Love An Eagle

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Chapter 12

Pulling into his driveway, Wamblee let out a slow breath to calm himself, pushing his arousal back. His body felt as if it was on fire because of his need for Cara. Every time he’d caught sight of her today it had set him off.

There bond was so strong now and he needed to lay his claim on her. He needed to bind their souls together, making her his.

Seeing Cara’s headlights flash behind him, he climbed out of his truck and waited for her.

She pulled up next to his truck and shut her car engine off.

He walked around the truck to open her car door and then waited for her to get out. His hands almost itched in need to touch her, but he knew if he touched her now…! The need was to strong, he couldn’t fight it anymore and he hoped she was ready.

Yes, she had told him she was but still he worried.

“Wamblee, are you okay?” she asked softly as she climbed out of her car.

He closed it behind her, making sure he didn’t touch her. He didn’t want to take her out here on top of her hood, but he would because once he touched her he would loose all his sense in his need to lay claim to her!

“I will be. Let’s go inside,” he murmured as he led the way. He’d seen the look of puzzlement on her face because he still had not touched her, but he needed them inside. Then she would be his!

As soon as the door was closed and locked, Wamblee waited no longer. He pulled Cara into his arms and kissed her as he shoved her up against the door. Nipping her lip, causing them to part, he slipped his tongue inside her warm mouth. He groaned as he tasted the flavor of chocolate and mint.

“You taste of chocolate and mint,” he murmured when he pulled back to take a breath. He then nibbled his way down her neck as his hands began unbuttoning her blouse.

“I-I…um…yeah. Oh! Wamblee,” she whimpered.

He pushed her blouse off, along with the straps of her bra. He now had her breasts bared to him and he began to suck one as he massaged the other with his hand.

“I had a mint chocolate bar,” she told him breathlessly.

He moved his mouth back up to her neck, nipping and kissing as he went. He knew he was leaving love bites behind that were sure to show at work tomorrow, but he was too far gone in his desire of her to care.

He then began moving his hands around on her hips until he found the zipper on her skirt. Pulling the tab down he pushed her skirt off. It slithered to the floor, as did her slip and panties.

“Ah! Wamblee,” she cried out as she tangled her fingers in his hair.

“Bedroom, now my winyan (woman),” he said in a guttural tone. “I cannot wait any longer to bind our souls and claim you as mine.”

He picked her up, and as he walked, she kicked off her shoes. Her hands were still tangled in his hair and she began to leave damp kisses along his neck.

“Keep that up winyan and we won’t make it to the bedroom,” he told her.

She giggled softly. “Yes, we will because who wants their first time to be on the hard floor?”

Her words and the feel of her warm breath oh his neck had him moving faster because he was now aroused to the point of pain.

Arriving at his room, he placed her on his bed and shed his clothing. He then lay down, propping himself over her. “I love you Cara, and I want to make us one now. Please tell me you are ready for everything that entails.”

She nodded. “I am. I think I’ve been ready for you from the moment I lay my eyes on you. I want to be yours Wamblee and for you to be mine. I really do, never for one moment doubt that.”

He gave a nod. He began to move his left hand down her side, down along her left leg, soon gripping her left ankle in his hand.

He kissed her softly as he murmured, “I, Wamblee Claw, claim you Cara Lundy as my soulmate, my wife, my lover, my friend. You will be all these things to both me and the spirit of my golden eagle who resides in me. As we lay our claim to you, we promise to love and to cherish you. To protect you and make our life together a good one.”

He watched her as her eyes slightly teared at his words.

Then she began to speak softly. “I, Cara Lundy, claim you Wamblee Claw as my soulmate, my husband, my lover and my friend. You will be all these things to me as long as I am able to draw a breath on this earth. I promise to love and cherish you and I will do all I can to make our life together a good one.”

He gave her a long kiss before moving his lips to her ear to whisper, “Take my left wrist in your left hand.”

She did as he asked.

He then began to softly chant to the beat of their hearts, bringing them in sync with each other before whispering words he knew she wouldn’t understand. They were the words of his people to bind them as one and as he spoke them, he felt the gentle heat begin to flow from his hand onto her ankle.

When his words were finished, he began the chanting once more as the heat spread up his arm moving toward his heart. Once there the warmth began to feel almost like a hand closing gently around his fast beating heart, enclosing it, binding him to her.

He continued to chant as he felt his eagle spirit rise within and get ready to claim his soulmate. It was as if Wamblee faded into the background and the eagle took over.

