Love An Eagle

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Chapter 9

Pulling up to Cara’s house, Wamblee frowned. “It’s dark, I’ll walk you to your door.”

“Monica will have left the back porch light on for me since my room is in the back,” Cara explained to him.

He opened her door and helped her out. He then took her hand and she led the way to the back porch.

Cara saw her light was on. “See, she even left my light on, so I won’t have to walk into a dark room.”

“Alright. I’ll see you at work tomorrow then,” he said softly close to her ear. Then after giving her one last kiss, he left.

Cara gave a sigh, wishing he wasn’t leaving her. She suddenly felt so cold and alone. Huffing at herself she turned and opened the door. Stepping inside, she locked the door behind her and made her way to her room.

Stepping inside, she froze.

Robyn was seated on her bed, painting her fingernails.

“What are you doing in my room?” Cara asked.

“You didn’t do as you were told Cara,” Robyn snapped as she stood up. “All you had to do was stay away for the doctor, but you couldn’t do it could you. Now Becky’s heart is broken and I’m going to break yours.”

Cara crossed her arms. “Oh? Tell me, how exactly did I break her heart? Because from the time I started working there, I’ve never seen Dr. Claw show Becky any interest at all.”

“Just because a man doesn’t show it, doesn’t always mean it isn’t there. I’ve had plenty of boy toys that completely ignored me in public only to practically maul me in private,” Robyn smirked.

Cara felt like rolling her eyes, but she controlled the urge.

“You’re going to stay away from him now, aren’t you chunky?” Robyn asked as she stalked closer.

Cara was fed up with the name calling, so she hissed, “Stop calling me chunky and telling me what to do!”

Robyn didn’t like Cara’s answer apparently. So, she slapped her, hard enough to make Cara’s head jerk back.

Cara gasp as tears filled her eyes, her hand going up to rest on her cheek. Robyn had never hit her before, no matter how mad she was.

“Now, I would suggest you do as I’ve told you CHUNKY,” Robyn snarled threateningly, “or next time will be worse.”

Then she left Cara in her room alone.

Cara felt the tears overflow her eyes and wished she was back at Wamblee’s.

“I’m leaving this house,” she whispered, her mind now made up as to what she was going to do. “I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me moving in with him unmarried. I’m going to let Wamblee mark me as his, and it will be marriage to us and I’m moving in with him. I love him, and I want to be with him.”

With her mind made up, and feeling a bit defiant, she undressed and got into bed.

The next morning, Cara felt groggy as she crawled out of bed. She’d barely been able to sleep, tossing and turning. She wondered if it was because of her conversation with Robyn, or because she missed Wamblee so much.

Taking a quick, cool shower, to wake herself up, she dressed and headed for the kitchen.

Monica was already gone, and her dad was on his way out.

Her dad was putting on his suit jacket where he stood at the door. He was obviously on his way out, but asked, “Late night?”

“Yeah, and I shouldn’t have done it knowing I had to work today,” she told him with a small smile.

“I agree. I know I went to bed at ten and you weren’t home then,” he said as he opened the door. “Have a good day and I’ll see you tonight.”

“Alright dad. Bye,” she said.

Robyn walked in then and Cara did her best to ignore her.

Robyn snorted, “Is that what you’re wearing to work?”

Cara looked down at her favorite red silk blouse and black skirt. “Yes. It’s a doctor’s office and no one really sees what I wear anyway.”

She then took a moment to look at what Robyn was wearing. She had on a skin-tight blouse in a bright orange, her cleavage almost falling out of the squared neckline. Her skirt was skin-tight, white and barely hit her mid-thigh. Cara had to admit Robyn looked good in it, but still…!

“Well, seeing as how you dress like a grandma, my job will be much easier,” Robyn smirked.

Before Cara could ask Robyn what she meant, she strutted out the door.

Cara walked in to the office and slumped down in her chair with a yawn.

“Someone must have stayed out past their bedtime,” Ramona teased.

“Yeah, but it was so worth it!” Cara told her with a big smile. “Now, if only I can stay awake today.”

