Love An Eagle

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Chapter 6

When Monday rolled around, Cara was ready to see Wamblee….

Dr. Claw….


She had to remember to call him Doctor, but because of her dreams of him, it was getting harder and harder to do so!

“Good morning Cara,” Ramona greeted. “Did you have a good weekend?”

“Mostly,” Cara said. “If I stay out of my sister’s way, any weekend can be a good weekend!”

“Good morning ladies,” Dr. Claw said as he walked in.

Cara looked at him. He didn’t look as tired as he had on Friday. He looked refreshed, his hair pulled back in a beaded leather strap today instead of his usual braid. That strap in his hair almost begged her to pull it out and….


Bad Cara!

He’s your boss, remember that.

“You look well today doctor,” Ramona commented. “Friday when we left, you looked a little ragged. Like maybe you had been burning the candle at both ends all week.”

“Mm…I had been, just slightly, and I do feel much better,” he murmured. Then said, “Tell Becky I need to speak with her when she arrives. Peggy, make sure the exam rooms are ready.”

“Yes sir,” Peggy answered as Dr. Claw turned and walked to his office.

Ramona turned to look at Peggy once he was gone. “Why would he need to speak to her so early in the morning?”

Peggy shrugged. “I don’t know, but I’m not sure it will be a good thing for her.”

The doorbell jingled, and they each headed to get their day started.

The morning, which had started out wonderfully, had gone downhill fast.

It had started when Becky had finally shown up for work. Ramona had told her that Dr. Claw wished to see her.

Becky had smirked. Then, after unbuttoning a couple more buttons on her shirt, she sashayed into his office. Five minutes later she’d walked out almost breathing fire!

Walking over to Cara’s desk, she’d leaned in and whispered, “I know this is your fault somehow. You better watch your back chunky, because I WILL pay you back for this!”

Then she’d turned and walked into the back.

Cara had just stared after Becky, stunned, wondering what she could have done to be at fault. Having no answer to that conundrum, she turned back to her desk and began to work.

The rest of the morning though, Becky had snipped and found fault in everything Cara did.

The last straw was when Becky ran into her in the hallway coming from the break-room. From the smirk on Becky’s face, Cara knew it had been on purpose. It ended with Becky’s cup of coffee all down the front of Cara’s blouse. It had taken everything in Cara to keep from screaming as the hot coffee hit her skin!

Thankfully, she had a shirt in the car and had been able to change quickly. It wasn’t a dress blouse, but it covered her.

Peggy had gotten her some burn ointment and Cara had rubbed it generously on herself.

Now, it was lunch time, and Cara practically ran out the door to her car. Seated inside her car, she looked over at her lunch and chewed her lip. She really didn’t want what she’d brought…but she couldn’t afford to eat out either, not if she wanted to save her money up.

She huffed, looking out the window as her mind reviewed what had happened that morning. She had no doubt her sister would be hearing about whatever had happened to Becky. Then, Cara would be hearing about it when she got home. As if her sister didn’t already make her life miserable enough!

A tapping on her passenger door brought her head around just as the door opened and Dr. Claw got in.


“Wamblee, or Lee, will be fine Cara, we aren’t at work now,” he told her.

“O-okay. So, why are you here?” she asked, happy to see him, yet trying to not look like an idiot by staring at him lustfully!

He looked her up and down for a moment and frowned. “Weren’t you wearing a red blouse this morning?”

Cara looked away from him. The morning had been busy, and this was the first time she’d seen him since he’d walked into the building.

“Ah, yes, I was. Something was spilled on it though, so I had to change,” she told him.

He was silent until she looked at him. He looked as if he wanted to say something else, but instead he looked down at her lunch container. “Is that your lunch?”

“Yeah,” she whispered. “Boring, isn’t it?”

He chuckled and shook his head. “That’s one word for it I suppose. How about I take you to lunch over at the café?”

Cara bit the inside of her cheek. Her heart leaped at his offer, desperately wanting to spend time with him, but her head reminded her he was her boss.

“My treat, and I have something I’d like to talk to you about also,” he added.

She felt her shoulders slump. He’d seemed to completely forget the kiss they’d shared, sadly she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried!

