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F I F T Y - F I V E



So much blood

“Ethan” I shook him “Ethan?”


“No no no no no” I cried, shaking him harder “Ethan, wake up!”

“Ethan, please” I sobbed, trying to get him to wake up and give me one of his stupid grins

My eyes met Rhys, who stared at me in stunned silence

“Help him” I said, my voice sounding far away even to my own ears

My Blood was pounding in my ears and I felt woozy

Time seemed slower than normal and when I looked around, I could have sworn everyone was going in slow motion


Ethan’s weight was taken off me

Hands gripped my arms and shook me “Kassi!”

Kaden shook me again, his eyes desperate for me to focus

“Kassi” he urged “Come on”

“B-But” I cried, hugging Ethan’s body to me “He’s…he’s”

“Shhh…” he cupped my face, making me focus on the unshed tears in his green eyes “It’s…”

“I killed him!” I hiccuped “He’s dead because of me”

“Kassiopeia” Kaden said, his tone harsh “We need to get this chain off of you now or else these Hunters will try to kill you again and Ethan’s death will be in vain”

He grabbed my face

“Look around Kassiopeia” he urged me “If you don’t pull yourself together, right here and right now, everyone who loves you and willing to help you are going to die. Do you want that? Do you want all these innocents to lose their lives because you couldn’t put your grief on hold?”

“But he was my best friend…”

“AND HE WAS MY BABY BROTHER!” Kaden roared, his voice cracking towards the end of his sentence

I shrunk back in shock

All these years that I’ve known Kaden, he’s never once yelled at me or lost his temper. Not even after the numerous times I embarrassed him in front of Sky or got him in trouble with his parents.

It shocked the hell out of me but at the same time, I knew he was right.

I had to put a lid on my grief right now or everyone I loved was going to die.

And I was not letting that happen.

I will not let another person sacrifice themselves because of me

“Rhys already tried to get this shackle off me” I dried my eyes “We think a Witch spelled it”

Kaden cursed and mumbled something under his breath

“Move Alpha” a soft voice said before pushing him to the side

“It’s you” I said as I stared at the pale face of the young Witch who I met earlier.

She ignored me, focusing all her attention on the lock

He eyes flashed as she mumbled Latin words

She yanked on the chain

Nothing happened

She cursed and tried again, her eyes burning brighter before dimming substantially

“Damn it!” she yanked on the chain again

I winced

“What’s wrong?” Kaden asked, fighting off a Hunter who came up from behind us.

“I don’t have enough power” she said in frustration “My Coven’s draining me and transferring the powers to someone else”

“What do you need then?” He yelled “We need that chain off her now!”


She looked around wildly before her eyes settled on me

“What?” I asked

“Witches gain more power if they channel something” she stated “The more powerful the item is or the more history it has determines how much power we temporarily gain”

“So, you need something to channel?”

“Someone not something” she lept at me, grabbing my face between the palms of her hands “What better to channel than the Queen of Wolves herself”


“Hold still” she said before mumbling Latin words

Electricity flew through me and I had to grit my teeth at the pain. It felt like I was being electrocuted from the inside out.

Her eyes flashed brighter and brighter and when she took her hands off me and touched the lock, it unclicked without a problem.

“Come on!” Kaden said “We need to get you out of here”

“Where is Rhys?”

“He’s hunting down the Bastard that killed my brother” Kaden gritted his teeth

I jumped off the altar and winced

Kaden noticed

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t…” I touched my side and when I brought my hands up for inspection, crimson blood coated them.

My adrenaline must have been so high that I must have missed the bullet puncturing my skin.

Kaden cursed and went to touch it when a voice rang out

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Julian said “Not unless you want your wife to be a widow and your children to be fatherless”

“What?” Kaden spat, stepping toward him “What did you just say?”

I held him back

“Why would touching my wound hurt Kaden?” I gritted my teeth as nausea and light-headedness rolled threw me

“Because those bullets my son used were specially injected with an aconite poison that travels through the bloodstream and shuts down all your major organs once it makes contact with skin” he smiled “Go ahead, take a look”

I lifted up my shirt where the bullet was located and noticed that my skin was turning gray as dark veins spread throughout my whole body.

“That boy was a fool for dying for you” he said smugly “Because the moment that bullet touched your skin, you were already dead”

I snapped

Rage like I’ve never felt before bubbled up inside me and right when I went to lunge for Julian, something flew past me and attacked him.

A Wolf with incredible speed and power mauled him, disappearing behind him once second before reappearing right in front of him the next and attacking.

Julian screamed, begging for someone to help him

“Did…did that Wolf just vanish?” Kaden whispered

I huffed out a laugh before falling to the ground, trying to catch my breath

“Kassi!” he caught me

“She’s playing with him” I wheezed out “Giving him a taste of his own medicine”


I nodded watching as the wolf kept attacking him.

At this point, he was missing a right arm and left foot.

“Finish him” I whispered

The Wolf gazed at me for a second, her purple eyes shockingly vivid and bright against her Black fur.

She nodded before lunging one last time at Julian and ripping his throat out.

He clutched at it, blood gurgling from it as he gasped for air one last time.

The Wolf howled in Victory

“Do you know that Wolf Kassi?”

“Yes” I wheezed out, my breath becoming shallower

“Who is she?”

I smiled, a tear falling from my eye as the Wolf came closer

“She is me” I said “And I am her”

We gazed at each other

“She was my Wolf” I said as the darkness encompassed me

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