose.

The man released me, groaning in pain and spitting out a couple of teeth.

I roundhouse kicked him, making sure the tip of my boot hit him directly in the side of the head.

He crumpled to the ground and when I turned to look for Marcy, I felt a hand yank my hair back.


“Pulling hair now are we?” I hissed through my teeth “How dirty”

She gripped my hair harder and slammed it against a tombstone.

I became slightly disoriented at the force

“I don’t fight to play fair” she growled, holding my head against the dirt floor “I fight to win”

“Unfortunately for you” I smiled “I play fair and still win”

“And unfortunately for both of you” David said from above us “I play dirty and still win”

There was a loud pop and I felt excruciating pain in my shoulder. Marcy slumped on me and when I looked back at her, I blanched.

I quickly threw her off me, as tough as it was, and watched in horror as blood oozed from her forehead, where the bullet exited.

“You killed her!” I screamed, looking at the grinning monster “You freaking shot her in the head!”

He rolled his eyes “You would have done the same if you had the gun”

“No, I wouldn’t have” I said through gritted teeth “I could never kill another human being, no matter how screwed up or misguided they were”

“That’s where you’re wrong Sweetheart” he said before sticking his fingers in my wound where the bullet was still lodged in.

I hissed out a breath and he pulled back his fingers, my blood dripping from them.

“Because underneath all that righteousness and so called justice is a women whose blood, carries the same qualities as I do. The thousands and thousands of Hunter ancestral blood flowing through your veins” his lip raised in a snarl ” You posses the same killing instincts as I do, although contaminated and weakened with the Mutts blood”

“Blood doesn’t define me” I spit in his face “I define me”

He slammed my head against the tombstone and the last thing I remembered before knocking out was hearing him say “Well good thing we only need your blood"

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