Eagle watched as his soulmate’s eyes began to close slightly yet she continued to watch him. He gave a slight chirping bark as he brought one leg up, claws facing out, he then slashed them down her left ankle.

Eagle heard her light scream of pain, saw the blood run down her ankle before he faded back into his human host.

Once the spirit of the eagle was gone, the heat slowly began to fade.

Wamblee opened his eyes as he tuned back in to the present and to his winyan. She was making pained sounds and he knew it was from the claws of his eagle. So, leaning in he kissed her, making her forget the pain as heat of a different kind washed over them. The heat of desire and love.

Soon she was making sweet sounds as she moved beneath him. Sounds that drove him over the edge, shifting his desire from claiming her soul, to claiming her body.

“Are you ready to be one with me, to be my wife in the eyes of the shifters and the tribe?” He asked.

He watched her eyes flutter open. “Yes.”

That was all he needed. He let her ankle go and moved his body over her, her legs already moving apart on their own accord.

He felt her wet folds against his hardened shaft and moaned at the feel of it. Leaning in, he kissed her. “You are mine.”

“Yes, I am, just as you are mine,” she whispered back.

Moving his hand down between them, he moved them gently over her woman folds. Feeling her warmth, he moaned as he prepared her, wanting to make it as painless as possible.

“Please Wamblee, I feel as if I’ve waited so long,” she whimpered as her hip bucked up.

He grunted. He was unable, and unwilling, to wait any longer to have her, so, he removed his hand from between her thighs and replaced it with his body. Placing his lips on hers, he pushed gently inside her as they kissed. He moved slowly in and out as they kissed until he reached her maidenhead.

Pulling back, he murmured, “It will hurt a bit.”

She smiled. “I know.”

Then, before he could do anything, she bucked her hips up, giving a cry as her innocence was taken. Then she sighed in pleasure as he began to move again.

“More, please, more,” she whimpered.

He gave her more and soon the room was filled with the sound of flesh against flesh. The sound of moans and whispers of love. The sound of two hearts now beating as one, and they never wanted it to end.

Their release hit them at the same time.

Cara gave a cry, her body tightening around his.

Wamblee grunted as he thrust into her willing body one last time before almost collapsing on top of her.

“I love you Wamblee Claw,” she told him.

“As I love you Cara, mitháwichu ki.”

“What does that mean?” She asked him as she moved her hands through his hair.

He gave a sigh of pleasure at her continued touch. “It means “my wife” in Lakhóta.”

“Mm…,” she yawned.

“Let us sleep now, we’ll talk later,” he murmured.

Then moving off her, he snuggled her into his chest and they slept.


Early the next morning, Cara awakened and stretched, feeling Wamblee still laying behind her.

Rolling slightly, she looked at him. He looked so peaceful and young. Now that she thought about it, he really didn’t look like he was thirty, but she was pretty sure he was. Maybe that should be one of the things she asked him.

“Good morning mitháwichu ki,” he murmured as his eyes fluttered open.


“Mitháwichu ki, my wife, remember?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” she said with a smile, then added, “Good morning Wamblee.”

“Mihigna ki,” he murmured.

“Huh?” she questioned again, giving a slight frown.

“Mihigna ki, it means my husband in Lakhóta. It would please me if you would call me that,” he told her as he watched her unblinking.

Cara smiled. “You know I’m going to butcher the word, right?”

He chuckled, but his gaze never wavered. “You will learn, mitháwichu ki. Now it is, mihigna ki. You try it.”

“Mi-hig-na ki?”

“Close,” he told her. He then yawned as he moved his body around to prop up against the head board.

“I’ve been curious about a few things,” she said then as she snuggled into him, her head on his belly and her arm over his thighs.

“Mm…well, we have a bit of time before we need to get up, so ask away,” he encouraged.

“Okay, um…well, how old are you?”

“I’m thirty,” he answered.

She grinned. “Knew it, I’m twenty-one. What does Wamblee mean?”

“Golden eagle,” he answered.

She sat up, surprised. “Really!”

He nodded and pulled her back down.

This time she lay facing him, though her head was still on his belly.

“So, your parents knew that was what you would be?”

“No, not when I was born anyway. You see my father is a golden eagle and my mother is a spotted eagle, so they did know I would be one or the other. What they didn’t know, until I transformed at the age of seven, was which one,” he explained.

“Oh…did you not have a name until you were seven then?” she asked, so confused.

He chuckled. “Not exactly. As I said, they knew I would be one or the other. So, they just called me “little Claw” until I was seven.”

