Love An Eagle

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Chapter 3

Cara climbed into her car, throwing her bag in the passenger seat. Pulling out of the driveway, she then headed out for the hiking trails that were no more than ten minutes away by car.

Once there, she decided to take the same trail as the last time. She was hoping the nest of the golden eagle she’d seen was close by there.

Stepping from her car, she put her backpack on and started her trek into the forest.

When she reached the place she’d seen him, she put her binoculars to her eyes and began to glance around. Slowly turning in a circle, she searched. Finding nothing, she let the binoculars drop and huffed.

She then stood, hands on hips, chewing the inside of her cheek in thought, trying to remember all her dad had taught her about eagles.

“Okay, so eagles nest high up…on cliffs…in tall trees…” she muttered as she began to walk.

She scanned the area around her, looking for anything that might give her a clue as to where the eagle had come from. She really was beginning to wonder if the knot on her head had caused her to hallucinate him, after all, he had come within just a couple of feet of her. No wild eagle would get that close to a human!

So, after forty-five minutes of walking around looking, but finding nothing, she was feeling very frustrated. Huffing in irritation, she made her way to the small brook on her left that the trail meandered around. Sitting down under a shady tree, after spreading out the blanket she’d brought, she pulled out a bottle of water and a notebook.

She couldn’t find her eagle, but she wasn’t ready to go home yet either. “I’ll just write for a bit and then maybe I’ll look some more before going home. It’s too beautiful of a day to spend it being cooped up in the house anyway.”

She was soon lost in a world of poetry writing until her eyes began to droop. The notebook slipped from her hands as sleep took her.

She never saw the golden eagle where he sat in the trees watching her.

Eagle sat in the tree watching his woman scribble furiously in her notebook. After a bit though, she began to yawn. Soon, her hands stilled, her head tipping back against the tree, the notebook slipping from her grip.

When he was sure she slept, he stretched his wings out to glide to the ground.

He then stopped a few feet from her, standing still and unmoving. He cocked his head slightly, waiting to see if she would awaken. When she didn’t, he closed his eyes and the air shimmered with light and electricity.

Now, in the place of the eagle, stood a man.

He moved closer to her, his eyes never leaving her face. The beauty of her soul called to him. The spirit of his eagle begged him to claim her as theirs. To bind their souls and make them one.

“Soon,” he said, soothing his eagle. He would claim her as his, for now though, he would work on strengthening the soulmate bond until she realized she was truly his.

He smiled slightly as he remembered the looks she would give him. She was interested, but shy, he liked that.

Kneeling, he straddled her legs and hips. Reaching out, he cupped her cheek in his hand, rubbing his thumb slightly on her lips.

Cara moaned softly and leaned into his hand, almost as if she recognized his touch as her eyes fluttered open. As soon as she saw him, her eyes widened in recognition.

He didn’t give hear a chance to speak. Instead, he moved closer, molding his lips on hers as he tangled one hand in her hair. The other hand he used to grip her waist.

Nipping at her lower lip, making her moan and her lips part slightly. His sipped his tongue in, working his magic on her.

When he knew she needed air, he took his lips from hers, gliding them across her cheek to her ear. Suckling her ear lobe, he listened to her mews of pleasure. He moved his body closer, rubbing himself against her.

His movement encouraged her to bring her own hands up. He felt them move across the bare skin of his buttocks and she gasp.

“You…!?” She exclaimed in a strangled voice.

He brought his lips back to hers before she could say more. He wanted her to be so lost in the touch that words were unnecessary.

Moving his hand up from her waist, he moved under her tank-top, and over her ribs. Higher it moved until it reached her breast. He then shoved her bra aside, so he could cup her bare breast, kneading it gently. He rolled her nipple around until it was hard, and she gave a needy cry.

His kisses moved from her lips to her neck again. Once there, he bit down roughly before licking to take away the sting of his teeth. His hips jerked against her as her whimpers increased his arousal.

Knowing he needed to stop before things went too far, he whispered, “Remember this time with me. Relish in the memory when you are not with me, as will I.”

Moving back, he watched her eyes close. As he moved away the air shimmered again, and once more there stood a golden eagle. Turning, he quickly returned to his perch in the tree to watch over her.

The sun was high when she awakened with a jerk. Straightening, she looked around as if confused before putting her notebook and pen away.

