The Princess Lignum

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Cora is lost in the Caribbean. She lost her father and their ship to a hurricane. When Cora meets a pirate named Captain Tucker her entire life begins to shift. Will her true destiny be revealed? "I awoke to the heavy feel of damp air in my lungs. The steady rocking of the ship to which I had fallen asleep to was replaced with loud creaking and thrashing sounds. I pulled myself out of the cot in my small cabin and was instantly thrown into the wall with unrelenting force. I hit my head pretty hard, putting my hand up to my left ear I felt a warm fluid against my fingers. I brought my hand in front of my eyes to see blood. The ship was still being thrashed around, we must have come into contact with a storm. " "My ears were muffled, it sounded like I was under water. But that couldn’t be, I was breathing just fine. I opened my eyes and saw an array of colors glowing around me. Everything was blurry. I blinked my eyes a few times and my blurred vision subsided. Now that I could see clearly I knew my first thought was right…I was under water.-----I looked in all directions but I couldn’t see anything. I opened my mouth to call out, but no noise left my lips. -- “Cora.”, the voice called out, this time it felt like it was inside my skull, “Cora, you must hang on. Follow your heart, follow the sea."'

Fantasy / Romance
Mused Mayhem
4.8 16 reviews
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This story is created for audiences 18+ and contains graphic displays of violence and sexual content.
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