So, he probably wanted to talk about what was going on with Becky. Why would he want to spend time with her, just because?

“I’m not sure if we should be going to lunch together. It’s a small town and people will talk,” she hedged. She then turned her head away, looking out the window on her side.

He was silent once more, but he finally said, “Cara, I really don’t care what anyone in this town thinks. If I want to take you to lunch, I will, and I do want to. Surly you realize by now that I feel more for you then just being your boss. Surly that kiss last Monday would have told you that.”

Cara slowly turned her head to look his way. So, he hadn’t forgotten? “I…?”

He moved in and before she could utter another word, his lips were on hers.

She gave a whimper, bringing her arms up to wrap around his neck. This was what she wanted, what she’d been wanting all day! To feel his lips on hers, to breathe in his wild and musky scent. Just to be held in his arms and feel how good his lips felt against hers.

Call her a wanton woman, but she relished in the feelings he created in her body.

When he finally pulled back, he gazed into her eyes. “I need you Cara. You are my woman, and only mine. I need you like I need the air to breathe and I’m tired of trying to hide that. I want you by my side, always.”

She searched his eyes but only found sincerity. He really did want her? So, she whispered, “Why me?”

He gave her a slight smile as he brought his hand up to cup her cheek. “I believe that for every man, there is but one woman. Their souls cry out to each other until one finds the other. Then those souls become one, bound to each other as long as they breathe breath,” he said. Then added, “I believe the Wakan Tanka created you just for me and my…”

When he stopped speaking, she cocked her head. “Your what?”

He shook his head slightly. “This is a talk we must have, but now isn’t the time.”

“Then when? Because I must confess to being curious.”

“Tonight, after work, I will take you somewhere and I will bare my soul to you,” he said. “For now, let us get some lunch before our lunch break is over.”

Having no will to argue with him, she nodded and followed him in getting out of the car. It took them only a few moments to walk down the block to the café for lunch.

Stepping inside, Cara took a deep breath and let Wamblee lead her to a corner booth. Once they were seated and their orders given, she asked, “So, what did you wish to discuss with me.”

He turned his gaze to her and she saw a twinkle in his eyes. “Nothing, that was only a ploy to get you to come. I could tell you were going to turn me down and I didn’t want that.”

She huffed slightly.

He chuckled before standing up and walking to her side of the booth. “Scoot over winyan (woman, pronounced: wee-yah), let me sit next to you.”

She quickly moved over.

He sat down, putting his arm around her shoulders. Then nuzzled his nose in her hair slightly as he said, “You smell so good.”

She felt her face heat, but still whispered, “Thank you,” as the waitress set their drinks on the table. When the waitress had left she said, “You smell pretty good yourself.”

She felt his hand move along her thigh, gently rubbing up and down. His hand was warm, and heated her chilled skin, causing her to give a sigh of pleasure. He nuzzled at her neck again, after moving her hair to the side a bit. Then she felt his warm lips at her pulse point, nipping a bit before kissing it.

Her heart raced, and she had to bite back the moan that threatened to escape her. She wanted this man so much, she knew she was falling for him and it scared her a bit because it was so fast.

“Ah, my sweet winyan,” he murmured. “You like that. How I wish we were somewhere private right now.”

Cara swallowed, taking a deep breath to try and calm herself. She never thought she’d be one of those women who let a man paw all over her in public, yet right now…? Right now, she’d let him do anything he wanted and not complain.

The waitress returned with their food and Wamblee straightened in his seat.

They sat, in a comfortable silence, and ate their meal. When they were through, he placed money enough on the table to pay and they left out to head back to work.

Reaching the Clinic parking lot, Wamblee pulled her off to the side, next to a big red 4X4 truck. Opening the door, he lifted her and placed her on the seat facing him.


“Sh…one kiss is never enough, it only makes me crave more,” he murmured. Then his lips were on hers, his hands moving under her skirt to caress her bare thighs.

Cara moaned at the feelings that poured over her, feelings only this man gave her. So, putting her hands on his waist, she tugged him closer, wanting to feel his heat. She whimpered as she felt his arousal at the juncture of her thighs and pressed even closer to him.

He pulled back, breathing hard. “You drive me to the brink of insanity, winyan.”

