Love An Eagle

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Chapter 5

Cara was breathing hard, her body tingling with need, when Wamblee finally pulled back.

“Oh, my,” she whispered.

Wamblee chuckled, as he moved completely back over to his seat and put his hair back in to his braid.

Giving her a wink, he told her, “I believe lunch is over now.” He opened the door, and as he stepped out he said, “I’ll see you inside.”

Cara watched him turn and walk away, her mouth open. Then it really hit her what had happened. Her BOSS, Wamblee Claw, had just kissed her!

Her hand moved to her lips and she stared at her reflection in her rear-view mirror. Her eyes were wide, her faced flushed, and her lips swollen. She looked like a woman well kissed, and there would be no hiding it from the women she worked with.

“Oh boy!” She whispered. Taking a deep breath, she got out of her car and headed for the clinic. “Time to face the music.”

Ramona turned to look at Cara as she walked in the door. Looking as if she were about to say something, she stopped, her mouth dropping open. Then, clearing her throat she asked, “Met your boyfriend for lunch, did you?”

“Ah…no,” Cara whispered, heading for her desk.

Ramona must have realized she didn’t want to talk about it, so all she said was, “I laid some files on your desk. They’re new patients that need to be added to the system. Would you mind doing that for me?”

“No, I can do that,” Cara answered. After putting her purse away, she booted her computer up and got busy.

The clinic was soon busy once more and Cara’s red-faced entrance from lunch was forgotten.

When five-thirty rolled around, everyone began getting ready to leave. Each one calling out their goodbyes before heading for the door.

Becky caught up with Cara before she reached her car. “I don’t know who you think you are!”

Cara turned to look at Becky. “Excuse me?”

“Dr. Claw is mine! Don’t think I don’t see those looks you give him,” Becky snarled. “You need to keep your hands off him because I was here first.”

“Um…you should take that up with him,” Cara suggested. “I mean, if he wants you, then fine, but if he doesn’t then how exactly do you plan to stop him from taking interest in another woman?”

Becky stepped closer, until Cara could feel her breath on her face. “Make no mistake you little ugly duckling, he will be mine!”

Becky then walked off, getting into an expensive car that no nurse could afford.

“Probably bought it with daddy’s money,” Cara muttered as she shook her head. With a shrug, she continued walking to her own car and headed for home.

Arriving at home, Cara walked in the door, letting out a tired sigh before heading for the kitchen. “Hey Monica, need any help with supper?”

Monica turned from the stove saying, “No, I’ve almost got it finished.”

“Alright,” Cara said. “I’ll be in my room then.”

Walking toward her room she ran into Robyn. “Watch it, chunky!”

Cara rolled her eyes and kept walking as she mumbled, “I need my own place…soon!”

“Oh, and Cara, my friend Becky called me,” Robyn said.

“Good to know,” Cara mumbled before turning to look at Robyn as she reached the doorway of her room. Placing a hand on her door knob, she asked, “So?”

“So, stay away from her man. It’s not like you’d actually be competition, but still, stay away from him.” Robyn demanded of her with a sneer on her face.

“Get a life Robyn, and stay out of mine,” Cara growled back at her with a glare. “If the man wants her, he’ll have her. Personally though, I think the good doctor is way to smart to fall for her and her drama.” That said, she walked into her room and slammed the door. “I really need out of this house!”

The rest of the work week went by fast.

Becky stepped up her game, wearing ridiculously low-cut blouses and turning up the charm.

Ramona, Peggy, and Cara found her hilarious.

What was even more funny was the fact that Dr. Claw completely ignored her. He treated her as his nurse, nothing more.

Now it was Friday and the three women were standing back watching Becky’s latest drama. She’d somehow managed to fall and was now sniveling to Dr. Claw about how she’d twisted her ankle.

“Take a seat Becky, take off your shoe, and let’s have a look,” Dr. Claw said with a blank look on his face. He was now carefully checking it as Becky stared at him.

“Those are totally crocodile tears,” Peggy whispered.

