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F I F T Y - N I N E


My whole body was on fire


At least it certainly felt that way

“Make it stop!” I cried as the intensive headache and burning sensation grew worse and worse

A cold wet nose landed on my cheek as a wolf gave a little whine

I shrinked away from the wolf and when I opened my eyes at its second whine, I saw my wolf staring back at me, her vivid violet eyes locking with mine as she stared into my soul.

I sat up quickly, as much as body would allow, and faced her

She whined again, her paw scraping the dirt beneath our feet

“Take me to the Pack House” I pleaded “They need my help”

She lowered her huge wolf head and I climbed on

“Thank you”

We got to the Pack House in no time and I climbed off my wolf before running into the house at the sound of a blood-curdling scream.

I ran up the stairs, my wolf following behind me to make sure we wouldn’t get ambushed

When I was at the top of the third floor landing, the screaming intensified and there was shuffling coming from the attic.

“Damn attics” I hissed under my breath before making my way toward it

My wolf beat me to it though, smashing her huge body through the door and lunging at one of the attackers.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY SON YOU BASTARD!” Sky roared as she jumped on the back of a medium sized Wolf who was snarling at a extremely small wolf who was staggering on his feet.


The wolf tried to shake Sky off but she held on tight, gauging the wolf’s eyes as he tried to shake her off.

“I’ll kill you for touching my son!” Sky snarled, digging her fingers deeper into the wolf’s eyes

Sky was readjusting her grip right when the wolf shook again and the force of the shake managed to send her flying across the attic space.

My Wolf killed the first attacker and was already fighting with the bastard that hurt Sky

“Sky!!” I hobbled toward her as fast as I could, narrowing missing the clashing of huge canines “SKYLAR!!”

She was unresponsive and wasn’t moving but I nearly cried in relief when I felt her pulse skip underneath my fingertips.

She was still alive, just unconscious

A whimper came from the right of me and I snapped my head toward the sound.

Tristan was there looking at his mother with tears in his green little wolf eyes.

My heart broke at the sight of it and I nodded for him to hide behind a crate

“She’s okay bud” I said softly, trying to carry Sky to where her son was hiding “Just sleeping right now”

I stood when I situated both mother and son and managed to throw a sheet on top of them to hide them from view.

It wouldn’t stop the wolves from sniffing them out but it would sure buy me some time.

“Stay here and protect your Mom buddy” I whispered “I’ll be back”

He nodded and gently put his nose to his mother’s forehead whining softly when blood at her temple started to ooze down the side of her face.

I recovered them with the sheet and pivoted when I heard a growl behind me.

When I turned to face the Wolf stopped growling and I could sense his hesitation.

After taking a minute to weigh out his options, he shook his head and took an intimidating step toward me.

Right when he was about to lunge, a familiar black wolf headbutted his side and knocked him into a pile of broken crates.

Rhys immediately shifted into his human form, panting harshly as he clutched his side.

The other Wolf shifted too and cried out in pain as a piece of a broken crate stuck out of his side.

My Wolf curled around Rhys and licked his cheek when he continued to pant hard.

I made my way toward them

Rhys tried to straighten up when he saw me but gritted his teeth and doubled over again when the pain became too much to handle

“Don’t be macho” I teased, sitting down next to him and brushing the hair away from his eyes “I like you just the way you are”

“Damn” He coughed out a laugh before groaning “And here I thought I had to wrestle a shark to win your love”

I cupped his cheek and stared into his pretty Grey eyes “No shark wrestling for you”

He gave me a strained smile before checking me over from head to toe

“Are you okay?” he asked

I shrugged, breaking our gazes “More or less”

“Did you...” he gulped and took a deep breath “Did you die?”

My eyes snapped to his

“How did you...?” I trailed off when he removed his hand from his side.

Like mine, his abdomen was tinted grey with dark veins arising from a circular wound mark.

I lifted my shirt and he gasped when he saw our matching marks and the blood oozing from my bullet wound.

“I know because I think a part of me died too” he said quietly “Or at least, experienced something similar to death like you did”

I was about to question him more when a loud groan came from our left.

I stood and made my way toward the enemy wolf.

When he saw me walking closer, he flinched away “If you’re going to kill me, just do it already”

I squatted down to his level and looked him dead in the eye

“Why did you hesitate?”

He blinked at me “What?”

“You hesitated” I stated “When I turned around, you hesitated before lunging at me. It was like you were debating whether or not you should do it”

I stared at him harder but he avoided my gaze

“You even growled at me when my back was turn, making sure that I knew you were there” I said “Why would you do that?”

“Not all of us had a choice” he whispered

“What do you mean?”

“Most of us were forced to fight with the Hunters” He grimaced when more blood started to pour from his wound “They took our Mates and children from us and locked them away. The only way we could get them back was if we fought alongside them”

I raised an eyebrow at his words

“Are you sure” I said “Because I saw more then one wolf take pleasure in hurting my friends”

“Yeah well” he hissed out “I said most of us were forced. The ones that weren’t probably loved torturing their brethren”

“And how do I know you’re telling the truth?”

“Layla” he panted out


“My Mate’s name is Layla” he said “She and my unborn daughter were taken along with the rest of my Pack”

“I thought they only took women and children?” I cocked my head to the side “Why did they take your whole Pack?”

“Most of my Pack members consist of women and children” he said through gritted teeth “My Wife and I take in battered women and orphaned children”

“And they kept you alive?”

He nodded “They only took me and my nineteen year old son Beckett”

“I believe you” I said leaning over him “And I’m sorry”

He gave me a confused look

“Sorry for what...” he trailed off when I yanked the protruding piece of wood out of his side

“OW!” he howled in pain, moving away from me “OW!”

I discarded the piece of wood and wiped the blood on my tattered clothes

“Don’t be a baby” I smiled “I’m sure you’ve been through worse, Alpha”

He grumbled and sat up, his wound stitching slowly back together.

Rhys walked over to us, with the help of my wolf, and gave the man a wary look.

“I never got your name?” I asked

“Leo” he sighed “Leo Turner”

“Well Leo” I smiled at the older man “I promise to help you get your wife and Pack back”

He avoided my gaze, his cheeks tinting pink

“That would mean the world to me Princess”

A throat cleared from behind us

I turned and found my best friend standing awkwardly in the doorway next to a guy I’ve never seen before.

“Beckett!” Leo gasped before slowly making his way over to the guy

Beckett gazed at a miserable looking Taylor for a couple of seconds more before making his way towards his father.

“Hi dad” The guy said in a deep and pleasant voice “Glad to see that you’re safe”

Taylor made her way to us before collapsing into my arms and crying.

I soothed her

“We’re going to get through this Tay” I said, tears gathering in my own eyes “I promise you”

She continued to sob and while I comforted her, I couldn’t help but notice Beckett staring longingly at Taylor.

My eyes widened in realization

Oh shit

Taylor found her Mate

At the worst possible time

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