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F I F T Y - O N E


“Dad?” I whispered “Dad? Is that really you?”

“Kassiopeia Nyx?” he said, with wide eyes “No, No, No. You can’t be here. You aren’t here”

He dropped to his knees and started rocking back and forth.

“No, No, No, No, No” my father kept on muttering “This can’t be. She can’t be here. This is just a nightmare. Another nightmare. Just an illusion that the Witches are projecting onto me”

“Julian, you sick bastard!” my mother snarled, tears streaming down her angry face “YOU STOLE MY HUSBAND FROM ME! MY CHILDREN’S FATHER! IT’S YOUR FAULT!”

Julian’s face darkened and he grabbed my mother roughly by the hair

“MOM!” I shouted

“I was suppose to be your husband!” he snarled “I was supposed to be the father of our children!”

She spit in his face “So, after all this time, this is still all just about your bitterness for me not marrying your psycho self”

He released her and wiped the spit of his face

“No my sweet Carrie” he said “This is about me winning the Endgame. Achieving the one thing our ancestors never could”

He started chuckling “Torturing you and your family was just an added bonus”

“Are you seriously going to attempt the Ceremony?” she laughed in disbelief “It was never successful before you and it’ll never be successful after you”

“It was never successful before because they didn’t have the missing piece of the puzzle”

“Which is what?”

He looked at me with a crazy look in his eye “The Moon Goddess”

My Mom starting laughing “My daughter? You think my daughter, the child I birthed and watch grow, is the Moon Goddess? You’ve really lost your delusional mind”

“Not her, not her, not her” My father kept muttering from behind us

“Are you trying to tell me that I am some reincarnation of a Moon Goddess?” I snickered “Someone’s been smoking the bad stuff”

He ignored me “Tell me girl, have you heard the story of Selene and Endymion?”

When I refused to answer, he nodded to some other Hunters and they pulled on my restraints

I gritted my teeth “Yes”

“And did you happen to hear the story about their children?”

“Yes” I snarled when the restraints became impossibly tighter “Selene created her first Packs by mating off her fifty daughters to the remaining members of the Alpha Chief’s Pack ”

Julian grinned like a lunatic “At least your grandfather was useful for something before I killed him”

My heart stopped “You killed him?”

I mean, I know we didn’t have the typical grandchild/ grandparent relationship and that I spent more than half of my time hating the guy but that didn’t mean I wanted him to die. Not after his heartfelt confession about redemption.

He ignored me and continued on “Do you know why she had fifty children?”

“No” I growled “Why the hell would I know that?”

“Because it’s part of your history Mutt” he said, pacing back and forth “She had fifty children because she was trying to create the perfect vessel”

“The perfect vessel for what?”

“The perfect vessel to walk this earth again”

“Excuse me?” I exclaimed, eyes widening “Walk this earth to do what?”

“To reunite with Endymion” my father’s weak voice came from the ground

“Ooh, Daddy Dearest has finally come back to planet earth” Julian said in glee

“And why the hell would she want to reunite with her eternally sleeping lover?”

“Because it is the only time she can see him” Dad whispered “During the Wolf Moon”

“What?” I asked “What does that mean?”

I then looked at my psycho captive

“And what the hell do you care about this Wolf Moon”

“I care because...” Julian said with a wicked grin “This is the one time that a Goddess could be killed”

I choked on my own saliva

“Killed?” I said in shock “You want to kill a Greek Goddess? Are you out of your Goddamn mind?”

“What better way to become a God” he said with a deranged look in his eyes “Than to kill a God”

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