Wytches Kiss : Heartbreak

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Chapter 12

I blinked confused as I woke in the soft bed, Kiimi’s bright eyed face smiling up at me. She giggled amused as I rubbed at my eyes wearily, freezing as my memory caught up with itself. Swallowing hard, I encouraged Kiimi up and pulled the backpack to me. I grinned as her eyes lit up with glee as I held up her old favorite dress. A purple summer dress with butterflies dancing across the skirt.

“Mommy said she binned it” Kiimi sniffed softly, eagerly pulling it over her head without taking her pajamas off.

“She wanted me to sell it but I couldn’t bear to sell it without you saying it was ok. So I bought it instead” I smiled softly, pulling the dress back over her head and began unbuttoning her pajama top.

She grew somber as I pulled my dress off, pulling another from the back pack. Her eyes were glued to the gruesome scar curling up my back.

“It was before your time sweetheart” I hushed softly as tears welled up in her gentle eyes.

I held her as she sobbed softly, clinging to me tightly as if I were about to be torn from her any second. Once she regained her composure, I pulled the faded red dress on over my head and ushered her out to breakfast. Atani raced over and hugged me tightly as Darrow paced anxiously. Relief washed over his face as I let Atani usher me over, hugging him tightly before settling at the table. Axel was fidgeting eagerly as Atani hurried back to the pancakes cooking away happily on the stove.

“How you feelin lass?” Darrow asked concerned as Kiimi hurried to sit next to Axel, both of them grinning broadly at each other.

“Better for sleeping. But I don’t understand, what do I do next?” I murmured softly, glancing over to Kiimi.

It wasn’t just me who would suffer if I chose wrong.

“Whatever you decide, we’ll support you.” Atani smiled warmly as she laid a huge stack of pancakes in the middle of the table.

“Maybe we should chat to this Fyn” Darrow mused darkly.

We couldn’t help smile and relax as Axel eagerly piled up Kiimi’s plate high with the sweet pancakes before plating up his own. I laughed warmly as Atani and Darrow rushed to stop him upending the entire jug of syrup onto Kiimi’s pancakes, eager to show her how good it can be. Reluctantly I ate as much as I was able too, trying to ignore the worried stares from Atani and Darrow. My heart was racing as I walked towards the fountain with Darrow, Kiimi sulking with Axel and Atani. A familiar subtly muscled man pacing anxiously back and forth by the fountain. His captivating eyes sparkling relieved as he saw me walking over.

“You again?” I murmured warily.

“Again?” Darrow repeated unamused, grasping my hand protectively.

“I truly didn’t expect it so easy to find you, please forgive me” He bowed low, his velvety voice guarded and pained.

“What you planning on doin to ma girl?” Darrow demanded, straight to the point.

“I simply wish to escort her to see her grandfather should she wish to accept his invitation. If not then I apologize for wasting your time and shall leave” He replied simply.

“I don’t know if I should go” I murmured nervously.

“Least give the man a chance. Make up ya own mind, don’t let them poison your perceptions” Darrow encouraged softly, eyeing Fyn warily.

“But Kiimi won’t stay behind, what if it proves dangerous?” I babbled uncertain.

“I’ll protect you with my life” Fyn smiled softly, a fire burning in his eyes as he met my panicked glance unflinching.

“What if? What if he wants you to stay? What if you have family you never knew about? You won’t know for sure until you take a chance, as with most anything worthwhile in life” Darrow smiled warmly, tenderly cupping my cheek.

“Alright” I sighed softly, nodding sadly.

He was right. As always.

“I’ll always be in contact don’t you worry” He whispered softly trying to sound confident as he hugged me tightly, his heart racing just like mine.

“We’ll leave as soon as you are ready princess” Fyn bowed low.

“One thing we need to get straight right now” I stated irritated, glaring at Darrow as he stifled an amused chuckle.

“Of course, anything” He replied confused.

“Stop calling me that” I stated firmly, Darrow guffawing loudly making Fyn jump.

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