“Well, if you go now, before Dr. Claw gets ahold of it, there is coffee in the breakroom,” Ramona told her.

Cara stood. “Thank you, Ramona, you are a life saver! I had a run in with my sister this morning and left without having any!” She almost ran for the breakroom then only to be pulled into a room instead. She almost screamed until she smelled the wonderful smell she knew was Wamblee’s cologne! “Wamblee, you scared me.”

He kissed her before rubbing his face against her neck. “Sorry, but I needed to kiss you. I missed seeing you last night and I think I’m having withdrawals.”

“But you did see me, at your house,” she told him, moaning as his lips trailed down her neck. Her hands came up to tangle in his hair and she moaned again at the soft feel of it.

“Yes, but that’s different then being in your room, in your bed, surrounded by the scent of you,” he informed her.

His lips returned to hers and she felt his hands pulling her blouse from the waist band of her skirt.

She gave a whimper when his hands touched her bared flesh. When his lips freed hers once more, she whispered, “Wamblee…we shouldn’t…patients will be…”

Her breathing hitched, and she had no brain function to continue speaking as his lips closed in on her breast. She knew she’d never be able to tell him no about anything because all he had to do was touch her and she would do anything he asked.

“I know winyan, but I need you so badly,” he murmured, after releasing her nipple. His gaze then moved toward the door and he slowly, and reluctantly, moved away from her.

Cara began straightening her clothes.

“Doctor, your first patient is here,” Peggy said through the door.

The sound of the door knob trying to turn had them both turning to face it.

Wamblee must have locked it out of habit and Cara breathed a sigh of relief.

“Get exam room one ready and I’ll be there in ten,” Wamblee called out.

Cara turned back to him and straightened his tie before smoothing down his hair where her fingers had mussed it. “I love your hair.”

He leaned in and kissed her quickly. “I know, that’s why I hadn’t put it back yet.”

He then pulled a tie from his pocket and quickly pulled it back at the base of his neck. He then turned and picked up a cup, handing it to her, he said, “Here is your coffee.”

Raising it to her face, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. “Mm…smells so good. I didn’t get any this morning.”

Opening her eyes back up, she found him watching her. “Did you have any problems with your sister this morning?”

The smile left her face and she stared down at her cup. “Just a little, but it will be alright. You should get going though or the first patient will have to wait on you.”

“I’ll let you get away with it for now,” he said. “But we will be talking about this more later.”

She nodded and sipping her coffee, she watched him leave the office. After a couple of moments, she headed back up front to get her own day started.

Cara glanced up at the clock as she yawned, eleven-thirty, almost time for lunch. The morning had gone quickly because she’d been to busy to remember how tired she was. Now she was so ready for lunch, not so much to eat, but just for the break and some fresh air!

Bringing her eyes back down to her computer screen, she put in the last numbers for the patient that had just paid and left. A familiar female voice behind her had a trickle of dread moving down her spine and her head coming up.

“I’m so glad you could fit me in!”

Cara slowly turned her head to face the front window where the patients stopped to sign in…Robyn! What was Robyn doing here?

Robyn’s words from that morning flittered threw Cara’s mind… “Well, seeing as how you dress like a grandma, my job will be much easier.”

Cara almost gagged as it dawned on her now what Robyn had meant by that statement.

Robyn planned to try and take Wamblee from Cara, but what about her friend Becky’s so-called “feeling” for him? Did Robyn plan to take him from her too?

Cara shook her head; her sister was so messed up! She trusted Wamblee though and had nothing to worry about. So, taking a deep breath, she went back to work.

“Well, that was unexpected.”

Cara’s head jerked up at the sudden sound of someone speaking next to her. Glancing up at the window, she found her sister.

Robyn was holding up a small compact mirror in front of her as she fixed her lipstick.

“What?” Cara asked, noting Robyn’s mussed hair and frowning.

Robyn put her compact and lipstick back in her purse as she turned with a smirk. Handing Cara her card she said, “Tonto, I wasn’t expecting that. When Becky talked about him, she never mentioned he had so much hair. A bit wild considering how many men shave their head now days, but no matter. He’ll still be a good ride.”