“So, if you had been a spotted eagle, what would your name have been?”

He shrugged. “Who knows.”

“Oh,” she murmured. “Well, you said you have a brother, what is his name?”

“Dave,” he told her, his face blank.

She gave him a wide-eyed look.

He laughed. “Sorry, his name isn’t really Dave, it’s Kohana, which means “swift”.”

“Mm…now that name sounds as if it has a story behind it,” she said.

“He was the first born, my father’s pride and joy. So, my father called him, “son of Claw” until he transformed at the age of five.”

“But you didn’t transform until you were seven, how come he was only five?”

“I suppose since he was the oldest, he matured faster than I did. The story is told that when he transformed he did everything “swiftly”, so it seemed only natural that he be named Kohana,” he explained.

“Makes sense I suppose,” she said. “So…if you transformed at seven, that means you were born human…right?”

“Cara, though I have the spirit of the eagle in me, I am human,” he explained. “Any children we have will be human too. If the Wakan Tanka (Great Mystery) blesses them with a bird spirit, we will know by the time they are seven.”

“Then not all of you have a…bird spirit?”

“No. There are some in my tribe who have none. My father says it is because we have displeased the Wakan Tanka by diluting our blood with humans…”

“Ah, that’s why they pushed you toward Peggy so hard,” she said, beginning to understand.

“Yes, I suppose that is one of the reasons,” he agreed before continuing with, “Also, some of the other families have animal spirits instead of bird.”

“These others, are they close family to you?”

“Not blood family, just tribe,” he answered her. “We are family just the same though.”

She nodded, then sat up and straddled him. “Okay, enough questions for now. How about…” she looked over at the clock. “…we do something else now to pass some time before we have to get ready for work?”

“Hm…what exactly do you have in mind?”

She felt his arousal behind her butt even as he questioned her. Leaning in, she trailed her lips down his neck. “I think you already know the answer to that mihigna ki.”

He flipped her over onto her back. “I believe you are right, mitháwichu ki.”

Then he made love to her once more.

Cara and Wamblee had ended up rushing around to get to work on time. As it was, both Ramona and Peggy beat them there.

Ramona just kept giving Cara looks the whole morning, but Peggy teased.

“So…I noticed those love bites on your neck. Did you and Dr. Claw have a good time last night?” Peggy asked, as she leaned over Cara’s desk.

Cara took the file Peggy held and opened it up to record information. “Yes.”

“That’s it? That’s all you’re going to tell me?” Peggy grumbled as she sat on the edge of the desk.

“Peggy, I like you, I do, but I’m not the kind to gossip about myself. I will tell you this though,” Cara told her with a sigh as she looked up. “He’s mine, and I’m his.”

Peggy gasp. “He claimed you?”

Cara nodded.

Peggy smiled. “I’m so happy for the two of you but…”

“But what?” Cara asked. She didn’t like the sound of that “but”.

Peggy sighed.

“What she’s trying to say, and not doing a very good job of, is that you still must meet the parents,” Ramona suddenly said from right behind Cara.

Cara turned. “Will it be bad?”

Ramona nodded. “The Ithanchan (chief) is very stern and doesn’t like it when his son doesn’t do what he wants. Also, because Dr. Claw is shifter, the Ithanchan will have felt the claiming. So, even without being told, he knows.”

Cara felt her face heat. “Did anyone else “feel” it?”

Peggy shook her head. “No, only Lee’s dad, but that’s because he is the Ithanchan. No, the rest of the tribe will have to be told.”

Cara sat back in her chair, mildly relieved. At least it wasn’t like a tribal broadcast that Wamblee had claimed her.

Sticking out her left foot, and pulling up her pantleg slightly, she smiled down at the mark that now adorned her ankle. It was lovely. It was an eagle feather, almost the exact shade of her handsome eagle, three claw slashes across it, with Wamblee’s name written across it in red.

Wamblee had the same feather on the inside of his left wrist with her name written across it in blue. His didn’t have the claw marks and when she’d asked, he’d told her that was the special mark his eagle spirit had given her.

She remembered the pain of the claws, yet the pleasure after had made it bearable to the point she’d almost forgotten how the eagle had suddenly appeared in front of her looking slightly ghost like. The claws had felt real enough though.

Wamblee had chuckled when she’d told him that!

“It’s lovely Cara,” Peggy said softly.

Cara looked up at her. “Thanks. We better get back to work though, can’t afford to lose our jobs.”

Peggy laughed and left the room.

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