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F I F T Y - T H R E E


The Howling sound grew closer and closer

“Ooh” I taunted “Someone’s about to get it”

The Hunters ignored me and continued on with their process, only faster now

“Where’s the damn Witch” Julian snapped

An older woman stepped forward, wringing her hands together nervously

“Our sacrificed was captured by the enemy and we don’t have time...”

“GET ME A NEW WITCH” Julian roared “NOW!”

“But...But” she stammered “Our powers will-”

“I don’t give a damn about your powers” he said “Find me a new witch ASAP or else no one from your Coven will be walking away from this”

She shut her mouth and nodded before scrambling away

“Sir” a Hunter ran to Julian “It seems that a few wolves broke through the Northern boarder”

“How far away are they?”

“I would say-” The Hunters voice cut off when multiple howls were heard, sounding closer than before

Julian cursed and turned to me “Make one sound and Mommy gets it”

My mother flipped him off

I smirked

“I don’t think I have to say anything” I said wiggling my wrists

He looked at my wrists and noticed the blood dripping down my arm

It hurt like hell and took forever but I managed to rub my wrists enough against the chains to make them bleed while Julian was spewing his nonsense.

I wasn’t stupid

I knew that if I didn’t keep Julian busy he would have caught on to what I was doing so I kept him talking just enough to implement my plan.

Lucky for me he likes to hear himself talk

“You stupid little Bit...” My father’s snarl cut him off


“Checkmate” I said, staring into his eyes “You lose”

He stood there, fuming

“GET ME A WITCH!” He roared, walking toward a group of people “NOW!”

I leaned my head back against the cool stone alter, watching as the moon continued to darken as the minutes ticked by.

The fog continued to roll in, faster and heavier than before.

I turned my head and met my parents eyes, giving them a small reassuring small

It’s all I really could do at this point.

Just smile and reassure them that everything will be okay, that’ll we’ll make it out of this together no matter what.

Even though we all knew the truth

Even if, by some miracle, we did manage to escape this cursed Moon and delusional Hunters, our lives will be permanently changed forever.

The secrets of our past, my family’s past, will always hang over our shoulders.

A constant reminder of who I am and who I was born to be.

A destiny conceived for me the moment I was born

A Pawn in an Age Old Game

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