Love An Eagle

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Chapter 10

Wamblee took a deep breath. He then began to tell Cara what had happened earlier with her sister.

“I walked in to the exam room with her chart and I’ll admit to already having my defenses up a bit because I knew she was your sister,” he told her. “She started right off, telling me how she was having these pains in her right breast. She told me that her mother had died of cancer and she was worried because you hear horrible things about breast cancer. She told me how she wasn’t ready to lose her…tits.”

Cara giggled at the cuteness of his now pink cheeks. She then told him, “Okay, well that sounds like her.”

He nodded before continuing. “Anyway, before I could get a word in edgewise, she pulled her shirt off, along with her bra, and asked me if I wanted to feel them. I stood there, not sure exactly how to take what she’d said because the look on her face told me it wasn’t the exam kind of feel she was asking for.

“When I made no move to do it, she hopped off the table and walked over to me. She told me how she’d never had a red man in her bed before. She also told me that if I liked she’d give me a preview of what I could expect. Then she ran her fingers over my chest, but before I could back up, she hit her knees.

“When she did that, I figured things had gone far enough and that she wasn’t there for an actual exam of any kind. So, I backed off, turned, and walked out the door. Peggy was in the hall and I told her to deal with the person on the floor and went to see my next patient,” he concluded.

Cara stared at him, her mouth slightly open in shock. She knew her sister was brazen, but not to that extreme. “Um…red man?”

He snorted, “Yeah.”

“Well, she called you Tonto when she spoke to me earlier, so…” Cara told him as she shook her head. Then after unbuttoning a few of his buttons on his shirt, she ran her fingertips over his chest. “Well, you are definitely browner then me, with a hint of red perhaps…but I’d call your skin more bronze then red.”

“Would you now?” He asked, his voice becoming husky with need.

She felt a slight shiver go through him.

“I would,” she told him in her own husky voice as her desire for him heated at the feel of his skin. “Wamblee, I want…”

“Tell me my sweet winyan. Tell me what you want,” he whispered back. “You know I will give you anything if it is within my capabilities.”

Looking up into his eyes she saw them flicker between black and golden brown. “You, I want you, every part of you.”

He inhaled sharply as her words hit him hard south of his belt. He felt his arousal instantly swell.

Did she understand the implications of what she’d just said?

He hoped so, because to him, she’d just accepted him, all of him. Now he was more than ready to take her, heart, body and soul! Wanting to make sure though, he asked, “Cara, do you understand what you’re saying?”

He watched as she nodded, pink filling her cheeks.

“I do,” she told him. “Wamblee, I love you and I’ve never loved anyone but family before. I want to be with you, to love you, to have you love me. Going home last night and leaving you was so hard, but I knew I had to. Now though, now I know I don’t want to sleep in my bed alone anymore. I want to lay down at night and wake up in the morning to you. I want to know that when the day is through we’ll be together, not going our separate ways.”

“I want that too,” he murmured as he brushed her hair back. “Come home with me, I need to have you in my arms tonight.”

Cara nodded. “I will, but I’ll need to go home and get a change of clothes since we have to work tomorrow.”

“I know,” he agreed with a soft sigh. “I’ll follow you home if you like, so you can follow me to mine, or we can leave your car here.”

“Will it be safe here?”

“It will. I’ve left mine here before,” he told her. “Now, lunch is almost over, and I want more kisses. We’ll worry about details later.”

“Okay,” she whispered and gave herself up to his kisses and roaming hands until time to go back to work.

“You ready to go home winyan?”

Cara turned to find Wamblee pulling off his lab coat as he stood in the archway watching her.

“I have one more patient to add and then I’ll be ready. I feel as if I’ve been adding new patients all day,” she said as she turned back to her computer.

“That’s because you have,” Peggy said a she stepped around Wamblee, into the room. “We’ve added eight new ones today and I think Ramona said there are five more with appointments tomorrow.”

“I’ve been wondering if Dr. Lockhart has any patients left,” Cara said as she finished and began the process of shutting her computer down.

“If he does its very few.” Peggy said with a snicker. “Hey, was that your sister this morning baring her girly parts to the good doctor here?”

Cara groaned as she stood up. “Tell me she had them covered by the time you got there?”

