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Previously on: Wolf Moon

This particular chapter takes place at the end of Chapter 54 and the beginning of Chapter 55, right where Ethan dies from a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Think of this as an ALTERNATE CHAPTER to those who just aren’t ready to let go of my sassy Ethan Matthews. I am picking up right at the point in which Ethan is supposed to die, therefore, events in the Wolf Moon story will definitely change. This does not mean that the story will change. Ethan’s death was (horrible to our emotions, yes) but essential to future books I have already mapped out. This is just a fun little chapter that I decided to write because I was missing one of my favorite characters. Let me know what you guys think and please enjoy!

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“We’re all here because we care about you” I said, making sure that understood my words “We knew what we were risking when we came here”

“Watch out!” Someone yelled from beside of us before pushing me to the ground, and covering Kassi with their body.

2 Shots fired.

A second later a blood curdling and heart-wrenching scream rang out.

Taylor’s scream

I watched in horror as both Ethan and Kassi slumped together, crumpling to the floor like rag dolls.


I was dreaming.

I must have been dreaming.

Why you ask?

Because there was no way in hell my mate, my dead mate, was standing in front of me with one of the most beautiful smiles on her face holding a child that was my own mini me.

“Babe, we have to get going” she said, holding out the little girl to me “Or else we’ll be late”

“This is impossible” I muttered, pinching my arm to wake myself up “You’re dead”

“What?” she gave me a quizzical look “What are you talking about Sweetie?”

“You died” I said, my heart squeezing at the memory of watching the news report broadcasting the casualties of the small town shooting.

“Oh sweetheart,” she cupped my face “Did you have another nightmare again?”

I gazed down into her pretty eyes, my pulse pounding loudly in my ears.

“Another nightmare?” I asked “I had one like this before?”

She nodded “You’ve been having them more frequently ever since Waverly started kindergarten”

Kiera kissed my cheek and backed away, absently rubbing her tummy.

A very noticeable pregnant tummy.

“I knew I should have never told you my story” she bit her lip, tears springing to her eyes “I’ve scarred you for life”

My eyes widened and I pulled her closer, comforting her “Shh... Don’t cry baby”

“I...just...” she cried harder “We knew what we were getting into when we decided to have kids but sometimes...sometimes I wonder if we should have tried out homeschooling first”

“Is Momma okay Daddy?” My daughter asked, gazing at me with doe eyes.

Jesus Christ

My Daughter.

“She’s fine baby” I patted her head, avoiding her cute little pigtails “Momma just has something in her eye”

My daughter grinned at me, her two front teeth missing, and I stared at her in awe.

God, if this is a dream, I’m okay with not waking up.

“Anyways,” My Mate sniffled “We need to get going or else we’ll be late”

“Late for what again?” I asked because, in all honesty, I had no freaking clue of what was going on.

“Kassi’s Wedding” Kiera smiled “I can’t believe you already forgot! You’re her Man of Honor for God Sakes!”

My eyes widened “Kassi’s getting married?”

“Are you feeling alright honey?” My Mate shot me a weird look “You’re not normally this forgetful with such important events”

“I’m just...” I thought of an excuse “...Tired”

I yawned for added effect “Besides, it’s about time Kassi decided to get married”

My Mate laughed “It’s only been four years”

“Fours years too many” I remarked “Besides, I bet Rhys is ecstatic to finally be able to lock her down”

“He is” she said, walking to what I presumed was our kitchen “But you know he respected her enough to wait until after she got her degree to finally say ‘I do’”

She paused and giggled “Unlike some people”

I raised an eyebrow and followed her “What did I do?”

She poked my chest and nodded towards our daughter “You knocked me up as soon as we graduated from High School”

I grinned and rubbed her belly “I just can’t keep my hands off of you”

“Ethan Matthews!” she giggled, swatting my hands away “Stop causing trouble!”

I kissed her cheek, still not believing that she was real and in front of me.

“Are you and the baby okay now?” I asked after a couple minutes “I didn’t mean to make you cry”

“Me and the baby are fine”

“And are they...” I trailed off, not really sure where to continue since I didn’t even know the gender of my own baby.

She rolled her eyes “Your boys are fine”

My eyes widened and I nearly fainted “Boys?”

She nodded slowly, giving me a look before pushing her palm to my forehead “Ethan baby, are you sure you’re feeling okay?”

“I’m okay” I leaned against the wall and took a deep breath in, trying to process the fact that I am having two boys “I’m okay”

Of course, I wasn’t okay.

Because one minute I was standing upright in the kitchen and the next, darkness consumed me.

I was floating in the darkness trying to find which way was up and which way was down.

“Ethan...” A soft voice called out “Ethan, you have to wake up. You have to fight this”

‘But, I don’t want to fight this’ I told myself.

If I fought this, than that means that this life really doesn’t exist for me, and that it never will. If I fought this, than my when I woke up, my mate would still be dead. I would not have any children of my own, and I would still be living the same pathetic life that I was living before, hiding my pain behind a mask of sarcastic comebacks and jokes.

The Question was: Did I really want to fight this? Was my old life really worth fighting for?

The answer to that was simply: Ignorance is bliss.

I much rather live in this life than the one waiting for me back home.

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