“I agree,” Ramona whispered back.

“You will be fine Becky. It’s just a slight sprain, so keep it wrapped and put as little weight on it as possible this weekend,” Dr. Claw said as he finished wrapping it in an ace bandage. “Go home, the day is almost over anyway and I’m sure Peggy can handle the patients. I would suggest though, that you wear flat heeled shoes to work from here on out.”

Peggy barely held back a giggle, quickly placing her hand over her mouth as the doctor glanced over at the shiny yellow, four-inch heeled, pump Becky had taken off.

Becky’s face flushed slightly, yet she still leaned down, flashing her cleavage, as she picked up the offending shoe.

Dr. Claw, unfortunately for Becky, was looking the other way. He stood up, straightening his coat, and turned to Peggy. “Peggy, will you please help Becky to her car.”

“Oh, but how will I drive?” Becky asked, still trying for sympathy.

Dr. Claw turned his bland gaze her way. “It’s your left foot, and I know for a fact your car is an automatic.”

He then turned and left the room.

Becky sat staring after him, her mouth gaping, making her look like a fish!

Peggy did laugh then. “Well, that went well…not.”

Becky turned to glare at Peggy. “Shut up! You’re just jealous because he won’t marry you.”

Peggy crossed her arms. “Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean exactly?”

Becky snorted. “Oh please! Everyone in town knows how you and your mother schemed, trying to trap him into marriage, sadly for you it hasn’t worked out.”

“I think you heard wrong, but I’m not going to waste my breath arguing with an idiot,” Peggy huffed. “I really have to wonder what Dr. Claw was thinking when he hired you.”

Becky stood and hobbled for the door. “I’m leaving….”

“Please do,” Cara muttered, and Ramona laughed.

“…and I don’t need, or want, your help!” Becky told Peggy as she left.

“Good, didn’t want you help you anyway,” Peggy said with a snicker.

Shaking their respective heads at the queen of drama, they all went back to work.

That night, Cara was restless. She’d been restless ever since kissing the good doctor in her car on Monday. After that one kiss though, he’d been nothing but professional at work.

She was still dreaming of him every night though, and those dreams only wet her appetite for things she shouldn’t be wanting! Even with the dreams, the restlessness continued to plague her, so tonight she’d put on shorts and a tank top instead of a gown.

Then she went outside to sit in the back yard. Once there, she lay on her back, staring up at the night sky, hands behind her head. Letting her mind wonder, she thought of her mother.

Cara wondered what she would think of Wamblee. Almost hearing her mom’s voice in her head, she smiled.

“Girl, that is one fine, fine, fine, looking man. Look at that hair! I am so jealous. I wonder if it feels as soft as it looks.”

“Oh yeah mom, it does,” Cara whispered, answering the empty air. Even now, she remembered the feel of it moving over her fingers.

“And that dark skin, delicious. You know, when your dad was young, he was dark like that. He’s got a bit of Italian in him, so he has that lovely olive skin, but put the man in the sun…” sighs dreamily. “He turned my head so quickly when I met him, still does.”

“Wamblee is gorgeous I will admit,” Cara said with a dreamy sigh. “But, yuck mom! Don’t talk about dad that way!” Cara whispered then, cringing slightly. Then she murmured, “Oh mom, I wish you were here. I have so many questions, and no one to talk about it to. I mean, I like Monica, but she’s…she’s not you.”

Feeling tears well up in her eyes, she sat up, ready to go inside. Hearing something, she paused and looked around.

Out of the dark, her golden eagle landed just a few feet from where she sat. Cara smiled. “Well, hello handsome, where did you come from?”

He slowly moved forward until he stood right in front of her. His eyes stared at her unblinkingly as if she fascinated him.

She laughed softly and slowly reached out her hand to touch him as she said, “You know, you remind me so much of a man I know when you look at me that way.”

The golden eagle cocked his head as if encouraging her to continue.

Cara sighed as she brushed her hand over his head.

“Look at me, I have so many people in my life I’ve been reduced to spilling my guts to the stars and wild birds,” she told him, sarcasm dripping from her words.

