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I was late...

On the first day of School...


After my little meltdown in the garage, I quickly googled the nearest doughnut shop (Which was a half and hour away. Apparently my "Grandfather" lived in Timbuktu) and buckled Ares in the car before driving to the doughnut shop.

I nearly cried when Ares refused to leave the shop after debating between a chocolate doughnut with pink frosting and colored sprinkles or a vanilla doughnut with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles.

After 15 minutes of indulging my baby brother, I finally gave up and bought him both.

As soon as we were in the car I raced to his school and being the over protective sister I was, I spent another 20 minutes interviewing Ares teachers and scoping out his school. After I decided it was safe enough for Ares to attend school here, I hugged the life out of my brother and promised I would be here to pick him up as soon as school ended.

He nodded and started to suck his thumb.

My eyes softened and I gently took his hand in my own "Baby, you can't do that here. If the other kids see you, they'll be mean to you. You don't want sissy to get in trouble if they mess with you, do you?"

He shook his head

I smiled before kissing his little hand "Be a good boy and maybe sissy will take you out for ice cream"

His eyes brightened "Really Sissy?"

I laughed and kissed his cheek "Yes baby, but only if you're a good boy"

"I promise I will be" he kissed my cheek sloppily before going into the classroom and taking his seat.

I laughed when he waved and blew me a kiss

I checked my watch and my eyes widened when I realized I was 15 minutes late to my own school.

I thanked God that Ares school was 5 minutes away from mine or else I would have been in so much trouble.

I parked in a available spot and grabbed my bag before hightailing my butt to the building.

I was running so fast that I completely missed the caution sign until it was too late. I felt my ballet flat slip on water and I close my eyes for the impending impact.

Damn, I was gonna be in so much pain tomorrow.

After a couple of seconds, when I realized my butt hasn't met the floor yet, I opened my eyes and they clashed with pretty gray eyes.

I stopped breathing for a second when I let my eyes wander over his handsome face.

He had tousled light brown (almost blonde) hair, a face like a angel, and for what I could tell, a body like a god.

He must have caught me because I was still in his arms and he was partially bent down, like that famous picture of the couple kiss after the war was over.

I blushed when I realized I was ogling him.

He growled and I gasped when he caressed my blushing cheek "Beautiful" he murmured.

I pushed against his broad shoulders because I totally did not want to get caught in a compromising position on the first day of my new school.

He narrowed his eyes and grasped my waist tighter "Mine" he growled.

My eyes widened "Uh... I'm not yours. I don't even know you"

He looked away and pulled me up so I was standing straight.

I fixed my uniform blushed again when I felt his eyes on me "Thank you... You know... For saving me from an embarrassing moment"

He continued to stare

"Okay, I'm just going to go now" I started to walk away when a calloused hand grabbed my wrist

"Name..." He whispered

I narrowed my eyes on the hand that was currently held hostage "What?"

"What's your name?" He cleared his throat and released me "My name is..."

The bell rang at that moment and I cursed

I quickly ran away from my savior when students started to fill the hallway "Thanks Again!!"

"Wait!!!" He sounded desperate and I could hear him pushing people out of the way to get to me.

I didn't look back

Because if I did, I would get lost in his mesmerizing gray eyes.

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