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F I F T Y - E I G H T




My Wolf and I were chasing the lunatic Hunter through the woods when I received this excruciating pain in my lower abdomen.

The pain was so intense that my Wolf and I ended up tripping over our own feet and face planting in the dirt.

The pain grew more and more intense until I couldn’t handle it anymore and shifted back into my human form.

I looked at where the pain was affecting me and found that skin was turning gray as dark veins started to appear.

“Shit” I groaned “Kassi”

I heard a click from above me and when I looked up, I was face to face with the barrel of a gun.

“I’m going to take great joy in killing you” The Hunter sneered “Putting you down like the dog you are”

“You should have ran when you had the chance” I snarled, wincing when the pain began to burn

The Hunter laughed and pressed the gun to my forehead

“Have a nice trip to hell” he said, placing his hand on the trigger.

Right before he got the chance to press on it though, a grey blur tackled him to the ground.

The Wolf jumped off him quickly, narrowly missing the bullet to a shoulder, before biting down on the Hunter’s leg and cleanly tearing it off.

The Hunter screamed in agony, clutching the remaining piece of his non-existent limb.

The wolf shifted and I watched in stunned silence as Taylor began stalking slowly towards her prey.

The scared Hunter who was now crawling away from us.

“SOMEBODY HELP” The Hunter screamed into the foliage of the forest “FATHER HELP ME!”

“No one’s going to help you” Taylor said, her voice devoid of any emotion “They’re all dead”

“Taylor...” I said calmly, trying to stand up on my own as this pain began to intensify

She ignored me, instead choosing to grab the Hunter by his neck and throwing him against the farthest tree.

He moaned in pain as his head snapped back hard against the tree

“Do you know what happens when one twin dies” She said calmly, squatting down to the Hunter’s eye level

She turned her head toward me and I flinched when I saw that her once light and happy jade green cat eyes were gone. Instead, in their place, were glassy eyes void and vacant of any emotion.

She was looking at me but at the same time, her glassy eyes told me she really wasn’t focusing on anything at all.

She turned her attention back to the Hunter who was now looking at her with fear.

“It feels like all the life was taken out of me” she said in a monotone voice “My breath was stolen, the ground shook underneath my feet, and I felt a pain so excruciating that it almost was like I was being skinned alive”

Her hand shot out and she gripped the Hunters neck

His eyes bulged out and his face started to turn purple as he clawed at her hand. He even managed to break skin but as much as he tried, she wouldn’t release him.

I heard a sickening crack and watched in horror as Taylor finally released the Hunter who was now clawing at his own throat struggling to breathe.

“You took my brother from me” she snarled “The one person that I loved more than anything else in the world”

She grasped one of the Hunters arms and ripped it cleanly out of its socket.

Blood squirted everywhere and on everything, even on Taylor but it was like she didn’t even feel it.

She didn’t even care

“You took the person who understood me better than anyone else in the world, the only one who knew me better than I knew myself”

She clawed the Hunter’s face to bloody ribbons

The Hunter tried to fight her off but he soon realized that it was a wasted effort and gave up, accepting his fate.

“He’ll never get to meet my Mate” She ripped the other limb away from his body “He’ll never walk me down the aisle”

She dug out his eyes from the sockets

“We’ll never fight over the T.V. again” she started to cry as she tore the Hunter apart even more “He’ll never watch his nieces and nephews grow up”

I staggered my way toward her as fast as I could

“Taylor” I said softly, gripping her shoulders “He’s dead”

She shrugged me off, growling at me to go away

“He doesn’t deserve the privilege of dying yet” she snarled, lunging at the bloody and unrecognizable remains of the Hunter

I took in our surroundings and Jesus, it looked like a scene from a horror movie with blood, guts, and limbs everywhere.

“Taylor” I gripped her shoulders more firmly “He’s gone and not coming back. Let’s go before his Hunter buddies show up”

“There are no more Hunters” she said emotionless, just sitting in front of the bloody corpse “Kaden and I killed them all after Ethan... died”

She flinched at the last word and I stared at her in silence

“We still need to get back” I said softly after a moment “The others need our help”

The pain in my abdomen increased so much that it brought me to my knees once again

“Argh” I cried out when the pain became too unbearable “Something’s wrong with Kassi”

Taylor finally looked at me before wiping away both the blood and tears from her eyes

“I already lost my brother” she growled, helping me to stand up “I’m not losing my sister too”

“Something’s seriously wrong” I cried out as she tucked herself under my arm and helped carry my weight.

She cursed

“The bond between you two is stronger than we thought” she said, readjusting her grip

I blushed

“But we haven’t...” I huffed, turning my head as I felt the heat rising up to my face “You know...Mated yet”

“Yeah, well” She made a face “Kassi and the rest of the Dimitriou’s seem to be exempt from the norms of our society”

I gave her a humorless laugh “You’re telling me”

She was about to take me back to the battlefield when I stopped her.

“Go right” I said through gritted teeth as the pain made my knees tremble

“Why?” She asked “We came from the left”

“Go...right” I wheezed out as my vision became hazy with black dots “Just...trust...me”

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