Wytches Kiss : Heartbreak

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Chapter 15

Sanders spent the rest of the day eagerly teaching Kiimi about her new forever friend. I blushed shyly as Fyn came and sat with me as I read the fascinating book I had won at the festival.

“Aren’t you hungry?” he asked concerned.

“Not really, too nervous” I blushed embarrassed as I quickly slipped the ancient text back into the box.

“Me to” He chuckled ruefully.

“What’s he like?” I asked softly, wringing my hands nervously.

“He can be a very unforgiving man” He sighed sadly.

“I’ll just get the rooms set up, sorry it’s got so late. That girl is amazing!” Sanders babbled excitedly, rushing up and back to Kiimi like a storm.

“Looks like we’re staying” Fyn sighed frustrated.

“Is it that bad?” I asked confused.

“Maybe” He smiled guardedly.

I tossed and turned in the bed, Kiimi and Hiero mere inches away. Hiero snored something awful, kicking out his legs excitedly as he dreamed. Sighing softly, I slipped out of bed and out of the room. How could Kiimi stand the noise? Fyn stared surprised as I slipped into his room, the blanket tight around me.

“Everything alright?” He whispered concerned as I hesitantly inched further into the room.

“Hiero snores. I don’t know how Kiimi can sleep, I thought I’d check you were alright. I can go” I babbled embarrassed.

“No, no please. I like your company” He smiled warmly making me blush shyly.

The last thing I remembered was casually chatting about irrelevant things when I found myself waking up on the floor with Fyn’s arm draped protectively over me. We both blushed shyly as we glanced at each other but neither of us made the first move to move away. A guarded familiar voice made us both freeze, a cold expression falling across Fyn’s face.

“Wait here” He whispered evenly, no feeling in his voice at all.

My blood ran cold as I watched him leave, Kiimi’s giggles making my heart jump to my throat. A cold chill emanated around the room as everything grew unnaturally quiet. I hurried to my feet as ice began forming across the wall, covering the door as it crept across the floor. A shimmering figure stood staring at me, just like before in the village.

‘Beware the pain driven wytches kiss’ a disembodied feminine voice taunted before the figure disappeared just as suddenly as it had appeared.

I couldn’t help but begin to panic as the room began to grow colder still. Thick ice had formed sealing the door tightly shut in mere seconds.

“Prudey?” Kiimi called confused as she tried to force the door.

“Stay there Kiimi cub” I called frightened, cursing myself as I failed to hide the fear from my voice.

“What’s wrong?” Sanders voice drifted muted through the ice covered door.

I didn’t bother replying as I focused on how to escape my would be prison. Shivering violently I noticed the window was free off ice, the warm sun melting it quicker than it could form. Without a second thought I raced over and forced the window up, blindly clambering out as a deathly shrill shriek echoed through the house and shop. I screamed startled as I began sliding down the roof. Suddenly Fyn was there, a cut and puffy lip. He smiled softly as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. I wrapped my arms around him tightly as my heart raced in fright.

“I got you” He murmured reassuringly as he stroked his hand through my hair tenderly.

Kiimi charged at me frightened as we climbed down, landing safely on terra firma once more. I hugged her close as Hiero danced around my feet, Fyn keeping his distance as Sanders and a familiar man in heavy uniform came striding out.

“Best be leavin there Fyn” The stranger warned, his eyes flashing a ruby red as he failed to control his temper.

“You? What are you doing here!?” I demanded suspiciously.

“You know him?” Fyn asked surprised.

“He was being really rude to patro” I replied simply as I inched closer to Fyn.

“Apologies princess, I understand I didn’t make the best of impressions but Fyn” He began haughtily.

“Do not talk down to me! And DO NOT call me that!” I snarled angrily taking him by surprise.

“He is not what he has informed you he was” He stated proudly.

“He has proven to be a friend to me and my sister. That is all I need to know sir. Now if you’ll excuse us we have somewhere we need to be” I warned coldly, silently begging him to try and interfere.

“As the kings personal head of security I must insist” He began formally.

They froze shocked as I set Kiimi down and strode over to him, punching him hard in the jaw.

“I am not an animal to be herded master.” I hissed coldly, stepping over him into the shop as they all stared stunned.

I was busy reading the ancient tome I had won at the festival. I still couldn’t understand how they had thought it was acceptable to offer such a rare and dangerous thing as a prize, and yet I couldn’t believe my fortune for having won it. My heart leapt to my throat as a faded, neatly handwritten poem fell out of the pages landing face up.

‘Beware the pain driven wytches kiss.....long ago a night like this, love struck princess twas betrayed. Knowing the truth she tried to leave, by their begs unswayed. Till they caught her in their trap, then their own future did they map. Each passing day did she grow cold and with her last breath she sold. Till one could pass true loves test, never more would she find rest. To feel the sting that loss attend lest all in hell eternal spend.’

Wytches kiss? That’s what the figure had mentioned. I jumped startled when the stranger came striding over, hurrying to hide the poem and book.

“I must apologize. My name is master Caine, I am tasked with the royal security and am the real person sent to escort you to his majesty” He bowed low, a tic starting in his jaw.

“Good for you master Caine. Now why should I trust you? You have been nothing but rude and violent.” I stated coldly, hugging the book to me as Kiimi danced under Fyn’s feet as he tried to carry our things to the carriage waiting outside.

“Fyn is a dangerous man” He began patronizingly.

“I am no child, do not take that tone with me” I warned coldly.

What was it about this man that made me so irrationally angry? I swept out to the carriage, laying the book back in its box with the other books. Fyn cried out surprised as Kiimi suddenly kicked him in the leg, racing over with tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I panicked startled scooping her to me as Hiero charged over concerned.

“He’s leaving, I don’t want him to leave!” She whimpered sadly.

I stared at Fyn shocked. He shuffled anxiously, refusing to meet my stare as he stared at the floor guiltily.

“It’s time we met grandfather” I stated simply, my heart breaking slightly as I placed her into the carriage, Hiero eagerly hopping up and hurrying to comfort her.

I closed the door tightly and strode back into the shop, blatantly ignoring both Fyn and Caine. After bidding Sanders a fond farewell, promising to keep him updated on Hiero, I returned to the carriage and pulled myself up to drive as Fyn and Caine argued heatedly.

“Pru don’t!” Fyn called panicked as he realized my intention, racing over as I urged the horse onwards.

I didn’t bother looking back as I heard them yelling startled and angry, tears slowly rolling down my face as I felt Fyn’s absence much stronger than I had thought possible. But why did it matter?

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