Wytches Kiss : Heartbreak

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Chapter 13

I couldn’t help but panic as Darrow helped me pack up the few things I hadn’t already packed into the old backpack sitting at the shop. What was I doing? This was insane! Would Kiimi stay with Atani and Darrow? I sighed frustrated, no she wouldn’t. She thought she had lost me once, she wasn’t going to risk losing me again. Could I keep her safe? I stared shocked as I turned to Darrow. He was holding an ornate, obsidian dagger for me to take.

“Darrow, you know I can’t take that” I breathed surprised.

“Aye you can, and ya will Lass. I don’t wanna be worrying bout whether you’ll have summin if ya need it” He stated matter of factly.

“Bless you Darrow. Thank you for everything, I’ll be home before you know it” I smiled sadly, hugging him tightly.

“Well now, don’t be so hasty ya might find it to ya likin there” He murmured, trying vainly to hide the fear in his eyes.

“I may like it but this. With you? Atani, Axel. That is my home. For as long as you’ll have me” I stated firmly.

“Always my darling girl. We’ll always want ya” He sniffed, hugging me tightly in a hope I wouldn’t see the tears.

Coughing awkwardly he carried the suitcase filled with more books than clothes downstairs, hastily wiping at his eyes as I followed behind him. We both panicked as we saw Atani crying softly outside the shop waiting for us, Axel and Kiimi hovering panicked as they held each other’s hand tightly.

“What’s wrong?” I panicked, hurrying over to them.

“You come back to us. Come home to us filino” She begged frightened, pressing her necklace into my hand tightly before rushing inside sobbing brokenly.

“Axel?” Darrow asked worried.

“Mamma saw something but she wouldn’t say. She’s been crying, just saying auntie and sissy is going away” He murmured sadly.

“Kiimi can stay if she wants to” I began, a knot tightening in the pit of my stomach.

“NO! Don’t leave me!” Kiimi panicked frightened.

“Alright. We’ll be back before you know it Axel. I promised to teach you remember, do I ever break my promises?” I smiled shakily, trying to calm his fears.

“No auntie, be safe.” He smiled sadly, the fear still clear in his eyes.

Darrow came out of the shop somber, carrying the worn backpack. I hugged him tightly as he failed to stifle a pained sob when he looked at me.

“We’ll be ok” I hushed softly, wishing I could be sure.

As if on cue Fyn came pulling up driving a standard large carriage. Darrow couldn’t help but smile as I loaded Kiimi into the carriage as Fyn loaded our things and pulled myself up to drive.

“It’s much too far and gets much to cold princess” Fyn began surprised.

He cursed as I urged the horses on, giving Axel and Darrow a half wave as they burst out laughing. Fyn started running behind us, cursing brightly as I urged the horses on ever slightly faster each time he gained that little bit closer. Reluctantly I pulled into a little grassy bank beside a bubbling river, trees surrounding us on all sides as the sun began to set. I was busy setting up a fire when Fyn finally joined us, wheezing exhausted as he braced himself against his legs panting hard.

“Glad you could join us” I smiled sweetly, Kiimi giggling amused as she sat beside the fire playing with the teddy Axel had won her the night before.

“Sorry...ok...I....forgot.....” He wheezed breathlessly.

“Apology accepted, now sit down and rest” I smiled guardedly as the fire suddenly roared into life, ignoring his surprised suspicious glance as I stood and began rifling for the tents in the back of the carriage.

“Let me” He murmured softly, his strong hand caressing the back of mine as I grabbed at a tent.

I blushed shyly as he brushed against me, my nerves jumping excitedly as I felt his muscled body against me. His heart racing strongly as he slowly caught his breath.

“Thank you” I murmured shyly as he watched me with a sad, longing look on his face.

“Always a pleasure Prin...Lady Sears” He corrected himself quickly as I glared, smiling apologetically.

“Call me Pru” I smiled shyly, hurrying back to Kiimi with the food and a pan.

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