Wytches Kiss : Heartbreak

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Chapter 11

I froze as I stepped into the dark bookshop. A single note was sitting on the counter below an old scrolled piece of parchment, a necklace carefully draped around the scroll. Where did that come from? The shop was locked! Glancing about me, I carefully shuffled over to the counter and began reading.

′ Princess-

My apologies, I should have known the similarities were more than coincidental. I don’t mean to cause any pain or upset, But for many years your grandfather has been trying to contact you. Above is proof I speak the truth. If you would agree or merely wish to talk it over, meet me tomorrow at the fountain.

-Fyn ′

My heart was pounding with fright. Who was this Fyn? How did he get in here and just what was his con? Taking a deep breath, I hurried upstairs and quickly piled some clothes into an old worn backpack along with what few items I had purchased for Kiimi for her birthday. I stopped as I realized I was forgetting her favorite dress and hurried to grab it from the fresh pile of clean clothes, stuffing it in with the rest. Clinging the box I had won at the festival and with the pack on my back, I hurried back downstairs. Staring at the scroll, I deliberated what to do. Sighing softly, I grabbed the note and the scroll before hurrying back out of the shop. Once tightly locked, I hurried up the path towards the butchers shop wondering just how much of a difference locking the door would really make. After all, this Fyn had managed to get into the shop alright. Darrow jumped startled as he went to wrench open the door and hurry down to the shop to look for me concerned.

“Was beginning to worry lass” He breathed startled.

“Sorry, I found this at the shop” I replied shakily.

“But how? It was locked” He frowned concerned, hurrying me in as he looked around paranoid.

“I don’t know. But look, this locket is like mothers. I was looking at it when we were at that last stall. They had to be watching, they couldn’t have long been there” I babbled panicked, the reality hitting me hard as I began to hyperventilate.

“It’s alright, ya safe now lass. Let’s get you upstairs” Darrow hushed softly, guiding me towards the stairs.

Much to my relief, Axel and Kiimi were already sound asleep as Atani paced anxiously beside the table.

“Oh I was getting so worried” She sighed relieved as she saw me step inside, hurrying over panicked as she saw me shaking.

“What do I do? What if he comes back?” I panicked terrified as Atani shot Darrow a confused look as he read the little note as he followed behind me.

“Open the scroll lass” Darrow urged gently, his face somber as he passed the note to Atani.

“Oh no” I babbled frightened as I looked down at the scroll, my blood running cold as I recognized the seal.

Every detail was intricately mirrored in the now cold wax. Grandmother had shown me a letter once that she had received from my grandfather, my mother’s father. Thanking her for letting him know that his daughter’s life was now over and may her son find solace. Although he hadn’t exactly approved of their marriage, grandmother often said he was a just and fair man never wishing them ill. Darrow and Atani rushed to catch me as I stumbled, ushering me into a chair panicked as I went pale.

“It’s his seal.” I murmured shocked.

“What do you mean sweetheart?” Atani asked concerned.

But I didn’t hear her as I stared stunned at the parchment in my hands. Carefully I slipped my finger under the seal, opening it without damaging the seal. I stared uncomprehending at the parchment before me. My birth certificate! Could that mean this Fyn was telling the truth? Suddenly everything went black and I fell into Darrow’s strong arms.

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