Wytches Kiss : Heartbreak

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Chapter 17

I had just finished the book by the time Kiimi woke, ignoring her worried stare as she saw me already up. She was soon distracted by Hiero’s hungry whimpers and quickly got her dress off over her head. I laughed warmly, hurrying to her aid as she got her clean dress stuck. She waited impatiently as I quickly changed, laying the book back into its box carefully before holding the door open for Kiimi. Fyn blinked surprised, his hand poised to knock.

“Good morning” I smiled shyly, Kiimi giggling mischievously as he blushed enthralled as he eyed me up and down in the light summer dress.

“Good morning” He breathed awed, blushing shyly as he realised he was staring and quickly glanced away again.

“Would you join us for breakfast?” I asked softly as he hesitated following us.

“I can’t...I ummm...I just came to say goodbye” He sighed softly, pain burning in his gentle eyes.

I was about to ask him why when Caine was suddenly pulling me down the corridor, shooting Fyn a cold glare as Kiimi chased after us startled.

“ENOUGH!” I snarled as I almost fell for the third time as he dragged me towards the dining room.

“You would do well to avoid master Fyn princess.” He warned guardedly, turning and sweeping into the dining room without any further explanation.

I calmed Kiimi as she panicked, Hiero chirping anxiously at my feet. Kiimi clung to me tightly as I swept her into my arms. Something just didn’t seem right. Taking a deep breath, I strode into the dining room and walked over to the large mahogany table. The girl glared at me venomously as Caine remained stoic, staring at the wall.

“Was beginning to worry Mae” Grandfather stated reprovingly.

“What is there to worry about?” I countered steely.

“Had you continued to dawdle, we would have been late. Now I had hoped for you to meet suitors before the ball but we will have to make do. Angelica here will assist you in proper....attire in the meantime” He breezed absently, gesturing to my simple dress in disgust.

It became apparent I wasn’t going to be told anything more till he deemed I needed to know as he gestured for the chef to serve breakfast. He glared disgusted as I tended to Kiimi, blatantly ignoring the food myself. I was also under the impression that this was a rarity as they all sat stoic and tense. Grandfather reluctantly gestured for the table to be cleared when I continued to refuse food, glaring disapprovingly as Angelica watched me intently.

“Get dressed. We’ll be leaving as soon as everyone is ready” Grandfather ordered gruffly, standing and striding out.

“Anyone care to level with me?” I asked coldly as Caine and Angelica shared a concerned glance.

“Don’t know what you mean” Angelica stated proudly, swallowing nervously.

“I wasn’t raised a princess cousin. I have no intentions of being one. Why am I here?” I demanded suspiciously.

“We don’t know. Since....he got it he’s been acting so strange and all this trouble started” Angelica sighed softly, shrinking back into the chair her cold facade crumbling.

“Fyn’s a traitor and is lucky he ain’t dead right now.” Caine added shaking his head sadly as he knelt beside Angelica, resting his hands on hers comfortingly.

I nodded warily, my mind racing as I tried to piece everything together.

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