Legend of the Vampire

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Vampires are just a legend. Monsters with pale skin, and dangerously sharp fangs. Monsters that are made up to give you nightmares. But, what if these monsters exist. And what if one man is determined to sacrifice everything to prove the legends are real. This is the story of a girl. A girl that follows her fiancé on an expedition to an island in the middle of nowhere. A girl that learns quickly that some legends exist. A girl that will sacrifice anything to save a legend. A girl that will do anything to save the legend she learns to love!

Fantasy / Romance
Megan Fall
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They say vampires are a legend. They say vampires don't actually exist. They say vampires are the creatures that have been made up to scare us in our dreams. But what if they're wrong. What if the creatures of our nightmares actually exist. And what would happen if a vampire was discovered.

My fiancé, Nate, is a firm believer that vampires do in fact exist. He has made it his life's work to research and discover everything he possibly can on the subject. He has a library of sorts in his house, just to hold his precious collection of books on the subject. He has a bookcase that contains all his handwritten notes. Some of the notebooks and books have elastics around them, simply because they are so well read.

If you ask him even one question about vampires, you doom yourself. Nate gets extremely enthusiastic, and will talk for hours. I've learned over the years to simply stay clear of the subject. To say he is overly passionate about his research, is to put it mildly. He once paid ten thousand dollars to obtain an early hand written book on the vampire Dracula.

His love of vampires has also pushed him to travel extensively. Transylvania has been his favourite place for years. I also have been dragged there once, and had the unfortunate pleasure of spending the night in Bran Castle. Of course, all this did was scare me half to death.

To say I am not interested in the subject of vampires is putting it mildly. I absolutely hate vampires. I despise them with my entire being. I am sick of hearing about them, I am sick of seeing pictures of them, and I am sick of listening to people who might have seen one.

Unfortunately, through his research, Nate has discovered an island. This island is said to be home to one of the last known living vampires. The vampire shares the island with the natives, and they offer him human sacrifices to keep the monster at bay. It is said that before they did this, their villages were constantly being attacked, and many people were killed. But since the sacrifices started, he has left them alone.

Nate is now planning to visit that very island. He wants nothing more than to capture the famous vampire and prove to the world that they exist. It is said that the vampire is extremely powerful, and extremely barbaric. He defends his home by slaughtering everyone that gets near. Five expeditions have gone before Nate, and none have been heard from again.

For some reason, Nate feels his expedition will be the exception. He has hired the deadliest mercenaries to accompany him, and has paid for the newest and most powerful weapons available. He aims to be successful, and he has spent millions ensuring this.

This is my story. It's the story of the expedition that changed my life. It's the story of the vampire, that wasn't a legend after all!

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