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"Ugh that uniform is atrocious" My best friend Taylor Matthews said from her end of the line. I smiled, knowing that even though we haven't seen each other in years, we were still the best of friends.

Just like we were in the third grade.

"Tell me something I don't know" I rolled my eyes "How's your side of the country going chica?"

She sighed "Its horrible. Ethan fooled around with this chick that's absolutely crazy. Like stalker crazy. When he called things off with her, she ruined his new truck. Now I'm stuck taking him to school everyday"

Ethan was Taylor's twin brother who according to her, was a total player. It made me wonder how such a scrawny and nerdy kid turned out to be a bad boy player. He was always so shy and sweet around me that I never would have guessed that he would have turned out this way.

I heard curse words in the background and immediately knew Ethan was there too "Hey E!" I called out

There was shuffling on the phone before I heard a masculine voice "Hey Kass, what's happening hot-stuff?"

More shuffling before I heard the twins fight "Stop flirting with my friend!!" Taylor yelled

"She's my friend too brat" Ethan taunted

"Shut up" a third voice yelled, one that I recognize as the twins older brother Kaden "Sky just put down the baby for her nap and I swear to God, if she wakes up I'll kill you both"

Once again, more shuffling "I'll call you back Kass"

The next day I woke up to my alarm blaring in my ear.

Last night Taylor texted me that she couldn't talk to me for a while because Ethan and her were grounded.

Apparently, they did wake their niece up.

I sighed because I could have used my best friend's advice for the first day of school, it would have helped with my nerves.

As quickly as I could, I took a shower and put on my uniform before knocking on the conjoining door in my room, which happened to be attached to Ares room.

I bent down next to his bed and wiped the stray hairs away from his precious face before gently waking him up "Ares, it's time to wake up bud"

He whimpered and threw his arms around my neck "I had the dream again sissy"

I rubbed his back gently "Again? Why didn't you wake me up?"

He whimpered louder "I couldn't get up. It was like I was stuck in the dream"

I soothed him "Its okay baby, I'm right here" his grip tightened "Now buddy, I want you to get dressed for school. If you finish fast enough, I buy you a doughnut for breakfast"

He pulled back and wiped his tears away "With sprinkles?"

I laughed and kissed his forehead "Yes, with sprinkles"

He jumped out of bed and I left his room, shaking my head all the way down until I got to the kitchen.

I stopped and saw my grandfather sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading a newspaper.


"Are you driving us to school today?"

He looked at me as he sipped his coffee "You know how to drive girl?"

I gritted my teeth "Yes, I know how to drive. Do you?"

He gave me a tight smile before standing up and motioning me to follow him. I hesitated when he started to head into the direction of his workshop.

He must have noticed my hesitation because he motioned to a second door on the left, one I never noticed before.

"This is the garage. I don't have time to be dropping or picking you two up, so I'm gonna let you borrow a car" he said an his hard Texas accent

He opened the garage door and then pointed to a car on the far left of the garage, one that was covered with a sheet "Take that car. I can't be bothered with the whims of you two"

I gritted my teeth "So kind of you"

His lips thinned before he grabbed a key off a hook and throwing it to me. He then pulled out his wallet and handed me a couple of bills "I won't be home tonight. Here's some money for gas and food. My numbers on the fridge. Don't call me unless someone's dying"

He walked out of the room, living me standing in the garage alone

I took calming breaths before finally losing it "MOTHER..."

"SISSY!!! I'M DONE!!" Ares yelled, cutting off my curse

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