She laughed lightly. “Well, you don’t exactly make me feel sane.”

“What do I make you feel?” he asked her as his hand moved slowly higher on her inner thigh.

She breathed in sharply, as his hand came close to the pantyline of her boy shorts. When it moved back down, and she could breathe, she said, “You make me feel…like a woman, sexy, beautiful….”

“And…? I know you were going to say something else after that,” he prodded.

Feeling her face heat up, she looked down, but still told him, “Loved.”

Wrapping his arms around her he said, “You are loved, and soon you will realize just how much.”

Shock at his words had her head coming up, her eyes widening.

Pulling back, he gave her another quick kiss. He then lifted her out of the truck, putting her feet on the ground. “Now, go on in, I’ll be there in a few moments.”

“Okay,” she answered obediently. Not knowing how to respond to what he’d told her and figured she needed time to think about it. So, turning on her heel, she headed for the door and work.

Cara was tired, tired of fending off Becky’s rude comments and continuing to smile. Dragging her purse out of the drawer of her desk, she pulled her keys out and got ready to go home.

“You alright there Cara?” Peggy asked.

Cara looked up, “Sure.”

“Long day?” Peggy asked next.

“Something like that,” Cara said as she stood up.

Peggy put her arm around Cara’s shoulder and leaned close. “I know Lee sees what’s going on, don’t think for one minute he doesn’t. I don’t think Becky will be here much longer.”

Cara looked at Peggy, then at Becky, as she saw her waltzing for the door like she didn’t have a care in the world. “Would it be bad to say that makes me happy?”

Peggy laughed. “No, just a human with feelings.”

“So, how do you know…?”

“Because I heard him on the phone with Greg, that’s the guy who’s going to join the practice sometime next week. He’s an OBGYN. Anyway, I heard Lee ask him if he had a nurse he could bring with him,” Peggy answered.

“So…does he?”

“Apparently so. Lee told him if he brought her, it would keep them from being short one. He then said he was letting one go because she wasn’t a team player, and I know he wasn’t talking about me!” Peggy said.

Cara laughed. “No, you’re a wonderful nurse.”

“Of course, I am,” Peggy said, flipping her hair as she moved back.

“Are you bragging on yourself again Peggy?”

Peggy and Cara turned to find Dr. Claw standing in the door with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Me? Brag? Never! I’m just telling the truth,” Peggy said as she waved a hand at herself. “Any who, I’m off to see a man about a…something! Tootles!”

Cara watched her leave and couldn’t help but laugh. “She really does break the stereotype of a Native American, doesn’t she?”

“That she does, but in a good way. Her dad isn’t an Indian though, so it must be his fault,” he told her.

Cara nodded. “I know, she told me. She also told me how your mothers planned for the two of you to marry.”

He snorted. “Didn’t work. She’s like my sister.”

“Mm…I know,” she said.

He straightened up then and asked, “So, are you ready to go?”

“I am.”

“I’ll follow you home and drop off your car. Then you can ride with me if you like,” he said as they headed out, shutting off lights as they went.

Cara debated on what she should do as she waited for him to lock up. When he turned to face her though, she knew by riding with him she’d get more time with him. So, she agreed by saying, “Sounds good.”

She walked to her car, two spaces from his truck, and got in. She saw him pull out right behind her. Ten minutes later, she was pulling into her driveway.

Wamblee stayed at the curb, his truck idling.

Getting out, she walked over, and he rolled down the window. “Let me tell Monica I won’t be home for dinner. If I don’t go in and say something, she’ll worry.”

He nodded.

So, turning from him she quickly walked to the house. Opening the door, she poked her head inside. “Monica?”

“In the kitchen Cara,” Monica answered.

“I’ll be out for dinner,” Cara called out to her.

Monica came to stand in the kitchen doorway. “Oh? Are you going out with those nice ladies you work with?”

Cara smiled at Monica’s nosy questions. “No. I’m not sure when I’ll be home either. Tell dad I’ll see him in the morning.”

Then she turned and closed the door before more questions were asked. She saw Wamblee get out of the truck and open the door for her.

Once she reached him, he helped her inside.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

Wamblee gave her a slight nod as he closed her door.

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