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I cursed as I tried to tie the stupid tie

After the fifth attempt, I just let it hang around my neck and slammed my locker door.

"Ry Ry" I groaned when I heard that high pitched giggle

"Marcy" I faked a smile "How are you?"

She giggled more and brought me closer to her by pulling the ends of my untied tie.

"I'm fine handsome, how are you?" she purred

I stepped back and pulled my tie out of her hands.

She pouted

"What do you need Marcy?" I asked in irritation before looking at my watch.

Great, I still had 10 minutes left with this annoying little girl.

Now was that harsh??

Yeah but, I had a reason for being harsh.

About a year and a half ago, after I realized that my mate was not coming anytime soon, I decided to go on a date with this girl that was a friend of a friends. This was probably the biggest mistake of my life. Not only did I have a horrible time, I also gained a stalker.

Ever since that day, she thought we were a couple and that she was the next Alpha Female.

Lately, she's been extra crazy. She's been telling everyone and anyone that would listen that we were getting married soon. Another female couldn't even look at me without her getting psycho she wolf on me.

"If there's nothing you need Marcy, I have to getting going"

"But Rhys?" She whined "I want to spend time with you"

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow "Or do you want to brag about that fantasy you have about being my mate?"

She pouted even more "Ry Ry, that's not true. I am your mate"

The psycho tried to kissed me but I dodged her and walked down the hall.

As soon as I turned the corner, I smelled a sweet smell and caught something soft.

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