Wytches Kiss : Heartbreak

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Chapter 18

I pulled Kiimi closer as we rode through the empty town towards an unseeming little shop. Reluctantly I dismounted as Caine and Angelica hurried inside, Grandfather waiting impatiently for me. I hurried Kiimi inside as he tapped his foot impatiently, staring wide eyed around the brightly colored seamstress shop. A gaudy looking woman in garish clothes rushed over to fuss over grandfather as I walked further into the shop. I gasped awed as I saw a sparkling hot pink bejeweled ball gown shimmering in the light.

“Gorgeous isn’t it?” Angelica sighed wistfully, fingering the satin fabric longingly.

“Is it yours?” I asked softly.

“Should have been. But your here now” She smiled sadly.

“I don’t understand” I frowned confused, why was my presence stopping her from wearing such a gorgeous dress?

“He hasn’t told you?” She gasped shocked, fear lighting up her eyes.

“And this must be the beauty you’ve been telling me about! Such a fine specimen for a crown princess” The woman gushed fakely as she barged Angelica out of the way as she dragged me towards five floor length mirrors.

“A WHAT!?” I demanded shocked as I whirled round to face grandfather.

“Why else did you think you were here for? A wrong was done and I must right it” He sniffed arrogantly.

“A wrong was done?” I repeated confused, why did that sound so familiar?

A shabby looking amulet hung around grandfather’s neck, poorly hidden behind his cloak. Shabby? My gut twisted apprehensively as it all fell into place. It was a fake. He had worn an almost identical amulet with a glistening star ruby just hours before at breakfast. But why wear a fake outside the castle?

“A wytches kiss can be so troublesome” A cold voice mocked making us all jump.

“What are you doing here Caius?” Grandfather demanded angrily as the shop owner fainted dramatically.

The figure was hidden behind a dark grey, torn cloak and gripped the bloody dagger tightly in his hand. It was the same person that had appeared in the mirror! What was he?

“While the cats away the mice will play” He laughed coldly, a twisted smile on his lips.

“Angelica can you watch Kiimi?” I begged panicked, my eyes growing wide as I realized what he meant.

“Enough of your games demon” Grandfather spat, oblivious as I raced out of the shop.

“Where are you going?” Angelica panicked startled, racing out after me with Kiimi’s hand tight in hers.

“Somethings happened” I called as I charged over to where the horses were waiting.

I pulled myself up and quickly urged the horse onwards, back towards the castle. I blindly ran into the foyer, the huge oak doors dangling precariously off their hinges. My heart skipped as I saw Fyn’s motionless body sprawled across the foyer, beaten and bloody.

“NO!” I cried horrified, racing over desperately hoping I wasn’t too late.

THWACK! A blinding pain suddenly split through my head and everything went black, my last thoughts of Fyn and Kiimi. Cursing myself for being so foolish and not seeing the trap.

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