Amongst The Wolves

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Amaya's life changes when she finds out that werewolves turn out to be real, and that the people around her are beasts themselves, including the two most popular guys in school, and... her best friend. Amaya Farren enjoyed almost every aspect of her teenage life. Her family. Her art. Her golden retriever named Hide. And her best friend, Zendaya. But then as strange things start to happen all around her, the untold secrets that have been hidden from her begin to unravel. And it all seems to start with Harren Moore. With sarcastic comments, suggestive glances, and smirks that could kill, Amaya is drawn into him faster than she wants to. She absolutely hates him, and for some reason it's impossible to stay away. Yet everyone she knows is pulling them apart, trying to keep secrets hidden and warning her. But as Harren pulls her into his world, it's game over. Amaya finds herself amongst the beasts, finally knowing their truths and letting them become a part of her life. But things can't be so easy when she realizes there's so much more to this secret world. When she realizes exactly why Harren is so dangerous... Maybe being friends with the big bad wolves aren't that bad?

Fantasy / Romance
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I always wondered if I’d ever get to that really emotional point in life. That mid-life crisis that wasn’t really a mid-life crisis because I wasn’t in the mid part of life.

But as life played out, I was a really normal teenager.

A ‘perfect’ family, two amazing best friends—one of them couldn’t even talk so he never judge me–and good grades that were sure to take me to college one day.

But then life decided to slap me in the face, and I met Harren Moore–

“Hey, I’m not that bad!”

“Harren, what the hell are you doing in my thoughts? This is my story you idiot!”

“Oh, come on. This is our story, can I help you tell it?”

“No! This is a first person narrative! And this isn’t our anything! Now stop it and go take care of a training class... or something.”

“Fine, Bye. Love you,”

“... Love you too.”

Now that he’s out out of the way, let’s begin, shall we?

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