Peggy laughed. “Nope. I think she was hoping he’d change his mind about whatever she’d propositioned. They were still very much on display with her in a pose I guess she thought was sexy. I personally found it disgusting.”

“I claim no relation to her,” Cara muttered disgusted.

“That’s fine. I only claim half mine on a good day,” Peggy told her. “Now, why is Lee here asking if you’re ready to go home? Did something happen to your car and you need a ride or something?”

Cara glanced at Wamblee and he shrugged.

“No. My car is fine, we want to spend more time together, so Wamblee is…,” she paused, unsure how much he really would want her to tell Peggy.

Peggy turned to look at him, a surprised look on her face. “Is she your…?”

He nodded. “She is and before you ask, no I’ve not told anyone. I wanted to wait until our bond was strong and she was ready to accept me, me and my eagle.”

Peggy turned and smiled at Cara. “He’s a good man and you are a lucky woman. Just don’t let his family get to you.”

Cara sighed and Wamblee pulled her into his arms. “I’m more worried right now about my sister. I’ll deal with his family later. At least Ms. Dolly likes me, maybe she’ll put in a good word for me.”

“Good word or not, Cara, you’re human and Lee’s dad…well, he isn’t going to like that,” Peggy told her with a sad look.

Cara looked up at Wamblee and he shook his head. “Peggy’s right, he won’t, but you are mine and I don’t care what he wants.”

“Dinner?” Peggy said then.

“Sound’s good,” Wamblee agreed.

So, the three of them went to the diner for a bite to eat. Then Wamblee and Cara headed to her house, so she could pack.

Wamblee pulled up to the curb and Cara took a deep breath.

“Would you like for me to go in with you?” Wamblee asked.

Cara looked at him. “Would you? It doesn’t look as if anyone is here. I know dad is still at work and Monica has her exercise class tonight. I don’t know about Robyn, she sometime goes to her boyfriend’s house straight from work.”

He gave a slight nod and getting out of the truck, he came around and helped her out. They then walked up to the house, hand in hand.

Cara opened the door and stepped inside, Wamblee right behind her. He heard her sigh and glace around. “It doesn’t look as if Robyn is home yet either.

“Wouldn’t her car be out front if she was?”

“No. Her car is in the shop right now, so her boyfriend has been taking her places,” she paused as they reached her room. She then said thoughtfully, “It makes me wonder how she got to the clinic. I mean, surly she didn’t have him take her there, then try something with you?”

Wamblee shrugged. “You would know her better then I. Perhaps she walked though, depending on where she came from. Though I must ask, after seeing her antics today, how she keeps a boyfriend?”

“Beats me,” she answered. Stepping into her room, she huffed. “I don’t really know her well, not anymore. I stay away from her when…”

Her words became a gasp as she flipped her light switch on.

Wamblee stepped into the room behind her. It looked as if a tornado had hit it! “What happened in here? Were you in that big of a hurry this morning?”

“No,” she whispered. “I didn’t do this, Robyn did. Sadly, this isn’t the first time. I told you we had words. She must have done it before she left for work.”

Wamblee looked around at the damage. Clothing was thrown everywhere, drawers pulled out and hanging, some completely emptied onto the floor. The bed was torn up, mattress half hanging onto the floor. Papers, he was assuming from her desk were torn and scattered everywhere also.

Cara pulled in a deep breath, and he looked at her worriedly. He didn’t want her here anymore. Even if all she did right now was stay in his guest room, he didn’t want her here.

“Pack your clothing Cara, you will stay with me. I can’t let you stay here with someone who would do this to you. If she would do this to your room, what would she do to you?” He asked.

He watched as she put a hand to her cheek and frowned. He moved closer and moving her hand, he looked at her face. It was faint, but there was a bruise across her cheekbone. Looking in to her eyes, he saw the tears pooled there. So, he wrapped his arms around her and whispered, “Tell me, did she hit you?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “Last night. She was mad that I hadn’t stayed away from Becky’s new love interest, you.”

“Well, I have no interest in Becky, or her, or anyone else but you,” he told her as he gave her a gentle kiss. “Now, do you have a suitcase?”

She nodded and walked over to her closet. From the top shelf, she pulled out large case and a smaller one.

Wamblee shoved her mattress back onto the frame, and she lay her suitcase on it.

