Wytches Kiss : Heartbreak

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Chapter 14

Kiimi slept soundly beside me as I stared up at the roof of the tent. Careful not to wake her, I slipped out of the tent and stretched. I jumped as Fyn was suddenly wrapping a woolen blanket around me as I shivered in the cool night breeze. He smiled bashfully as I blushed shyly.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked softly as he shuffled back to sit on guard by cool ashes of the fire.

“Haven’t been able to for a long time” I sighed softly, shuffling to sit beside him.

He tensed surprised as I wrapped the blanket around his shoulders, sidling closer so he would be warm too.

“I don’t mind the cold” He murmured shyly.

“I don’t see why we can’t share, do I upset you?” I panicked nervously.

“Not at all.....I actually....ummm” He trailed off blushing shyly.

I smiled softly, surprised at his nervous shy behavior. We spent most of the night just enjoying each other’s company, talking about everything and nothing. Kiimi yawned broadly, poking her head out of the tent and grinned as she saw us sitting so close beside a newly made fire. She laughed warmly as we both blushed shyly. Fyn began cooking as I took Kiimi to the carriage to change. She was already off playing as I slipped into a sweetheart dress, cursing as I struggled to zip it up.

“Oh, Sorry!” Fyn exclaimed going bright red as he came to fetch me.

“It’s alright. Could you?” I asked shyly, blushing crimson.

“Ummm....sure....” He babbled nervously as he climbed in and hesitantly reached for the dress.

His hands lingered slightly as he zipped it up, carefully scooping my hair back. My breath caught as I turned to him slightly and saw the fire dancing in his eyes, my nerves jumping excitedly as he gently stroked his fingers across my cheek.

“Sorry...I....ummm” He babbled embarrassed, quickly hurrying out of the carriage and back to the fire.

My heart was pounding erratically as I fought for my breath. What was it about him? I’d never felt like this before. I had never wanted anyone to touch me, even by chance and yet. Taking a deep breath I stepped out of the carriage and joined them around the fire. Before long we were on our way once more, this time with Fyn driving.

“I need to make a stop if that’s alright, just quickly to break the bad news to an acquaintance” Fyn murmured nervously, blushing shyly as he saw me looking at him.

“That’s ok” I smiled softly.

Why did he keep blushing? Did he feel the same strange feelings too? I shook my head softly, I was being stupid. I didn’t even know what these feelings meant. It wasn’t long till we were pulling up to an overcrowded antique shop. A weedy blonde haired man came hurrying out expectantly as we stepped down. Kiimi was buzzing from one display to another as Fyn argued with the stranger.

“NO, NO, NO! I just won’t accept that!” The stranger whined petulantly as he stroked a dull blue stone like object, laying it on the counter as he flitted to a filing cabinet.

“A dragon rider told me himself Sanders” Fyn sighed frustrated as Kiimi raced over to the counter intrigued.

“But I...” He sighed frustrated, nodding sadly.

“What’s this?” Kiimi asked curiously as she stroked her fingers across the object gently.

I groaned despairingly as it began to glow slightly, Fyn and Sanders staring shocked.

“Don’t tell me it’s doing what I think it is” I begged rhetorically.

“But....but....but she’s just a child!” Sanders whined jealously.

“Age doesn’t define a hearts purity” Fyn remarked patting him on the shoulder gently.

Sanders glared at him hatefully, shrugging him off as he stormed into a back room as Kiimi hurried to hide into me.

“I didn’t mean to do anything wrong” She whimpered fearfully.

“Oh you haven’t child” Sanders smiled softly as he lugged in a huge sack of meat offcuts.

I hurried to catch the egg as it rocked itself off the counter, placing it down safely on the floor. With an almighty CRACK! A curious sapphire blue dragon poked its head out of the shell, its amber eyes glittering excitedly. As soon as its eyes locked onto Kiimi’s, it lunged for her purring excitedly. It knocked her over and began nibbling gently at her dress and fingers as it rubbed itself against her. She giggled warmly as she hugged the slimy baby dragon tightly.

“It’ll be hungry, here” Sanders smiled warmly, any animosity gone.

“He. Hiero meet Sanders” Kiimi giggled happily, more at ease than I had known her to be in years.

“Hello Hiero, an honor” Sanders breathed awed as the baby dragon rushed over to rub around him lovingly.

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