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F O R T Y - E I G H T


“We can’t just walk in” Taylor hissed at her Twin “If you haven’t forgotten, there’s still a Coven of Witches watching over the cemetery”

“Oh I haven’t forgotten” he gritted his teeth “But our best friend is in there, facing God knows what alone. I’m not going to leave her there without back up”

Taylor sighed “If we don’t think through this rationally than you might not get an option in the matter”

A chill swept through my body and I turned in time to see two figures approaching us from outside the cemetery’s fence boarder.

“Heads up everyone” I growled “We aren’t alone”

Two little girls appeared in front of us, smiling

I blinked

And then I blinked again

“Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?” Matt whispered to us

“I see small people” Ethan whispered back

“They’re little girls” Taylor said

“Don’t be fooled” My Uncle said “Take a look at them. A good look"

I scrutinized them

They sneered at my Uncle

“Still alive Xander? We thought you’ve be dead by now” The girls spoke in unison

My uncle gritted his teeth “Still possessing innocent people’s bodies I see”

The girls giggled, lifting they’re arms and twirling a little “What use do they have for them now? They’re dead”

When the girls twirl, I caught sight of their bashed in skulls.

Taylor and Mia gasped

“Hansel and Gretel are necromancer Witches” My Uncle said “They can infuse their magic with freshly deceased corpses to do their dirty work”

“And you know this how?” I asked, keeping my eyes on the dead little girls

“We go way back” One girl said

“Did now one else catch their freaking names?” Ethan muttered under his breath “Hansel and Gretel, like the story?”

“Exactly” My Uncle said “Except unlike the story, the two children were actually the witches”

“Ah,” One girl said wistfully “Good times. Ain’t that right Gretel?”

The other one nodded

“They can resurrect anyone?” Taylor asked, sounding frightened

My Uncle nodded “They can resurrect anyone unless they’re headless”

I looked at him “That’s why you took their master’s head”

“We have no master” They snapped

I ignored them

My Uncle nodded “However, I would have took his head regardless. He was a bastard”

He then looked at the little girls “Why are you two still here? I thought the first thing you would have done with your master being dead was to flee?”

“We can’t” they said in unison with gritted teeth

My Uncle’s eyes widened in realization and he started laughing

"You...you two made a Blood Oath with a High Ranking Vampire? I always knew you were stupid but now I know how stupid you really are” He cackled

“What’s a Blood Oath?” Taylor asked me

“I don’t know” I answered

My Uncle sobered up “A Blood Oath is when a Vampire strikes a deal with a Supernatural Creature. It binds them together by blood and the only way to get rid of it would be to either complete the deal the Supernatural promised the Vampire or die”

“But the guy’s dead” Ethan said “Wouldn’t that make their deal null-and-void?”

“Nope” Uncle grinned “Even if the Vampire you made the Blood Oath with dies, the Supernatural still has to follow through with their promise or else they suffer the same fate too”

“We should have killed you in Ibiza” one girl snarled

“Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” he taunted

Their eyes began to glow a amber color and the ground beneath our feet began to quake.

“Oh Hell No” Ethan muttered “I don’t deal with no Zombies”

Three Different hands came out of the ground from three different scattered graves

The girls clasped hands, closed their eyes, and started chanting incantations together

“Kill one of them” My Uncle snarled “One can’t survive long without the other. Necromancy requires massive amounts of magic, magic in which one person can’t produce enough alone”

“Won’t they just resurrect themselves?”

“Yes but it’ll take time to find a fresh body, time in which gives you the chance to kill the other one”

The corpses rose slowly from their grave

“I really don’t think they’ll be a big issue” Ethan pointed to them “I’ve watched the Walking Dead. I know how slow...”

Out of nowhere, the corpse attacked Ethan

“Shi...” Taylor’s curse was cut off by a corpse attacking her

I charged towards the gate in order to get to the girls but as soon as I touched the metal bars, I yanked my hands back.

“Aconite” I hissed “How in the hell did you infuse the iron with Aconite?”

“Thank the Hunters” one smiled “That was all their doing”

“I want his body Gretel” one suddenly said “I’m tired of being a little girl”

“I think it suits you” My Uncle snarled, fending off a hefty corpse “You always were a little bitc...”

The other girl cut him off in a wistful sigh “And when the girl dies, I call dibs Hans. She has such pretty hair. Plus, she’s a Princess. You know how much I’ve always wanted to be a Princess”



“Ooh, Gretel, I think we touched a nerve” one snickered

“So this is lover boy” Gretel, I’m presuming, said “Huh, thought he’d be cuter”

“Right...” Hans said, before pausing, his corpse’s eyes going white.

Gretel’s corpse mimicked his before they both crumpled to the ground

I heard thumps from behind me and presumed the other corpses dropped dead too.


I looked behind the two dead necromancer possessed corpse to find a young Hispanic girl leaning against a tree, out of breath.

She gave us a weak smile, her silver eyes dimming slightly

“Come now, Aconite is disabled”

“Why did you help us?” I asked, hesitantly taking a step forward and reaching towards the locked gate.

I expected a burning sensation to start as soon as my skin came in contact with the bars but when the sensation never came, I relaxed slightly.

“Princess...” she wheezed out “Is...a...good...person”

She took a deep breath in before continuing “She will be a good leader. A fair leader. She doesn’t deserve to die like this. Not when she has so much to live for”

“Works for me” Ethan said, walking fast past the girl, heading toward the direction in which the little necromancers came

“Why would you betray your people?” I accused

“Rhys” My Uncle’s voice sliced through the air “Enough”

He then looked at the girl

“Thank you” he said in a softer tone “For saving us”

The girl gave him a weak smile before falling to the base of the tree

My Uncle caught her and swept her off her feet “Do you know where we’re going?” he asked in the same soft tone

She nodded and pointed at a mausoleum a few yards away “In the forest behind that mausoleum”

“How do we know this isn’t a trap?” Matt asked warily, narrowing his eyes on the girl

“We don’t” I said simply

“Well, I called for back up” Mia said, looking between her mate and me, holding up her phone “They should be able to find us”

Suddenly, an ear piercing shriek ran out and before I could even consciously understand what was going on, I found myself running towards the devastating noise.

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