Then, grabbing her bag, she pulled out a bottle of water, and a sandwich. After eating, she walked down to the brook and washed her hands. She looked around as she straightened, and Eagle saw her shoulders slump.

Eagle moved on the branch and her eyes moved his way. He saw her smile, and jumping to the ground, he walked her way.

“Hello handsome, I was looking for you,” Cara almost whispered, so as not to startle him.

Eagle moved closer.

“I was beginning to think you were my imagination, yet here you are,” she told him. “I don’t suppose you’d let me touch you?” She laughed then. “Of course not, you’re a wild eagle after all.”

Eagle stepped even closer. Oh, but he would, he wanted to feel her touch, and it would strengthen their soul-bond even more.

She slowly moved to her knees, moving her hand toward him even slower so as not to startle him.

Eagle placed his head under it. He felt many things at that moment as she awed in wonder.

Eagle felt his heart pound as their souls connected. He’d felt it slightly through the human part of him, but in his true form, it was so much more intense. Humans have many loves throughout their life time, always searching for the perfect one for them. As a shifter and an eagle though, the Wakan Tanka (Wakȟán Tȟánka, Great Mystery) would only bless him with one soulmate in his life span. As a shifter, he knew this woman was the one he and his human had searched many years for.

“Your feathers are so soft,” she whispered. “You really are a majestic bird, but I have to go now.”

She stood, and he looked her in the eyes. With their gazes locked he was able to whisper across her mind, “leave your window open”.

Then turning, he flew away.

Cara cocked her head and watched the eagle fly away. She sighed at the strange, empty feeling his leaving left her with.

Shrugging off her feeling of discontent, she grabbed her backpack and began her hike back to her car.

On the drive she thought about the strange dream she’d had. She’d only seen the man a couple of times…why would she dream such a thing? It was a puzzle, one she felt as if she’d never figure out. Yes, she’d admit, she like the way he looked, but she’d liked the looks of many men she’d seen and had never had erotic dreams about them.

Cara pulled up outside her house, her face and body still hot with the memory of her dream. She quickly put her crazy thoughts aside and went in, going straight to her room. She had no interest in playing nice with her sister and her boyfriend who she’d heard laughing in the living room.

So, taking a quick shower, she took her notebook from her backpack. Then sitting down on her bed, she once more began to write on her poem about the magnificent golden eagle she’d been lucky enough to touch, and the man who fascinated her.

“Did you find the golden eagle today Cara?” Monica asked that evening as they sat eating dinner. “Your dad said you were going to look.”

Cara smiled as she cut her pork chop. “I did, and he was just as magnificent as I remember.”

Robyn snorted, drawing everyone’s gaze. “Oh, so you found the eagle, did you find your man too?”

Cara was silent. She knew from years of experience with her sister that answering her would just egg her on.

Robyn gave a laugh. “Of course, you didn’t! What man would want your fat…”

“Robyn…that’s enough,” dad growled.

Robyn rolled her eyes. “Fine. What man would want her “curvy” self?”

“Robyn dear, it’s highly unlikely you would find a man of any kind out in the middle of the woods,” Monica said, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

Cara was reminded once more of the dream she’d had while in the woods, a dream she was trying her best to forget for her sanity sake! The dream about the naked man…a man she knew! Even now she could almost feel his hands and mouth on her. She could feel the heat of his skin where she’d touched him back. The dream had been so vivid, seemed so real that when she had awakened, she’d expected him to be there.

She shook herself mentally and looking up found her family watching her. So, clearing her throat she said, “Don’t worry Robyn, you’ll be the first to know when I find a man who likes my curves.”

Robyn snorted as if she’d just made a joke.

Cara stood up then and left the table, unwilling to listen to anything else her sister might come up with.

Going to her room, she stood in the darkness, staring out the window for long moments. She knew it wasn’t possible, yet she’d almost swear she felt the presence of the golden eagle, feel his eyes upon her.

She huffed out a breath. Maybe it was just her loneliness catching up with her, the longing for someone in her life just for her. Granted, she was only twenty-one, but sometimes…sometimes she felt so much older mentally.

Sighing she turned from the window and began getting ready for bed.

She’d been looking at rental places on line, hoping something she could afford would come open soon because she couldn’t take much more of her sister who was in no hurry to leave home!