She sniffled a bit, trying once more to hold back the tears.

As if he wanted to comfort her, he jumped up onto her leg, careful not to claw her. He then rubbed his head against her shoulder.

She began to rub gently along his wing as she stared at the sky once more. After a moment she began to speak. “I like Monica, I do, but she isn’t my mom. So, every time there is a big event in my life that I want to share, it reminds me how much I miss my mom.

“I suppose the first time was when I had my first boyfriend. He didn’t last long because he decided he liked my sister better. She of course laughed at him and called him a little boy because he was younger. Then she laughed at me because I’d lost him to her.

“The next big thing was when I graduated high school. I studied hard and was valedictorian. I wished so much she’d been there to hear me give my speech.

“There was my first job, my first big raise, getting my license, my first car…small things that you just get excited over and want to share. Sure, I can share all these things with my dad, and he’s always happy for me, yet it isn’t the same,” she told him.

Looking down, she found him staring up at her, unblinking as usual. Those eyes, they seemed like they knew so much. It was like they could see into her very soul, and they somehow made her feel better.

“And now…now I have a new job. I’ve made friends with two of the girls I work with,” she told him before she almost growled, “then there’s Becky! Becky went to school with my sister and they’re still friends. She was always one of my tormentors and apparently, she’s not outgrown that because she’s still trying to torment me.

“I stay out of her way as much as I can at work, I don’t want to cause problems because I like working there. Anyway, she has a huge crush on Dr. Claw…” she laughed, looking down at the eagle. “But then, I’m sure most girls do, he is pretty handsome.”

The eagle blinked, and she had to laugh.

She told him, “Yes, he’s handsome, just as you are, only in a human way.”

His head nodded a bit as if he was saying, “Okay. As long as you aren’t making him better looking than me!”

Cara shook her head at him as she continued to snicker. Then she sighed before she continued talking.

“Becky though, for what ever reason, has decided to lay claim on the good doctor. She sluts it up daily, only to have him totally ignore her, so funny!” she told him then. “The thing is, she also took it upon herself to warn me away from him. Now, normally, this wouldn’t bother me, I’d just shrug it off,” she told him. “But there’s something about him….”

Looking back up at the stars, she went silent. She wasn’t ready to spill her guts about Wamblee yet, not even to her golden eagle.

So, they sat silently, her gently rubbing along his head or wings. Finally, she realized how late it was getting and looked down to find his head resting back against his back, his beak buried in his feathers. She knew this was the position they slept in and wondered if he thought he would sleep the night away on her leg.

As if he felt her gaze, his head came up, his eyes once more on her.

“I need to go inside, handsome,” she told him reluctantly, because she really didn’t want to leave him and be alone again.

The eagle jumped off her leg and after watching her for another moment, he took off, landing in the bur oak just outside the fence.

Cara stood up, brushing off her shorts. She then whispered, “Goodnight, handsome,” before heading inside.

Eagle watched his woman go back inside the house. It had felt so good to have her hands on him. Why should his human always be the one to enjoy her touch?

More than once during the week, he had watched her from his human form through his eyes. She admitted tonight to having felt his presence, the soul-bond was growing stronger. She didn’t realize what it was, and wouldn’t until he told her, but that was what it was.

This waiting was getting harder. Every night, as human, he sneaked into her room, held her, kissed her, brought her body pleasure. Then he sent her to sleep so she would think it all a dream.

Monday, he had slipped though. Eagle had pushed his human to spend lunch with her, but his desires had bested him, and he’d kissed her. Feeling how unsure she was, he had backed off, but it had been difficult not to do the same thing when Lee had seen her head for her car with her lunch on Tuesday.

Eagle gave a little barking chirp and ruffled his wings in preparation of flight. The late nights spent with her were catching up with the human in him though, so tonight he would go home, rest.

He would be back though, because he felt the soul-bond was almost strong enough to tell her about himself. Not only that, but he needed her too much to stay away for long.

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