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My little brother gripped my hand as we hiked up to our grandfather's house

"Don't worry buddy" I gave him a reassuring smile "Everything will be alright"

He put his thumb in his mouth and nodded. My heart melted. No matter what happened here, I vowed to protect my brother. Although he was nine years old, he was still smaller than normal nine year old. This made me 10 times more protective over him. At his old school whenever someone tried to bully him, I threatened them to the point where they went home crying.

My parents used to call me their little She-wolf because I was so protective over him, like he was my little pup.

A couple of minutes we were standing in front of the biggest house I've ever seen. Scratch that. It was more like a Mansion instead of a house. Much bigger than our apartment in New York.

When I turned to Ares, he had his mouth open.

He went to take a step forward when I grabbed his should. I bent down to his height and he looked at me with his cute brown eyes

"Ares, while we're here, I want you to tell me everything you experience. Can you do that buddy?"

"Sure sissy, I'll tell you about my day!" His eyes brightened

I smiled "And tell me if you feel uncomfortable in this house. If you do, we'll leave. Promise"

He gave me a crooked smile, one that would surely charm the girls when he's older.

"You think Grandpa will like us?" He asked

I ruffled his hair "He would be an idiot not to" I grinned "Race you to the front door"

He squealed and took off.

I tried to run after him but the movement of the curtains in the living room caught my attention

"Neener Neener" Ares teased "I won"

I rolled my eyes and walked to the front door before ruffling his hair "Yes you did squirt"

He knocked on the door excitedly. After a minute of no one answering, I rang the doorbell.

After 5 minutes of no one answering, we frowned and I pounded on the door.

"I thought Momma told him we were coming?" Ares spoke around his thumb

"She did" I started yelling "HELLO? IS ANYONE HOME?"

"Stop all that hollering Girl" a deep voice said from behind us. Both Ares and I jumped before he hid behind my leg.

'If he's out here than who was in the house a second go?' I thought

The man in his late 60's had silver hair, wore a flannel, and dark Levi jeans. He was a tall man and not the type of person I was expecting to be my grandfather. His demeanor was cold and uninviting.

The opposite of my mother

"I wouldn't be hollering if you answered your door"

His lips thinned "I suppose your Carrie's kids?"

I raised an eyebrow

He wouldn't even address us as his grand-kids let alone, my mom as his own daughter "Yes we are"

He looked us over.

I stood protectively in front of my brother when I saw the look of disapproval in my "Grandfather's face"

He looked at us before nodding his head toward the house "Follow me"

Ares grasped my leg tighter and I patted the top of his head "It'll be fine buddy"

He nodded but continued to suck his thumb

The old man opened his door and my mouth dropped opened in horror.

His whole living room was filled with animals

Dead and stuffed Wolves to be exact

I felt Ares shaking nervously

"What the Hell?" I muttered, knowing damn well that the old man heard me.

He pointed to the left "Kitchens through that way" he then pointed to the right "My study and workshop is that way. If I'm not in the study, chances are that I'm in the workshop"

I shivered

"The second floor is the guest rooms. Pick whichever room that suits you. Stay off the third floor"

He started to stalk away before pausing "Word of the wise, stay out of the woods. Sometimes I like to practice my shooting out there"

He went to the right, probably to his evil workshop to torture helpless animals.

"Come on bud," I urged Ares up the stairs "let's go unpack"

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