Cara handed her back her card.

Robyn gave her one last smirk before turning to leave.

As soon as Robyn was out of sight, Cara grabbed her purse and jumped up. She then headed for the bathroom with her hand over her mouth.

She barely made it to the toilet before she was dry heaving over it, tears running down her face. It had been so long since her sister had made her lose it like this and she hated that she’d done it to her now.

Robyn had managed, once more, to make her forget how far she’d come from the depressing thoughts that had plagued her through school.

A time when every guy Cara had liked, Robyn had taken from her in one way or another.

Straightening, she stared at herself in the mirror as she rinsed her mouth.

Her hair was semi-long, with a few waves, her face slim despite the extra pounds she carried on her hips and thighs. She wasn’t ugly, she knew that, but she’d always felt dumpy next to her model slim sister.

Robyn had golden blonde hair, where hers was a dirty blonde, dark roots getting lighter toward the bottom.

Robyn had emerald green eyes where hers were hazel.

Robyn had a perfect complexion where hers tended to have break-outs at the most inconvenient of times!

Cara sighed. Most of the time those differences hadn’t bothered her, except when a boy she brought home spent the entire time staring at her sister.

Wamblee though, he made her feel beautiful, perfect, and loved.

Why, why did her sister have to come here? Work was her safe place, a place she didn’t have to deal with Robyn’s perfection!

She needed air!

Opening the bathroom door, she hurried to the exit door. She hadn’t shut her computer down, but it would be okay, since it was just lunch.

Heading for her car, she got in and drove to the convenience store. Once there, she bought a couple of bottles of water, some crackers and a toothbrush. Then, getting back in her car, she drove to the park where she parked close to the bathrooms.

Going in to the bathroom, she brushed her teeth, rinsing with one of the bottles of water. Next, she headed for a park bench in the shade. Then, sitting down with a sigh, she closed her eyes and just breathed. She needed to be calm before she faced the others at work. She wondered if they even knew it had been her sister.

She huffed, opening her eyes to squint at a bird circling above her. The bird made her think of her golden eagle, and Wamblee…

She wondered what he was doing right now, if he missed her. She missed him. She wanted to be held in his arms right now, smell his wonderful scent. She wanted his kisses and his love.

She couldn’t though, not until she had herself under control. She didn’t want him to see her like this, not because she thought he would hate her for it, but because she hated herself for it and she didn’t want him to see her self-loathing.

Finishing up the first bottle of water, she snacked on her cracker while she sipped the second bottle. When the crackers were gone, she headed back to her car. She couldn’t hide, no matter how much her sister had upset her. Rubbing her cheek, she felt the sore spot there.

“I really have to get out of that house. Even if it means getting a place of my own and not with Wamblee…” she whispered to herself. “I want to be with him, because being in his arms is the best feeling in the world, but…either way, I have to get out of there because I don’t want to find out what she meant by worse.”

So, cranking her car, she backed up, then headed back to work and Wamblee.

Cara had been sitting in her car for a few minutes after returning to work, debating on going inside or not when her passenger door opened. Turning her head, she found Wamblee getting inside. “Wamblee?”

He turned those dark eyes on her and she was lost. Swimming in their depths as her heartbeat picked up.

“You left in a hurry before I could catch you. I wanted to take you to lunch,” he told her.

She glanced away as she told him, “Yes, well, I wasn’t feeling hungry anyway.”

“Would it perhaps have something to do with your sister’s visit this morning?”

She took a deep and shuddery breath. “Yes. We had words last night and this morning she made a vailed threat. Then she showed up here and I guess it was too much.”

Cara let out a squeak as she suddenly found herself being pulled over the console into Wamblee’s lap.

He cupped her chin in his hand and turned her to look at him. “I love you winyan; don’t tell me you have forgotten that already?”

She shook her head. “No, no I have not.”

“Then you have to trust me.”

“I do Wamblee, I do trust you,” she told him softly as she caressed his cheek. “My sister though? Not so much.”

He seemed to search her eyes then for a moment before he nodded. “Okay. Then let me tell you what happened.”

“I’m listening,” she told him.

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