She huffed a bit thinking about her new job. Wamblee was going to pay her well, but would it be enough for her to move out? She wasn’t sure, but if not, she’d have to get a weekend job too, because she wanted out of this house!

Locking her door, she gave a yawn and rubbed her tired eyes before walking back to the window to look out once more. That feeling was still there, the feeling he was there, watching over her and it made her smile in happiness.

So, after placing her hand on the glass, she whispered, “Good night handsome.”

As she started for her bed, a strange feeling passed over her. Turning back, she opened her window slightly. Then, turning once more, she moved over to her bed, pulled back her covers and crawled in. There she lay, tossing a bit before managing to get comfortable.

Drifting off to sleep, she had erotic thoughts of warm male skin and hot lips!

Eagle sat quietly in the old bur oak behind his woman’s house. He watched as the lights turned off one by one in the house.

Next, he continued to wait until he was sure everyone would be asleep, his sweet woman included.

Then, moving from his perch, he flew close to the house landing just a few feet from her window. The air shimmered with electricity and where the golden eagle once stood, now stood a man.

Finally, he moved up to her bedroom window and eased the screen from it. He then propped it against the side of the house before slipping inside the room through the window.

He stood there, silently watching his woman’s chest slowly rise and fall to the rhythm of her breathing. Her hair lay tangled across her pillow, her covers all in a tangle at her feet as if she had been restless and tossing. Her rose colored gown was short, showing her pale thighs. The top was low-cut with a bit of lace barely covering her ample cleavage. The thin straps on the gown did nothing to cover her shoulders and he longed to kiss his way across them.

Unable to resist the pull of his woman, he stepped closer, reaching down to run his forefinger down her cheek.

Cara turned her head slightly, letting out a soft sound in her sleep, causing him to still.

Once her movement had stopped, he moved around to the other side of her bed to crawl in with her. Now lying next to her, he pulled her close, breathing in her feminine scent.

She gave another soft sigh, snuggling closer to him.

He let his hand roam her curves, learning every one of them. He kissed the top of her head, before tilting it upward. Needing a taste of her, he claimed her lips with his.

She responded with a soft moan, her eyes fluttering open.

As he pulled away, she stared at him silently. He didn’t have long with her, and he didn’t want to waste one moment of it. So, he captured her lips once more, not giving her a chance to speak. His hand then left her chin to roam her body. Moving down to her thighs before moving back up, pushing her gown higher as he went.

He felt Cara shiver, heard her sharp intake of air as he ran his hand over her woman’s mound. Backing up, he gazed into her eyes. He saw the glazed over look of passion and knew she felt as he did.

“I want you to know, from this moment forward, you are mine,” he told her gruffly.


“From the moment my eyes landed on you, I knew I had found my woman. The woman the Wakan Tanka created for me and me alone. My other half,” he explained softly.

“Soulmates?” she inquired.

He gave her a slight nod but said no more. Instead, he moved his eyes downward, taking in the difference between their skin color where his hand now lay on her belly. He remembered that in the light of the sun his skin was a dark, and coppery brown, but hers was peaches and cream.

His hands were slightly callused, her skin was soft as the finest of buttery leather. His hand moved further up, over her rib cage toward her breast. He heard her breathing pick up once more and her heart pound. She was highly aroused now, as he cupped her left breast in his hand.

A low moan left her when he leaned in, taking her nipple in his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. He felt her hands come up, one gripped his hair, while the other moved over his back.

As he suckled her breast, he felt her legs began to move restlessly. He allowed his hand to move lower once more, rubbing it between her thighs. Feeling the dampness of her arousal, he moved his hand inside her panties to rub harder. He found her nub, working it until her hips bucked, her soft sounds of passion filling the room. When her thighs began to clench around his wrist, her sounds becoming louder, he feared her family would hear. So, he moved his mouth once more to hers to muffle the sounds. Just as his mouth covered hers, she cried out her release.

Her body fell lax and she lay panting.

He moved back to gaze at her flushed face in the moonlight. She was so beautiful, her lips swollen and parted. The nipples on her breasts puckered from his ministrations to them.

He gave her a small smile, pleased with her reactions to him. Although his own arousal was almost painful at this point, her pleasure made it worth it to him. The day would come when they would find their pleasure and release together.

“Soon, my sweet woman, we will be as one,” he told her. “Very soon, because you are already mine, all that is left is to lay my claim.”

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