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I stood up as I smelled the unfamiliar smell on the opposite of my door.

"Come in" I said

The door opened and I saw my guard standing there with a blonde woman who looked at me with a blank expression.

I waved my guard away and he bared his neck to me before closing the door

The woman and I stared at each other until she spoke up "You're so grown up now"

I raised an eyebrow "Excuse me?"

The woman smiled slightly "I think it would be best if you called your parents"

My spine stiffened and I stood to my full height "I don't know who you are and why you're on my land but I think it would be best if you left my property immediately"

She rubbed her neck and that's when my eyes noticed the faint mark on her neck. My eyes snapped towards hers and I realized I was my mouth was hanging open in disbelief.

She smiled faintly "I believe it would be best if your parents were here. Maybe they can help me explain things better"

I cleared my throat and called my parents landline

My mom answered on the second ring "Hey baby boy" she chirped

"Hi Mom" I replied, keeping the woman in my sight "Mom, I need you and Dad to come to my office."

"Why?" She sounded confused

"Because..." I looked at the women "There's someone here that wants to talk to you"

"Who is it?"

I don't know how, but the woman heard my mom's question "Tell her about the time when she nearly peed her pants after she and her best friend got lost in the woods" the women said quietly.

I relayed the message to my mom and she remained quiet the whole time. I thought the line went dead before I heard a girly squeal and the click of the phone disconnecting.

About 5 minutes later my office door burst opened and my mom attacked the woman.

I took a step forward, ready to pull them apart when I realized that my mom wasn't attacking the woman, they were jumping up and down excitedly.

A minute later, my father walked into the room with a big smile on his face.

"I can't believe you're here!!" Mom cried "It's been too long"

The woman sniffled "I know Emmie, I'm sorry"

Mom dried her tears and hugged the woman tighter before stepping back. A second later, my father took my mothers place and hugged the woman also.

I was fed up with not knowing what was happening "Can someone tell me what is going on here? Who is she and how do you two know her?"

"Well son, this is Carrie Dimitriou" he smiled "Your mother's best friend"

"And your Godmother" Mom added "If it wasn't for Carrie, I don't think you'd be here right now. She introduced your father to me"

The woman, Carrie, nodded

"But that still doesn't explain what she's doing here or how she has that" I pointed at the Alpha's mark on her neck.

A Royal Alpha's Mark

A mark that hasn't been seen in a long time

"Carrie is the Alpha Female to the Royal Pack" dad explained "Her husband is the Prince of Wolves"

"Speaking of him?" Mom said excitedly "Where is Nico? And your daughter?"

Carrie tried to smile but then tears filled her eyes

"Care bear?" Mom asked in concern "What's wrong?"

"I have a son now" Carrie added looking at the floor "He's gonna be 10 soon. And Kassie's so beautiful. She has Nic's eyes"

"That's great Carrie, but why are you crying?" Mom frowned

Realization dawned on my father's face "Honey, I don't think Carrie wants to talk..."

Mom waved him off and continued to stare at her best friend "Carrie, what aren't you telling me"

Carrie finally looked at my mother, mom gasped when she saw tears streaming down her best friend's face. She immediately rushed to her and that's when the strongest Alpha female in the world broke down.

I've heard stories of the Royal Pack, They were descendants of the 1st created wolves and were known to be the strongest, fastest, and smartest. Unfortunately, these attributes led to jealousy among other packs which led to most of the family being hunted down.

Rumors said that there were only a handful of Royal wolves left but I personally believed that the rumors were fake and the royals were extinct.

Apparently, I was wrong.

"The reason I'm here is because I seek asylum for my children" Carrie sniffled before looking at me "Nic died 9 years ago and ever since then, my children and I have been on the run"

Mom gasped "Why didn't you come to us sooner? You know that this is your land too"

I looked at my mother in confusion

What the Hell is she talking about?

Dad must have sense my confusion because he answered my unspoken question "This land originally belong to Nicolay Dimitriou, Carrie's husband. My father had a hard time with rouges invading his land so as a last resort he asked help from the Royals. Part of the agreement was that the Royals get to keep a piece of land in exchange for their help"

"You're barely telling me this now?" I growled and Carrie chuckled

"It seems your son has your temper Emmie"

Mom laughed before turning serious again "Carrie, you know you could have come to us for help sooner. We wouldn't have mind. You know we loved you and Nic like family"

Carrie's lip wobbled "I know, but the fight between the Packs and Royals are worse than we ever imagined. There's only a handful of Royal Wolves left, including my children"

"Do they have the Gene?" Dad asked

Carrie nodded "I possibly think Kassi might have it. Her eye color changes when she's mad, like Nic's used to do right before he shifted"

"And your boy?"

She smiled "Ares, is special. He has a 50/50 chance of being Human or Wolf"

She stood straighter and looked me in the eyes, some of her Alpha female resolve coming into place. The looked reminded me of my mother when she was scolding me for doing something reckless.

"I, Alpha Female of the Royal Pack submit to you, Alpha of the Wolf Moon Pack in exchange for refuge for my children"

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