She then huffed. “Most of my clothes are on the floor and will have to be rewashed.”

“I have a washer, and a dryer. We’ll do enough to get you by tomorrow, then do the rest. Don’t worry, it will be fine Cara,” he soothed.

She gave a nod, then began picking up clothing and tossing them in the suitcase.

He snickered, and she looked up. “Not even going to fold them?”

“Why bother. They have to be washed,” she informed him. In the smaller case she pulled out the top two drawers of her dresser that had been untouched and pulled out her undergarments.

“Odd she didn’t touch those.”

“I’m sure she had a reason,” she paused and turned to him. She then pulled a disgusted look and flipped her hair. “Like ew! Why would I want to touch something you wear on your…just ew chunky!” She said mocking her sister. Then, clearing her face and her throat, she continued with, “Yeah, that sounds like what she’d say.”

“Why does she call you chunky Cara?” He asked her softly.

Turning she looked at him and smiled sadly. “I don’t know, but that’s one of the nicer things she calls me.”

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “I think you’re perfect.”

She sighed into his neck. “Thank you. I think you’re perfect too.”

He gave a slight chuckle, winking as he pulled back.

Then she went back to work. After a few minutes she left the room and came back with shampoo and a few other things in a small black bag. “At least she left my stuff alone in the bathroom, so it won’t have to be replaced.”

She then shoved it all in the small suitcase and zipped everything up.

Hearing a sound, Wamblee turned toward the door from where he was leaned against the wall.

“Cara? Robyn? Anyone home?” a female voice called out. Then a woman walked into the room. “Cara! What happened? Did you get mad about something?”

“No Monica, Robyn did this,” Cara told her.

Monica sighed, putting her hands on her hips. “Why does she do these things? Let me help you straighten things…oh!” Monica almost shrieked when she caught sight of him. “Who are you?”

“I am Wamblee Claw, Cara’s…boyfriend,” he told her. He’d almost called himself her mate, but that would have opened a can of worms he wasn’t ready for.

“Oh!” she exclaimed then turned to Cara. “You never told me you had a boyfriend.”

“Ah…well, it was something that I just wanted to bask in for a while before telling anyone. I planned to tell you and dad soon though,” Cara said, her cheeks pink.

Monica smirked and said, “So, the excuse about hunting an eagle was probably so you could go visit him without questions from your father?”

“Um…?” Cara’s eyes were wide as if she didn’t quite know what to say, her face now red.

Wamblee raised an eyebrow. “Hunting an eagle.”

Cara’s face turned even redder.

“She said she saw an eagle on the hiking path,” Monica explained. Not concerned at all that she might be embarrassing Cara. “Then a few days later out of the blue, she said she was going to look for it. Silly girl, you could have said you’d met someone. You know, neither your dad or I would have pushed until you were ready to talk about it.”

“I know, sorry Monica,” Cara murmured.

“Now, about this mess,” Monica huffed as she looked around. “That Robyn, she’s getting out of control!”

“That is why Cara will be coming and staying with me for a few days,” Wamblee cut in then.

Monica turned her wide eyes toward him. “Oh, I don’t think her father would like that. He’s very protective of Cara and won’t like her staying with a man who isn’t her husband.”

Wamblee wanted to tell her that Cara was his and as soon as he marked her as such, she was as good as married to him. He couldn’t though, so instead he said, “I have plenty of room at my place. I can even have someone come stay with us if I need too, but Cara will be coming with me. I will not leave her here with someone who will do her harm.”

“Oh, Robyn wouldn’t hurt Cara, she’s her sister! I mean, she might do this to her room, but she wouldn’t hurt her physically!” Monica argued.

Wamblee said nothing because it wasn’t his story to tell. Instead, he picked up Cara’s suitcases and asked, “Are you ready?”

Cara nodded. “Monica. I’m a grown woman, capable of making my own choices. I’ll call dad, make plans to meet him and talk to him okay?”

Monica nodded, and gave Cara a hug. “Okay. Be safe honey and I’ll clean this mess up.”

“No, I’ll worry about it later. It isn’t yours to worry about. I have Saturday off, so I’ll come then and take care of it,” Cara told her.

Monica nodded. “Fine. I’ll see you then.”

With one last hug, Cara and Wamblee headed out the door for his truck.

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