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F O R T Y - N I N E


I moved my arms to rub my temples but something pulled against my wrist, restraining them to a cold, hard object.

My eyes popped open and I was met with the dark sky, moonlight shining brightly upon me.

I tried to move the rest of my body, but like my arms, they too were chained to something.

“Oh Good” a voice rang out “You’ll be awake for this. For a minute there I thought we weren’t going to have any fun”

It took me a minute to place that voice and when I did, I glared at the darkness in which David’s voice sounded.

He stepped into my line of vision and I blinked away the multicolored stars dancing around my vision.

Damn it, I’m pretty sure I have a concussion.

He grazed his fingertips against the side of my face and I flinched away

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” I snarled

He laughed, continuing to graze his fingers across my face and down my neck.

“It’s too bad” he murmured, his eyes grazing over my face “If only you were full blooded Hunter. You would have been my wife”

“Thank God I’m not full-blooded Hunter then” I snarled

His face hardened and he raised his hand.

I met his stare dead on, not giving him the satisfaction of flinching

A hand shot out and grabbed his wrist

“Are you dense boy?” Julian hissed at his son “We do not damage our property”

“She’s a disobedient wolf” David hissed “She needs to be taught a lesson”

“And you need to be kicked in the nuts” I taunted

Julian looked at me and scowled “I would watch my words if I were you Princess. We might not be able to hurt you right this moment but that won’t be the case for long”

“Why don’t you just kill me now” I said “You’re obviously going to do it eventually. Why not get it over with now?”

Julian grinned “Now where’s the fun in that?”

“Sir” A voice said from behind Julian “We have brought the prisoners you asked for”

“Excellent” Julian grinned “Bring them forward”

There were two heavy thumps to the ground

“Julian, I swear once I get free from these cuffs I’ll kick you in your crooked teeth” A familiar voice said.

My eyes snapped to a disheveled person behind Julian and my mouth dropped open.


Her eyes locked on mine

I watched as her face blanched in horror

“KASSI!!” She screamed, lurching forward, trying to get past all the Hunters

“Mom!” I cried out, pushing as hard as I could against the restraints “Mamma!”

She continued on and manage to incapacitate five of the Hunters before they tackled her to the ground.

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU JULIAN!” She said, her tone dangerously low and unlike anything I’ve ever heard from her “I’m going to skin you alive and rip every bone from your puny little body!”

Julian just laughed, as did the rest of the Hunters

“Do you honestly think you, an Ex-Hunter, could take me on Carrie? Things are different now then they were Seventeen years ago”

“You’re right things are different” she hissed “Because Seventeen years ago, I won’t waste my time fighting scum buckets like you. However, now since you’ve touched my kid and hurt my family, there won’t be a place on earth in which you could escape me. I’ll make Satan look like God”

His smirked turned into a scowl “Always had a way with words”

He motioned behind him and two men stepped forward with a man between them.

“I know these past couple of weeks hasn’t been easy” Julian said with fake remorse “That’s why I came baring a gift”

The two men pushed the third forward and my heart stopped.

Literally stopped

There, in the middle of the Moonlight, stood a man.

His frame was tall and lanky with graying long hair and a long beard. His clothes were dirty, he had no shoes on and was on the verge of being malnourished.

There wasn’t really a difference between him and some random person on the street except for his eyes.

Eyes that I inherited


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